A Plea for the Cote D’Ivoire:

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On Tuesday, April 12, 2011, an impassioned Senator Jim Inhofe waited for Senator Chuck Schumer to finish his latest harangue on the federal budget. Inhofe then took the floor to speak about the Ivory Coast, where Islamist Alassane Ouattara has taken control with the aid of a United Nations resolution and French military forces. Inhofe is known for his expertise on the continent within the Senate Armed Services Committee, where he serves as the second ranking member. But even more so, he is known for his love for Africa.

“I’m going to be offensive,”  the Republican from Oklahoma warned. He advised that he would offend not only the Ouattara regime, but the United Nations, France, and the U.S. State Department. All of these have sided with Ouattara, even as his supporters slaughter Ivory Coast Christians in a manner eerily reminiscent of the slaughter perpetrated by Kenya’s Odinga, another Islamist supported by the Obama administration. Inhofe was committing this particular offense for the fifth time in a few weeks. He reminded his fellow senators that in the days leading to the assault on Abidjan he had said that “this was going to happen” and that he had warned the UN and the State Department “that they would have blood on their hands.”

Previously, in an April 7 press statement, Inhofe countered a French Embassy “fact sheet” defending their military intervention in Abidjan as “designed to neutralize the heavy weapons used against civilian populations and UN personnel.” But Inhofe said that in the densely populated city of Abidjan, “the collateral damage caused by the attacks…has caused hundreds if not thousands of civilian casualties.” He also expressed his concern for the hundreds of young supporters of President Gbagbo that had formed a human shield around the presidential palace, saying, “No one knows how many of these youths have been killed by UN and French forces.”

In his Senate floor speech, Inhofe revealed that he could not get the State Department to tell him how many innocent civilians had been killed by the French gunfire that “peppered the entire town” of Abidjan. Nor would the State Department condemn the use of “so-called peacekeeping forces that have caused countless deaths.” He read a statement from Ugandan president, Yoweri Museveni, who said he “was not pleased with the way the international community…had thrown its weight behind Alassane Ouattara” and that there should have been an investigation into election rigging. He also quoted the president of the African Union, Dr. Bingu Wa Mutharika, President of Malawi, who said that “Africa must manage its own affairs.”

Senator Inhofe displayed enlarged photos on an easel as he spoke. He showed Abidjan in flames. He showed Ouattara’s roving death squads, which, he said, have been “disappearing” supporters of Gbagbo. Such was definitely the case in the western Ivory Coast town of Duekoue, where a massacre of as many as 1000 pro-Gbagbo supporters, mostly Christians, took place between March 27 and 30. Even Human Rights Watch agreed with the senator about this, saying that “forces loyal to Ivory Coast’s democratically elected president have killed hundreds of civilians, raped his rival’s supporters and burned villages during an offensive to try to put Alassane Ouattara in office.”

One survivor, Philomene Houe, told the Associated Press that the first to be killed were the men and young boys, but that on Tuesday, March 29, “they started killing everyone.” She said that the Ouattara forces killed mothers and children, including shooting a young neighbor and her 6-month-old baby, and the elderly. By Wednesday, Houe said that Ouattara’s troops were using machetes. “They were slitting people’s throats, anyone — men, women, children,” she said.

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  • Chezwick_mac

    Dhimmis certainly exist on both sides of the isle, but the only anti-dhimmis in our country are Republicans. Fact!

    • Lionshare

      Since the French were basically forced to give up their colonies, they devised other means of having the same thing while appeasing the US administration at the time. This has been going on for a long time with everybody looking the other way. It has even been profitable to the French political class who can raise money for internal French politics from shady sources in Africa. In the larger geopolitical view, by the French sticking to their colonial diet they end up with very fragile regimes which are ripe for the ever present threat of Islamic access to the Golf of Guinea ( Oil)

  • Raymond in DC

    Let's not ignore the fact that Ivory Coast has experienced its own problem with illegal immigration from nearby Muslim countries. Far worse in relative terms than anything the US has experienced, it's radically changed the demographics of the country over the last decade or two. And, as we've seen too often, a growing Muslim population that seeks to rule went to war, in the course of which non-Muslims are slaughtered.

    • Shep

      You are right about illegal immigration problems in the Ivory Coast. But to try and paint this as a violent Muslim takeover is just ridiculous. Muslims have been an important part of the social fabric of the Ivory Coast since its independence; they have become intellectuals and even pro-globalization people, such as Ouattara, who was deputy manager of the IMF for crying out loud. You are fear-mongering by trying to describe this in such a one-sided manner, as Muslims taking over and slaughtering non-Muslims. Try looking at the history of the Ivory Coast through a Thomas Hobbesian worldview and it will make more sense: the country has been ruled by strongmen seeking power, not ideological Islamic militants vs. poor oppressed Christians

  • Jim

    Wow this article is ridiculous. Imhofe is a fool roped in by Gbagbo who only grabs the bible to pursue his own means. Gbagbo has a 2nd muslim wife! His death squads went around murdering Outtara supporters in Abidjan long before the war even started. His forces shot unarmed women. He perpetrated xenophobia and created the atmosphere that bread this civil war. He has been murdering his opposition for years. Sure Outtara's people have committed atrocities but to put a blind eye to the evil that is Gbagbo is ridiculous.

    Oh and btw, he tried to steal the election. He signed an agreement with the UN for them to certify the results. Every single result was counted and sealed and certified. Even if his claims were true and you threw out the "rigged" votes Outtara still had enough votes to win.


  • Yetwave

    Face the fact that the notion of democracy in many parts of the world is a concept that has not been successfully transplanted. Cd'I is one such example. The 'election' was as close to fair as one is liable to get in a former colonial construct of a nation that is bifurcated north south among ethnic, religious and linguistic lines.
    For Gbagbo to trot out a Bible to thump is a ploy of desperation designed to curry sympathy. These same sympathetic observers who now fret over Gbagbo's loss never seemed to complain when Gbagbo delayed elections to keep his hands in the treasury for just a while longer.

  • Jim

    Well said yetwave. Btw, another little known fact. Gbagbo instituted an extra tax on Cocoa in the Ivory Coast. This extra tax wasn't used to build roads, schools or hospitals (Gbagbo didn't invest in the country). It was used to line his pocketbooks. Yep the tax went directly to him.

  • LindaRivera


    Thank you so very much for writing this article. I was unaware of Senator Inhofe speaking out for suffering Africans. Inhofe is my new hero. I didn't know there was anyone in our government who cared about our precious black brothers and sisters in Africa. Dear God, please protect them!

    I type with tears in my eyes. I will NEVER forget to the day I die of the terrible betrayal of Christian innocents sold out to those who hate them. What crime have these innocents committed? Their crime? They don't worship the god the Muslims call Allah.

    With very strong U.S. backing, French military and UN troops went to war against Christian innocents in order to conquer the Ivory Coast for Islam. Scoring another huge victory for global jihad.

    UN Peacekeepers? Give them their proper name: UN Soldiers for Global Islam.

    I will never forget that ruthless and cruel French military handed over Gbagbo, his wife and son to their enemies in order for this family to be horribly abused. They tore out this poor woman's hair by the roots to display to cheering Muslim crowds. What terrible things are Quattara and his followers perpetrating against them in private? The Koran commands to show no mercy to non-Muslims. The UN, French military and their U.S. backers are fully responsible. They are allowing it.

    I will never forget the pictures of the terrified captured Christians. They are deeply aware of Muslim barbarism. 1,000 Christians were hacked to death or burnt alive. The UN and French military will not protect and rescue them. Protecting and rescuing innocents is clearly not in their belief system. There is no one to rescue them and Gbagbo's family. No one to help.

    A photo on the internet shows an Ivory Coast Christian man and woman holding identical signs – a desperate plea to the world for help:


  • LindaRivera

    The vicious war on Ivory Coast Christians is part of global jihad, as it is on Israel, and all other countries attacked by jihadists. Western leaders constantly take the side of Islam against non-Muslim innocents.

    In the nineties, US/NATO took the side of the KLA Muslim terrorist organization. US/NATO waged merciless war on Kosovo's Christian Serbs on the basis of a PHONY massacre US/NATO knew never took place.

    Savage, global Muslim terrorist, Egyptian Arafat, had more Jewish blood on his hands than anyone since Hitler. He was adored by international ruling elites and the most invited foreign guest to the Clinton White House.

    Evil Arafat was introduced to Israel as their 'peace' partner. Arafat and his PLO Islamo Nazis were given mega money, weapons and Jewish land. They did EXACTLY as was expected of them: they waged bloody jihad against Israel’s Jews and severely persecuted Arab Christians in Judea and Samaria. US/EU/UK/UN leaders demand that these blood thirsty Jew haters/Christian haters are given their own Muslim terror state in vulnerable, little Israel.

    NEVER forget, that when ruling elites go after the Jews, they have a list. When G-D hater Hitler and his vile Nazis murdered six million Jews, they also murdered millions of non-Jews.

    A sleeping world have no comprehension of the terrible danger they are in.

    Which is the next country targeted by the US/EU/UN for Muslim conquest, and how long is the list?

  • Yetwave

    This nation cannot conduct a foreign policy based on the religion of the occupants of individual nations.
    If we invade a sovereign nation that is primarily islamic under the ruse of promoting democracy and expend the blood of our sons and daughters and the funds in our tresury in the process, we should do the same wherever tyranny seeks to rule, be the tyrants muslim, Christian, Hindu or members of any other religion.
    We are either for tyranny or against it, a policy set in black and white and not one to which this adminsitration seems well adapted. Our policy toward the festering "Arab spring" has been inconsistent, ill-defined, bumbling when enacted and already the subject of ridicule by perspicacious historians and foreign policy wonks.
    Imhofe's selective support of tyrants based on religious preference is ill conceived. Unti it becomes law that the religion of the US is defined as Christian, in whatever variegated stripe that may mean, religion must never be the criteria that sets our foreign policy.

  • LindaRivera

    Never think that the tragedy, terror and Muslim barbarism of the Ivory Coast cannot happen in America!

    Radical Muslims have infiltrated to positions of high influence in the government.

    The government ALLOWS Muslim terrorist training camps in America. Google: Muslim terrorist training camps in America.

    The government DELIBERATELY leaves the U.S. border unguarded ALLOWING Muslim terrorists to easily enter America. Many have already done so.

    Our Muslim president has quietly appointed Muslim Brotherhood operatives to key positions in the government.

    From the document of the Muslim Brotherhood in North America:

    The process of settlement is a "Civilization-Jihadist Process" and all the word means. The
    Ikhwan [Arabic for brothers] must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad to eliminate and destroy the Western civilization from within, and sabotage its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers, so that it is eliminated, and God's religion is made victorious over all other religions.

    It is a Muslim's destiny to perform Jihad and work wherever he is and wherever he lands until the final hour comes, and there is no escape from that destiny…"

    Weep for the Ivory Coast Christians. And weep for America.

  • steven l

    When the whites have to chose between Muslims and Blacks, they invariably chose in favor of Muslims for 2 reasons: they fear Muslims because they have oil and Blacks are defenseless and can be taken advantage off. Examples abound: Rwanda, Darfur and South Sudan for those with no memory!
    This is the so called white humanism and decency! Western way of life!!!!!!!

  • Dispozovdaburka

    It is inevitable that this domino effect will happen here as well as in Europe.
    That is the NWO plan.
    Most Americans can't see it yet.
    Allowing over 2,000 mosques to be built after 9/11 in the United States,
    Obama pushing through this government healthcare.
    (which is in effect a dhimmi tax) officially throwing our country into 3rd world status.
    opening up of borders,
    bankrupting our economy,
    encouraging illegal immigration,
    It's all part of a larger picture.
    A gradual breakdown of our nation status.
    We all know that the US has/had the capability to control all of these issues and yet-
    the government turns a blind eye to it for years.
    NWO "the end justifies the means."

  • LindaRivera


    I am puzzled by your comments about whites choosing Muslims over blacks. In the Ivory Coast, both the Christians and Muslims are black. The cruel decision to join in global jihad against non-Muslim innocents are not made by regular people; they are made by ruthless ruling elites. The difference between regular people and ruling elites is day and night. Light and great darkness.

    Different races; different religions; different colors — we are ALL brothers and sisters! We want all people to be safe and happy! The political/religious system of Islam does NOT believe that! Islam targets all non-Muslims for conquest where we are utterly defenseless with no human rights under excessively cruel Islamic sharia law.

    Devoid of all compassion and humanity, the utterly ruthless French handed over President Gbagbo and his family to infidel haters whose Koran instructs them to show no mercy to intensely hated non-Muslims. The U.S. administration, the French and the UN are responsible for the terrible things done to President Gbagbo, his family and the Christians of the Ivory Coast. They have blood on their hands.

    Unseen angels are silent watchers. Every evil deed is recorded in heavenly books for judgment on one future day. Our Wonderful and Awesome G-D has promised in the Bible, a great rescue in the future where the evil ones will never again hurt another human being. A glorious future forever! Pure, Holy and Absolutely Good — the Holy One, whose forgiveness is astonishing; whose love is amazing and whose mercy and kindness is beyond words to express.

  • http://lemaire00.blogspot.com Le maire

    I am a citizen of Cote D'Ivoire and know better the crisis in my country than senator Jim Inhofe. So let me set the record straight. Alassane is not an Islamist. He is married to a jew, his children are christians. We doubt that he is even a true muslim because he hardly fast. As a christian myself, I don't consider Gbagbo a christian, he has at least 2 wives. His first wife who was white french citizens is still waiting for the divorce paper. One of his wives is a practicing muslim. If you knew how many weapons Gbagbo bought since 2002 instead of providing the basic to the people, you will think twice before supporting him. In this crisis, our salvation came from the USA, the French, and the AU, and ECOWAS. We say thank to OBAMA for his support. If you only knew…please go on youtube, and check the videos on Cote D"Ivoire, then make a judgement for yourself. To us, Gbagbo is the devil.

    • http://www.ardefe.org Acode

      As an Ivorian citizen, what do you think about ouattara's soldiers killing thousands of people, just becouse they are guéré? whatdo you think about his soldiers, robbing, raping and killing in AbAcoidjan and other cities?
      ouatara is not better than, Gbagbo. If Gbagbo is a killer, ouatara is a killer too.