Protesting the Butchers of Sudan’s DC Lobbyist

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What’s the going rate for souls these days? How about $20,000 a month? Such was the deal offered by the National Islamic Front (also known as the National Congress Party) government of Sudan to Washington, DC attorney Bart S. Fisher for help getting Sudan removed from the U.S.’s State Sponsors of Terrorism list.

Act for Sudan, a new alliance of activists against genocide in Sudan,1 alerted U.S. Representative Frank R. Wolf (R-VA) to the Islamist government in Khartoum’s hiring of Fisher. When Khartoum had tried the same thing in 2009, Mr. Wolf wrote a scathing letter to President Obama asking him to direct the Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) to deny any waiver requests by U.S. companies seeking to represent the government of Sudan. An OFAC waiver is necessary because in 1997 then President Clinton issued an Executive Order imposing a trade embargo against the entire territory of Sudan and total asset freeze against the Khartoum government. Clinton cited Sudan for “continued support for international terrorism, ongoing efforts to destabilize neighboring governments and the prevalence of human rights violations, including slavery and denial of religious freedom.” Not much has changed.2

On Tuesday, December 13, Wolf, who had written once again to President Obama, went to the House floor to condemn Khartoum’s arrangement with Bart Fisher, saying:

Mr. Speaker, I was appalled and outraged to learn yesterday that the genocidal government of Khartoum has hired a lobbyist to represent its interests here in Washington. . . Sudan’s president, Omar Hassan Bashir is an internationally indicted war criminal.  Bashir is accused by the International Criminal Court of five counts of crimes against humanity, including murder, rape, torture and extermination, and two counts of war crimes.

But Khartoum’s crimes are not simply a thing of the past. . . .

My office has received regular reliable reports from individuals on the ground . . . We’ve learned of ongoing aerial bombardments in Blue Nile and Southern Kordofan states.  We’ve heard nightmarish accounts of extrajudicial killings, illegal detention, disappearances, and indiscriminate attacks against civilians.  Furthermore, evidence gathered through satellite imagery by the Satellite Sentinel Project shows at least eight mass graves found in and around Kadugli, the capital of Southern Kordofan.

Literally thousands have fled the violence.  Which begs the question: who is their lobbyist? They are in desperate straits having left behind their entire lives.  Who is their lobbyist? They are facing malnourishment and prolonged displacement.  Who is their lobbyist?

Further protest of Fisher’s arrangements with Khartoum came on Friday, December 16, when members of Act for Sudan were joined by other Sudan advocates to demonstrate outside of the law offices of Bart Fisher. Act for Sudan reported, “Carrying protest signs and chanting, ‘Mr. Fisher, step aside, you’re representing genocide,’ the activists called on the attorney to stop helping Sudan avoid consequences for ongoing government-sponsored genocide and mass atrocities.” Protestors were buoyed by the participation of Congressman Wolf, who warned President Obama, the Secretary of State, the Secretary of the Treasury, and the head of OFAC that “history will be their judge if they fail to act.” Jeff Walton, IRD’s representative at the protest, said that the timing could not have been better as lunchtime crowds were very interested in what the protestors had to say.

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  • Mel

    Remember all the promises that Obama made about Darfur, and how he condemned Bush for not acting strongly enough against the genocidal regime in Khartoum? But since he has been in office he has done everthing imaginable to ensure not only the survival of Khartoum's religious fascists, but has aided and abetted the Muslim Brotherhood which has been behind Khartoum's political machinery from the beginning. Bravo to Congressman Frank Wolf. If all US politicians had his brains and integrity, the US (and Sudan and the MIddle East) would not be in the mess it is in. Thanks Faith for keeping this front and center in our minds.

  • serion

    Wow how big is it this rally !!! hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    • Bert

      The rally was small because people like serion are too callous about justice and human life to join in to support it.

    • LindaRivera

      There would have been huge crowds if people had known about this rally.

  • Faith McD

    Thanks, Bert. And actually, the photo was taken at the end of the rally, when many people had already gone. The organizers realized that although there had been many action shots, there had been no photo of the group in front of the law offices.

  • LindaRivera

    Frank Wolf is a hero! We are in desperate, urgent need of many more like Mr. Wolf in our government. A deeply patriotic man of the highest ethics who cares deeply for suffering people.

    What a sad, dark day for Sudan, America and the Free World when, quoting from article: "Rather than responding to the calls for freedom from Sudan, the Obama Administration is, in the words of Frank Wolf on the floor of the House, “empowering the voice of their oppressors.”. End of quote.

    America needs Frank Wolf to be our President. A president to stand against oppression. A president to stand up for truth, justice, human rights and freedom.

    May God help the desperate, suffering people of Sudan.

  • New Yorker

    Getting $20,000 a month to say that Sudan isn't a terrorist? Can't Sudan just prove that itself by stopping the killing of its own civilians by a genocidal government?

  • LindaRivera

    Fisher has indeed, sold his soul and so have all those in the Obama administration who help and enable Fisher in his wickedness against Sudanese innocents. Our life on this earth is brief. Eternity is forever.

  • LindaRivera

    The Obama administration is ruthless in refusing to help in any way the Sudanese people who are suffering under horrific atrocities and massive genocide, yet waged war for many months for Al-Qaeda and Hezbollah terrorists in Libya.

    President Obama cited the new military doctrine of “Responsibility to Protect” as a justification for bombing Libya. The new military doctrine is extremely frightening for the world's innocents.

    Gaddafi was reformed and cooperating fully with the US and other Western powers. Gaddafi had his picture taken many times with American, British and European leaders. Gaddafi referred to President Obama as his son. Why did US/NATO go to war against Gaddafi and Libya? Gaddafi was fighting against Al-Qaeda.

    NATO hunted down Gaddafi, enabling his capture, Gaddafi was then violently physically and sexually attacked by anti-Gaddafi Muslims (on youtube) and then murdered. Gaddafi's son who was captured at the same time, was murdered soon after.

    FRONTPAGEMAG: Admiral James Stavridis, NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander, Europe, and the commander of the U.S. European Command told the U.S. Senate
    that Al-Qaeda and Hezbollah fighters are among the Libyan rebels
    currently receiving support from the US and its NATO allies. This was
    confirmed by one of the Libyan rebel officers, Abdel-Hakim al-Hasidi, who leads one of the Al-Qaeda units.
    (US Aid to Israel’s Enemies, Oct 13th, 2011, frontpagemag)

    U.S/NATO joined with Al-Qaeda and Hezbollah terrorists to wage relentless war for months. Bombing Libya back to the stone age. Making the world a safe place for terrorists.
    Barbaric Al Qaeda and Hezbollah who MURDER our troops in Iraq were considered desirable for placing in power in Libya. US/NATO have great guilt in making the world a far more dangerous place.

  • LindaRivera

    7,000 held in Libya's new reign of fear and torture

    UN raises concerns of torture and ill-treatment
    Many held simply because they have darker skin

    By Tom Leonard. 24th November 2011

    Thousands of people including women and children are being held illegally and tortured by rebels who helped oust Colonel Gaddafi, according to a UN report.

    Around 7,000, many of them foreigners, are behind bars in private prisons and makeshift detention centres, beyond the control of the new Libyan government and without access to any legal redress.

    The report by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon will be embarrassing for Britain and other governments which supported the overthrow of the Gaddafi regime despite concerns about who would take power in their place.

    As an example of the atrocities committed by the rebels, the report highlighted the town of Tawerga, whose inhabitants have been accused of siding with Gaddafi during the civil war.

    The UN said Tawergas are ‘reported to have been targeted in revenge killings, or taken by armed men from their homes, checkpoints and hospitals and some allegedly later abused or executed in detention’.

    The UN also warned that a vast arsenal of surface-to-air missiles, known as Manpads, had been accumulated in Libya, further worsening the security situation there.

  • Ghostwriter

    I don't believe it. Is Mr. Fisher really that dumb or ignorant of the clients he's just taken on?

  • LindaRivera

    Jerusalem Post: One of the more memorable images of 2011, at least from an Israeli perspective, was the publication of pictures in July of South Sudanese celebrating their independence by waving Israeli flags.….

    In the comments on the JPost article, a number of Africans from different African countries told of their countries' great love for Israel and Jews.

  • StephenD

    Why does it always seem he stands alone? I don't get it. The ill informed in positions of leadership is a disgrace. I would like to tell all of Congress, both sides, to speak up. We WILL vote against you for your silence as quickly as for standing on the wrong side. You may as well speak.