Jihad on the Children

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That was when the fourth bomb fell. This one exploded not in a line with the other bomb but behind the sycamore, ten feet from the shadow side of the southern tree where Ismail shielded her students. Their position left them exposed to the full force of the impact.

The teacher, Roda Ismail, 22, and twelve students, from 9 to 16 years of age, were killed outright. In addition, two students who fled to the bush died of their wounds, and the German Emergency Doctors reported five more children succumbed to their wounds the next day. Meyer quoted a Nuba teacher who declared that, “Even in death, the Nuba people are one,” commenting on the fact that seven Muslim and seven Christian children had died together. Christians and Muslims have always lived in peace and friendship together in the Nuba Mountains. And this was not the first time that they had died together.

One survivor, then 12 year-old Amani Hussien Abdallah, graces the cover of Meyer’s book in a moving photo by James Nicholls, the photographer who accompanied him to Sudan. She lost her whole right arm in the blast. Her left arm was also injured and her chest scarred. Another child, an eleven year old boy, Adil Kuku, had to have his hand amputated as it had been nearly severed by shrapnel. Another casualty of the bombing was the mother of Ruza (Rosa), a girl of nine who had been decapitated in the blast. She collapsed over her daughter’s broken body and died of grief.

Meyer visited Kauda three weeks after the bombing took place. He met the grief-stricken young fiancé of the teacher who had been killed. They were to have been married six weeks later, on Easter. He learned that young Amani Hussien Abdallah was now living with the Catholic Fathers because her family was unable to provide for her special needs. Roman Catholic Bishop of the Nuba Mountains, Macram Gassis, issued a fiery press statement on February 11, 2000. He said, “When you think of Sudan, remember the children of Kauda. Do not say merely that the regime of Khartoum violates the human rights of Christians and ethnic African peoples. Say, rather, that it kills children. This is the true face of this war.”

Initially Khartoum denied responsibility for the attack, according to Meyer. The NCP said that the bombing “was a rebel fabrication” and that the children were actually killed in an SPLA military camp. Then they changed the story and said that the children were actually guerrilla fighters or that the school was next to a military garrison. But a young Nuba man, Stephen Amin, studying at Daystar Christian University in Nairobi was home in the area conducting interviews with a camcorder. He was able to film the immediate aftermath of the attack, and his video was carried by the international press. After this, NCP officials referred to the bombing as “a regrettable mistake,” except for Dirdiery Ahmed, a minister at the Nairobi’s Sudanese embassy. Upon seeing the carnage of young schoolchildren in the video, Ahmed declared, “The bombs landed where they were supposed to land. The bombs landed in a military camp. The SPLA has pulled people into this military camp.”

The Sudan Catholic Information Office later reported that the 2000 Kauda bombing took place “just days after the latest rounds of peace talks” between the Sudanese government and the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM). No surprise. The NCP uses peace talks and ceasefires to its own advantage while still pursuing its agenda of atrocities.

With its August 2011 ceasefire, as with previous such declarations, the Khartoum regime believes that Western officials will overlook the annoying inconvenience of its continual violations, such as the current bombings in Kauda and elsewhere, in order to push through illusory diplomatic success. Most disturbingly, Khartoum knows that the diplomats will probably turn on the party that they can manipulate, and try to force them to make such unacceptable compromises as were never demanded of the freedom fighters in Egypt or the rebels in Libya. Hence, the State Department in an August 31 press release can be “deeply concerned about reports of continued bombings of civilian areas in Southern Kordofan by the Sudanese Air Force, despite the Government of Sudan’s announcement of a unilateral two-week ceasefire last week,” and then scold the SPLA-North saying, “The United States calls on both sides to allow unfettered humanitarian access to affected populations in Southern Kordofan.”

It should be obvious to all that only one “side” is preventing humanitarian access to the affected populations. Those who have affected the populations to begin with are the ones who prevent humanitarian access to those populations. Only one side is, as Bishop Gassis said eleven years ago, killing children, inflicting more and more wounds on Kauda and throughout the Nuba Mountains.

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  • Proud_Kafir7908

    Meanwhile, the West acts like the wholesale slaughter of these Sudanese black children weren't happeing. The UN's actions (or lack thereof) are also irrefutable proof of how its priorities are set by the OIC, its puppet-master, since the lives of those nine terrorist supporters aboard the Mavi Marmara have been given the kind of attention that thousands of lives of infidel black children could never, ever obtain from that body.

  • Bamaguje

    Why aren’t Obama/Sarkozy NATO bombers and the UN’s R2P “protecting civilians” from the Omar el-Bashir led genocidal racist junta intent on exterminating Sudan’s indigenous Black Africans.
    Is it only when oil is at stake in Libya?

  • Fred Dawes

    Its all about mass murder.

  • LindaRivera

    “The United States calls on both sides to allow unfettered humanitarian access to affected populations in Southern Kordofan.”

    Once again, American leaders commit the grave sin of moral equivalency condemning INNOCENT victims alongside the barbaric monsters who kill children. It is unforgivable.

    The U.S. and other nations also apply moral equivalency to jihad victim, little Israel.

    • jasonz

      not really, humaeterian relief is a waste of time and resources as the problem still exists. we can send foold, clothes and it will not do any good, because we refuse to eliminate islam. true humaniterian action requires us to take over and conquest. to go in, bomb the hell out of them and make them ours, because anything less will do no good

  • LindaRivera

    The ruthless indifference to Black suffering by America, France, NATO and the nations is indescribably evil. Remember their callous indifference when the hypocrites hold the Durban 3 meeting on racism at the UN in a few days.

    Racism and genocide of Blacks by the rebels in Libya is ignored:

    The Obama-supported rebels left in charge are now conducting a “large
    scale cleaning in the areas under their control with the extermination
    of all blacks in the capital”, according to The Independent.

    Ruthless genocide of blacks in Libya by the US/NATO backed Al-Qaeda linked rebels has been going on for months. US/NATO who waged war for months for the Al-Qaeda linked rebels-who murder our troops in Iraq-are RESPONSIBLE for stopping the genocide.

    US/NATO are also responsible for
    rescuing the many blacks kidnapped by the rebels, including the
    kidnapped black children who have been horrendously abused by the
    black-hater Muslim rebels.


  • Bert

    For the nations and the leftist media to focus on Muslim atrocities against black victims would compromise their greater objective which is to depict Israel as the most evil entity in the world and deserving of elimination. Complicit in this monstrous evil is the American Jewish establishment that wants to avoid criticism of the Muslim regime and avoid criticism of Obama for not responding. In addition there is the radical Jewish left that also has an agenda to demonize Israel and whitewash Muslim regimes that commit mass murder. Also one must ask where is the leadership of American blacks and the Congressional black Caucus?

  • xlent

    The half black creature in the White House is ALL muslem. This has everything to do with hate, islamic hate and control.

  • R. TOOL Thomas

    I can't believe another Rwanda is happening in the old Sudan. Muslims will stop at nothing, even it means killing of children in these areas. Were is the world community?.

  • jasonz

    makes ya wonder where sharpton, jackson , lee and the rest of the racebaiters are. oh yes i took it there. its time re recognise the REAL problem and thats ISLAM. America has this nasty habit of defeating an enemy and not reaping any reward from it. this is where we made our mistake. we spend countless money and loose our brave soldiers only to defend a country or people that turn on us and want us dead. its time America forces the world to be like us. go in, bomb them and take over.

  • Gose

    What Nuba people want from the International Community is not Food. We just need the International Community to support and apply a flight-free zone over the Nuba Mountains and the Blue Nile State to protect civillians. The SPLA Nuba Mountains faction know very well how to protect thier community and defeat the racist Sudanese government troops on the ground. Just a flight-free zone no more.

    • http://www.theird.org Faith

      Gose is so right. The Nuba and the SPLA-North have proved over and over what a great fighting force they are — for true freedom and Jeffersonian democracy. They are not a bunch of whiners like the "Arab Spring" Al Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood tricksters, getting the West to fight their battles for them, and making things worse than they were before. The Nuba just need for us not to screw them by supporting the Arab Islamist regime instead of them. Demand a flight-free zone, and I'd say, ask Congress to throw in a few anti-aircraft weapons as the SPLA was promised.