African Spring or African Slaughter?

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As undefined “rebels” unleash their power in Libya, thanks to U.S. and NATO intervention, the besieged Nuba people of central Sudan remain without any similar support. The architects of the “Arab Spring,” which may prove to be seven times more wicked than the regimes it supplants in Egypt and Libya, have been supported by both the bully pulpit of President Obama and the firepower of the West. But there seems to be no similar responsibility to protect Sudan’s black African Nuba people from their genocidal government, or from the Iranian Revolutionary Guard troops that reportedly have now joined in the attack on this marginalized people group.

Neither the U.S. nor NATO has offered the Sudan People’s Liberation Army-Northern Sector (SPLA-North) the support which they offered Egypt and Libya’s protestors. The SPLA-North is Nuba people’s only defense against Khartoum’s National Congress Party (NCP) Islamist regime that has been waging war on civilians since June 5, 2011. Instead, the White House told the SPLA-North on June 22, that, along with the NCP, they must “end the current violence and allow immediate humanitarian access to desperate people who have been driven from their homes and are now cut off from outside help.”

The problem with moral equivalency is that those who are deemed morally equivalent don’t behave as if they are. It’s useless, not to say absurd, to tell the SPLA-North to end the violence and allow humanitarian access, when the violence originates in Khartoum. Khartoum’s daily sorties bomb the Nuba Mountains, its armed forces (SAF) and Arab Janjaweed militia called the Popular Defense Force (PDF) slaughter people in their homes, and it deliberately blocks aid to complete the starvation of the Nuba that it began in the 1990’s during the North/South war.

The Obama Administration insists that there is “not enough information” about Southern Kordofan (the Arab name for the region) to consider action. But although Khartoum has tried to shut off access to the region, it cannot succeed the way it did in last war, in which some 50 percent of all the Nuba died of war-related causes. In the current campaign of extermination, activists are on the case and passions are running high. There is a great deal of information available from the experience of eye-witnesses, comprehensive media reports, and testimony from an August 4, 2011 congressional hearing.

All information confirms the desperate situation in the region of central Sudan that falls just outside the borders of the new Promised Land of the Republic of South Sudan. Although Nuba fought alongside Southerners in the North/South war, now while their Southern brothers and sisters celebrate freedom from Islamization and Arabization in Africa’s 54th nation, the Nuba are the targets of an extermination campaign that has already left hundreds of thousands displaced and untold thousands killed (although the identification by the Satellite Sentinel Project of mass graves is beginning to tell the tale of the number of the slaughtered).

Under the leadership of Commander Abdelaziz Adam Alhilu the SPLA-North has been surprisingly successful, since the Sudanese government has air power and the SPLA-North has none. The SPLA-North, sometimes assisted by other marginalized people group forces such as the Darfurians, has caused the NCP humiliating military ground defeats. In such battles, SAF troops have fled the area, abandoning tanks, land cruisers, and weapons to the SPLA.  In other cases, SAF troops have actually defected to the SPLA. Khartoum has publicly threatened that if the SPLA does not return the tanks, vehicles, and weapons they will use chemical weapons on the people of the Nuba Mountains.

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  • Dispozadaburka

    Pharoah Obama wants Islam to be the universal religion.
    Once he takes over Jerusalem for Islam,
    He will rule the world.


    The Spring that precedes the summer. Why is it that as all this unfolds I keep hearing the strains and melody of The Doors' Peace Frog?

    While this is nothing new, Obama, the empty suit, has made an empty gesture

    and this makes us all ask, and speculate, why Obama, the empty suit, does nothing but avoid Syria


    Africa is a huge mess.

    Even though there are steps being taken to prosecute one war criminal in Africa, there are hundreds more who will never get stopped

  • redhawk1989

    Obama's presidency is a joke.He's half-muslim half-communist and he cares about two groups in the world:muslims and communists while in the same time continues his war agaist jews,christians and other non-muslims.

  • redhawk1989
  • WilliamJamesWard

    In Lybia the EU and Nato are on a humanitarian mission to save those religion of
    peace individuals that Gaddafi wants to get his hands on. Gaddafi's people,
    men, women and children are bombed by Nato, and the religious peacenicks
    of Islam (Muslim Brotherhood) gain ground they never could have otherwise.
    In Kartoum where Islamic murderers flourish and have forgotten they are peaceful
    people wage war on poor people in Nuba, slaughter them where they can and
    seek the help of Amaddinnerjacket and his thugs to kill even more. America,
    Nato the EU pay lip service to the real genocide at best and ignore the murders
    to the shame of any civilised persons left on this planet. The Nuba people's blood
    is on Obama's hands, he must not like Black Africans of Christian persuasion.
    Obama is a man of peace as Islam is a religion of peace……….really…. William

  • SoCalMike

    Mr. Barack Hussein Obama,
    There is a special place in hell with your name on it.
    You have betrayed the free people of the world so you could lay in bed with and satisfy the precious sensibilities of Islamo-Fascists the world over.
    You help the Jihadis and the Muslim Brotherhood in the Middle East and invite them into the White House while turning a blind eye to their victims in the Sudan.
    You are truly loathsome scum.

  • Flipside

    I think it’s peculiar that it is white people, specifically Zionist Jews who keep trying to assert that Obama is aloof to the needs of black people and should be naturally inclined to speak about things like riots and Sudanese liberation. We get it. We get it already. Israel wants to depose the Islamic government of Sudan, so it had invested in a huge anti-Darfur hasbara. But this incessant clamor and race-baiting of the US President is the most craven phoniness. Stop begging for stuff that even black people aren’t begging for. Jews are saying Obama isn’t black enough. It is sheer stupidity.

    • UCSPanther

      Sounds like someone is upset about the idea of Omar Bashir and his genocidal minions suffering a defeat in the form of South Sudan, and blames the Jews for all the world's problems.

      And if and when the Omar regime starts fumigating civilians like the Hussein regime did to the Kurds, I am 100% sure you will be right here trying to justify an honest-to-god war crime, just like how Father Charles Coughlin justified Kristalnacht in one of his more infamous speeches back in the '30s.

      You are a Jew-hater whether you like it or not, and you sound like a 1920s/1930s-era fascist apologist to boot.

      • Flipside

        No. I am opposed to cartels and their regimes, including Pan-Arab cartels. I am not opposed to Pan-Arabism. Israel is, and western oil cartels are. I also do not support the ICC. I think it is a sham and it is beyond credibility that G-states can bring leaders of non-G states before a court as if they were common criminals and not world leaders. As you know, Israel, the United States and Sudan specifically reject the authority of the ICC and it would be a cold day in hell before a person like Ariel Sharon or Dick Cheney honored a summons there.

        • UCSPanther

          Deny, deny, try to throw your detractor off, blame the Jews, etc.

          That's the same trick you antisemites always use when backed into a corner.

          I suggest you change your name to "Coughlin", because that's exactly the same role you are trying to fill. You ain't foolin' me.

  • Anamah

    Could you please call Hollywood stars to tell them about this? Where is Jane Fonda? Does CNN still running TV news? Maybe ABC, MSNBC, NBC are too distracted with racists Tea Party and vowing their beloved fraudulent Messiah… where are all those useful idiots with no ears and closed eyes? There are someone at the UN with a trace of decency?