Sudan Ethnic Cleansing Begins Again

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The National Islamic Front government made the Nuba Mountains a “no go” area, cutting the Nuba off from the rest of the country and from the world. Like South Sudan, this region, which at 30,000 square miles is slightly larger than Belgium and the Netherlands combined, was attacked from the air by Antonov bombers and from the ground by slave raiders (muharaleen) and SAF troops.

In his scrupulous report for the U.S. Committee on Refugees, Quantifying Genocide in Southern Sudan and the Nuba Mountains: 1983-1998, Dr. Millard Burr writes that from 1989-1991 “scores of villages were burned and thousands of villagers killed in joint army and militia assaults in the Nuba Mountains.” Burr also told how the Sudanese Army purged “Nuba officers and noncommissioned officers,” arrested thousands of educated Nuba, and starved tens of thousands of men, women, and children.

Now Khartoum is coaching the SAF and PDF from the same old playbook. If anything, the attacks are even more virulent than those of the 1990s, since Khartoum wants revenge on those Nuba who sided with the SPLA. Killing crews are burning villages and killing villagers in towns throughout the Nuba Mountains. The small steps towards education and development in the region were wiped out in the first week’s worth of bombing. People’s homes (tukuls), farms, marketplaces, schools, and churches have all been attacked, looted and burned. The scores and scores of people who have been killed — murdered, executed — have not yet been counted.

In the capital city of Kadugli, Khartoum’s troops are searching for suspected members and supporters of the SPLM and are executing them on the spot. This has also taken place in another town, Dilling, where troops are slitting the throats of SPLM members and supporters when they are found. And Christians are also targeted by the Islamists. Clergy have been rounded up and arrested. In some cases, their whereabouts are now unknown. Others are known to have been killed.

It has been reported that Sudan government troops have planted land mines throughout the area. And according to Reeves, “It seems Khartoum intends to starve the Nuba into submission,” just as it tried before. He says that on June 15, Khartoum’s military aircraft completely destroyed the runway in Kauda, a town in the middle of the Nuba Mountains. “Because the Kauda airstrip is critical for humanitarian transport in the region, its destruction works to ensure that the hundreds of thousands already in need will remain cut off from relief,” says Reeves.

As is to be expected, the United Nations Mission in Sudan (UNMIS) serves no purpose, except to exacerbate the situation. In fact, since UNMIS troops were first deployed to the Nuba Mountains following the signing of the North/South Comprehensive Peace Agreement in 2005, the Nuba have warned that the troops, mostly Egyptian Islamists, were siding with Khartoum against the people they were supposed to help. Many reputable sources reported that Egyptian UNMIS soldiers in Kadugli were seen raping local women. And some UNMIS troops even openly declared to the Nuba that they were there to complete the jihad against infidels.

In the present crisis, UNMIS troops are observing the violence and doing nothing to stop it. Some are collaborating with the SAF and PDF. When a crowd sought sanctuary at UNMIS headquarters in Kadugli they were told to leave and go to Dilling, some 120 miles away, leading them directly into the hands of SAF troops and PDF militias. Some sources on the ground have also said that the UN Egyptian “peacekeepers,” since they are able to go wherever they want, are spying on the SPLA and reporting back to the Sudanese Armed Forces. Therefore, if, as some are demanding, the mandate of UNMIS in the area is changed from “Chapter 6” to “Chapter 7,” giving the troops a clear mandate to intervene to protect civilians, then a change in the UNMIS personnel must also be demanded.

Every day in the Nuba Mountains the ethnic cleansing of the Nuba is occurring, and the idea that what is taking place is genocide becomes more and more believable. It might be said that the first genocide took place in South Sudan and the Nuba Mountains because the world lacked knowledge of what was happening. And even if information came out, it was so monstrous and unthinkable that, as Elie Wiesel has said, the enemy knew that it would not be believed. Today, Khartoum doesn’t care if the world knows what it is doing in the Nuba Mountains. The north’s genocidal leadership doesn’t think that anyone really cares. May God have mercy on the Nuba and on us and prove them wrong.

Faith J. H. McDonnell directs The Institute on Religion and Democracy’s Religious Liberty Program and Church Alliance for a New Sudan, and is the author of Girl Soldier: A Story of Hope for Northern Uganda’s Children (Chosen Books, 2007).


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  • Joel Raupe

    How many weapons in this pogrom are newly supplied the U.S. through the "Arab Spring" regime (and Iran) in Cairo?

  • StephenD

    Remember, our POTUS granted a "waiver" to Sudan for them to continue to receive aid from our tax dollars even if they use Child Soldiers. How can this be justified? Why was it done at all? To this day, I haven't seen anything on this issue. Who do you think would use Child Soldiers, the Islamists or the Southern Sudanese Christians? This was a calculated move to assist them in their genocidal purge. This granting of a waiver is straight up EVIL.

    • johnnywoods

      Remember who POTUS is. His name is Barak al Obama. Need I say more?

  • BS77

    Sudan, Afghanistan, Somalia, Gaza, Libya, Syria, Iran, Iraq……..what's the difference???….medieval barbarians running some of the most hideous countries on earth….It is pitiful to see the horrors of Darfur continuing while the worthless UN does nothing.

    • WilliamJamesWard

      Actually the UN is not doing nothing, it is helping in the massacre……….W

  • Naram-Sin

    Apparently, the media and Obama administration beleive that there is nothing to see here. So, we should move on to greater evils, like Sarah Palin, and the Israelies not agreeing to be murdered. The Islamists will continue to commit attrocities where ever and when ever they are permited to do so. As per Mohammad's wonderful example, they only stop when opposed by supperior force and remain dormant only so long as the threat remains.

    The price of peace and freedom is eternal vigilence.

    • Marie

      Well said.

  • LindaRivera

    "And some UNMIS troops even openly declared to the Nuba that they were there to complete the jihad against infidels." UN troops? Give them their real name: UN Soldiers for Global Jihad. It is inexcusable that American, UK, European, and other non-Muslim nations' peoples are forced to finance jihad with Muslim UN troops against non-Muslim innocents.

    It is immoral to send in Muslim UN troops to a non-Muslim country or area. Non Muslims are viciously attacked by UN Muslim troops. This fact should be reported to the entire world. There must be no more victims of UN Muslim Jihadist troops.

    • johnnywoods

      They are not forced to support these incompetent fools at the UN but choose to do so. I say US quite funding the UN and send them packing to some tropical paradise like Uganda. See how the like it there without our money to support them.

  • LindaRivera

    Muslim UN jihadist troops must never be allowed in non-Muslim countries or areas. Non-Muslims must have the basic human right of protection!

    It is extremely disgusting that America is fighting wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, (and now Libya). We are HATED infidels and not wanted in those countries! America set up Islamic sharia as the law of the land in Iraq and Afghanistan. A very sad reason for our young military to give their lives for.

    Whilst America engages in multiple wars, severely persecuted Black Christians and Muslims of Nuba/South Sudan, the victims of cruel jihad are ALLOWED to suffer. America and the nations have a MORAL obligation to provide military training and heavily arm and provide every weapon of war to the Black Christians and Muslims of Nuba/South Sudan.

    Whatever is required to prevent the intended genocide by Islamic Khartoum of the Black Christians and Muslims of Nuba/South Sudan must be done!

  • LindaRivera

    The people who made the decision to use Egyptian Muslim UN soldiers have great guilt. It is well known that Arab Muslims are EXTREMELY RACIST against Black people. But even worse than that, it was obvious, that as Muslims, the Egyptians would be on the side of Islamic Khartoum, and would NOT defend the Black Christians and their Muslim allies. The only conclusion that can be made is that the Egyptian Muslim UN soldiers were chosen for the very specific purpose of oppressing and persecuting the Black African Christians and their Muslim allies. Chosen to wage jihad.

  • LindaRivera

    I fervently hope that world wide huge street protests will be organized quickly. G-D forbid, that another genocide of innocents will be perpetrated as world leaders turn a blind eye to suffering, horrific atrocities and barbaric mass murders at the hands of cruel Muslims.

  • BS77

    Perhaps the West will finally wake up…….yawn……

  • johnnywoods

    How about Black leaders in America like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Calypso Louie, Eric Holder and our "Fearless Leader"? Their silence is deafening.

  • Eraina

    it is amazing to me that so many of the Christian churches in the West (Methodists, Presbyterians, Catholic) find the time, energy and need to lambast Israel for defending itself but say not one word about the violence to Christians by Moslem Arabs in Africa. What hypocrites.

  • AppleAnnie

    There is a Catholic Bishop Gasiss that has been working for 30 years to help the people in S Sudan. He's built hospitals, schools and water wells. His "church" diocese is in the mountain area. Muslims from the north have, as this article points out, re-invaded the border area of S. Sudan. Mostly for the oil. In addition, they want the mountain area where Bishop Gasiss works, shepherds and lives with his people. Please keep Bishop Gasiss in your prayers as well as all Christian missionaries in S. Sudan. It's a shame. No one cares a wit about these people, the S. Sudanese or the missionaries.

  • guest

    AppleAnnie…I care. I care alot. I will pray for them. May our political leaders gain the Lord's wisdom, and begin to address this horrific situation. Before it's too late.

  • MargaretSanger

    Why does the author mention Islam in this? When a Muslim kills or terrorizes, he/she is no longer a Muslim. There is no such thing as Radical Islam.

  • link

    Would somebody explain this article in a better term. I read twice, and i still was not able to grasp the concept.