Do the Nuba of Sudan Have a Prayer?

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“Once again we are facing the nightmare of genocide of our people in a final attempt to erase our culture and society from the face of the earth. It is not a war between armies that is being fought in our land, but the utter destruction of our way of life and our history, as demonstrated by the genocide of our neighbors and relatives in Darfur. This is a war of domination and eradication, at its core it is a war of terror by the government of Sudan against their people.”

These are the words of the Rt. Rev. Andudu Adam Elnail, Bishop of Kadugli and the Nuba Mountains, in a June 18 plea for churches around the world to pray and fast for the people of central Sudan’s Nuba Mountains. The Nuba are trying to survive renewed attacks by the National Congress Party (NCP), which began on June 5 and continue unabated.

The Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) are bombing the region daily with Antonovs and MiGs. For example, on June 20, the little town of Al Hamra, with a population of less than 3,000, was hammered for a full day by five Antovs and MiGs from the NCP stronghold of Khartoum. This action cleared the way for the Arab militia called the Popular Defense Forces (PDF) – just another version of the infamous Janjaweed, the killers of Darfur – to carry out massacres against the Moro tribe of the Nuba people (95% Christian), who constitute the backbone of the troops in the northern Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA-North).

Another glimpse into the extent of the extermination taking place in the Nuba Mountains came in a June 23 Associated Press story. “Sudanese intelligence agents posed as Red Crescent workers and ordered refugees to leave a UN-protected camp in a region where Sudan’s Arab military has been targeting a black ethnic minority,” said an internal UN report obtained by the AP.

Sudanese National Security Service agents put on Red Crescent aprons at the refugee camp in Kadugli and told refugees to go to a stadium where they would receive humanitarian aid and hear an address by the new governor, the ICC-indicted, falsely-elected, war criminal Ahmed Haroun. The refugees were threatened with forced removal from the camp if they did not go to the stadium.

The UN report, marked “For Internal Use Only,” was dated June 22. It did not say what happened to the refugees who went to the stadium or how many were forced to go. But another AP story, five days later, reported that “the United Nations said Tuesday it was concerned about the fate of 7,000 Sudanese civilians last seen being forced by authorities to leave the protection of a UN compound in the tense border region between the North and South” (emphasis added). Sudan expert Eric Reeves says of the incident, “Despite this public report there was no direct response from any international actor of consequence, including the UN Undersecretary for Humanitarian Affairs, Valerie Amos.  Small wonder that Khartoum believes it may do what it wants with impunity.”

On Monday, June 27, dozens of Nuba and their supporters demonstrated in front of the United Nations in New York. At the end of the day, they delivered a statement to the UN Security Council entitled “The Genocide Continues in Nuba Mountains and the International Community Sits By.” The statement urges the UN to act, rather than awaiting some result from the Addis Ababa negotiations.

One top Nuba activist explains what by now should be obvious to anyone that has followed events in Sudan for even the last two or three years. Khartoum is misleading the international community into believing that it will negotiate in good faith. The regime is avoiding any tough resolution by the UN Security Council by buying time through the Addis Ababa negotiations. At the same time that they are negotiating, NCP military operations are continuing everywhere in the Nuba Mountains. They are killing Nuba and demolishing and destroying their homes, businesses, and churches, in order to wipe them out and replace them with Islamic Arabs.

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  • Chezwick_mac

    There will be NO help for the nascent state of South Sudan. The fact that its population is majority Christian somehow disqualifies it in the eyes and ethos of our liberal establishment.

    I feel righteous anger…and I hope others do too. This travesty is just another nail in the coffin of Western civilization!

  • StephenD

    “The Genocide Continues in Nuba Mountains and the International Community Sits By.”
    Not true.
    Why just last year President Obama made his "concern" for Sudan clear. Yes, he granted a WAIVER for Sudan to continue to receive aid from our tax dollars, even if they use children as soldiers. See?? He cares what goes on there. Just not how you would like him to.

  • LindaRivera

    Obama: “[B]oth parties have a responsibility to end the current violence".

    Obama's statement is deliberate DECEPTION. Obama knows that the Christians are victims of the most horrific atrocities and barbaric murders and that Muslims are the perpetrators. Obama knows that if people can be deceived into believing it is a war between two peoples, no one will help the defenseless Christian victims of cruel Muslims. And that no one will stop the genocide of Christians.

    Obama is supposedly half black, but his sympathies are not with defenseless black African Christian victims. His sympathies are with Arab Muslims and the goals of the Islamic regime of Khartoum.

  • LindaRivera

    All of America's allies and every American should be deeply concerned about the ruthless betrayal of American ally, Egypt's Mubarak. The U.S. was behind the ouster of moderate Mubarak. The American goal was to bring the Muslim Brotherhood to power. Obama invited the Muslim Brotherhood to his speech in Cairo, Egypt and has placed Muslim Brotherhood operatives to key positions in the U.S. government.

    Everything must be done to stop Sudan's cruel and savage jihad slavery and genocide. There must be huge world wide street protests.

    Jihad Slavery in Sudan, with Dr Charles Jacobs

  • Stuart Parsons

    The troops in Afghanistan, defending one group of endemically corrupt Muslims against another even more extreme group of the 'Cult of Muhammad'. would be doing a far more worthwhile job in the Sudan defending the Christian South. And contrary to the position in Afghanistan their help would cerainly be APPRECIATED.

  • Rather Dan

    Please e-mail this article to your Congressman and Senator, I implore you. I'm sending mine out right now.__Don't bother sending it to the Presidump and Suckretary of State, because they are in favour of Christian genocide anyway.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    What these Muslim monsters are doing to the Nuba people is a new chapter
    in barbarianism, murder and mayhem, it is to disgusting to repeat how horrid
    the conduct. Why we are involved in any way with humanitarian efforts if
    we are not going to stop the cause where man made by Islamists, Communist,
    Leftists and Socialist degeneracy. Murderers should be obliterated and it does
    not take hundreds of thousands of troops to do it. Can we have a complete and
    ultimate war against evil, a Crucade if you will against all that is anti-life?

  • Anwar KUKU

    We started since June last year facing the genocide again and the president of USA Bark Obama is witching because it’s good Move to him.
    Although America is a great country and will remains as an influence country if there is Need base on which party in the Power.
    I personally a man of Nuba Monitions we appreciate the W. Bosh son is Administrations during is period in government he did a lot to us e.g. Joint military Commotions ( JMC). And we all pry for Republican party to wine the up coming election, for sure all problems of SUDAN particularly South Kordofan ( NUBA Mentions ) will solved.

    Anwar KUKU