Glenn Beck Regales the Zionist Organization of America

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On Sunday evening November 20th, over 800 ardent supporters of Israel gathered for the Zionist Organization of America’s 114th Justice Louis D. Brandeis Award Dinner at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Manhattan. The star-studded gala event paid special tributes to radio talk show host Glenn Beck, Republican presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann and US Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R) of Florida.

Presented with the first ever Sheldon and Dr. Miriam Adelson “Defender of Israel” award, Mr. Beck was introduced by Mr. Adelson, a gaming industry mogul and a long time devotee of Israel. In his introductory remarks Mr. Adelson described Mr. Beck as a “very special man. We knew he was a giant even before we met him. I’d never known a Christian Zionist like Glenn Beck.  He tells the truth about the Arab war against Israel.”

Adelson, also the publisher of Israel Hayom (now Israel’s largest daily newspaper), added there is “no greater supporter of Israel in the media today” than Beck.  When Palestinians murdered five members of the Fogel family in last March’s Itamar massacre, Beck dedicated an entire show on Fox News to the tragedy and “displayed the pictures that almost every other television network ignored”: Palestinians celebrating the event by handing out candles in the streets, Adelson said.

Noted for his exceptional devotion to Israel and the Jewish people as evidenced in his August 2011 “Restoring Courage” rally in Jerusalem near the Temple Mount and his forthright positions on his FOX television program, Mr. Beck declared that he has placed his “chips on the table” by saying, “I wear it as a badge of pride to be a Zionist. The Jewish people and the land of Israel has a right to exist and I am not ashamed to speak the truth.” Extending plaudits to his hosts and the rich and vibrant legacy of the ZOA as a foremost advocate for a greater Israel, Mr. Beck’s address was frequently punctuated by thunderous applause. Warning of ominous times ahead, he said, “The world is on the eve of profound and dramatic change and we have an 18-month window to change the world.”

Referencing a panoply of issues such as the geo-political realities of the Arab Spring, the burgeoning Iranian nuclear threat, the nascent Occupy Wall Street movement, the danger of George Soros funded organizations, the incessant animus towards Israel emanating from the Obama administration and the prevalent denial of the Holocaust, Mr. Beck issued a clarion call for unity amongst Christians, Jews and all good people by saying, “We must lock arms and stand as sentinels for if we fail to do so things could get worse. I come to you as a brother and not as a Christian. The world does not hate you, but the enemies of G-d hate you. You, the Jewish people never gave up on G-d. You have been loyal and you never embraced the G-d of the stranger and for that Israel has been promised by G-d to the Jews.”

In a voice reverberating with palpable emotion and zeal, Mr. Beck ruefully observed that “what is happening in the world is grotesque.” “When Ahmadinejad of Iran says the Jews will burn in the fiery hell of Islam, he means it. We must say ‘Never Again’ and we must mean it. Words are meaningless. It is a time for action and only through the mighty Hand of the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob will we be saved.”

Choked up with tears, Mr. Beck vividly recalled his trip to Auschwitz this past summer and what it meant to him. “I demand to be counted so others will not be numbered. We must tell the truth and we must never forget. We must never repeat the mistakes of the past. Evil will grow again and this evil plant grows in darkness and we must shed a bright light upon it.”

Exhorting his audience to “rely on eternal truths,” he chided the Occupy Wall Street demonstrators as being “just like the fascists that they say they’re against. It is like a formulaic stage play replete with hypocrisy.” He added that the struggles we face for our existential survival are “personal” and that “we must go out as individuals and make a difference.” Borrowing words from Abraham Lincoln, he warned against becoming imbued with vengeance and bellicosity when he said that our mantra should be, “With malice towards none and charity for all” and said that “as the world plunges into darkness, we must be a beacon of light.”

To that end, Mr. Beck made an oblique reference to an endeavor that he is undertaking on December 8th and while what he was eluding to remains nebulous at this juncture he had tongues wagging at the conclusion of his address as audience members engaged in speculation. “Either he is announcing his candidacy for public office or he is planning to convert to Judaism,” said a ZOA member who chose to remain anonymous.

Also delivering a powerful and heartfelt address was Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R) who is seeking the Republican nomination for president in 2012. Telling her audience that her inextricable ties to Israel and the Jewish people originate in her personal religious beliefs she said, “It all began in the Book of Genesis which says that ‘Whoever blesses Israel will be blessed and whoever curses Israel will be cursed’ and I stand behind these Divine words.”

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  • Set271

    Zionists'! Get out of my country and stop influencing policy in my country! Zionists' have no place in a free and democratic society. The ultimate definition of racism is to steal land that was not given to you and declare it your GOD given right to expand on that and declare non-israeli as unfit and take even more. Stop raping the American Middle Class, our tax revenues' collected by OUR government should be used on OUR programs…NOT ISRAEL!
    And, quit trying to get us(America) in a war with Iran!

    • לוחם נגד המנוולים

      You hopeless anti-Jewish pig: take a deep breath. Now hold it. Longer.

    • Bert

      Hatemongers like Set271 always show their unlimited ignorance with their two main lies. Lie number one is on territory. Israel is one of the few nations that has both divine title and legal title to the land unlike, say America which was founded on theft of Indian land.
      The second lie is that of US aid. The fact is that Israel has, from day one, helped America in intelligence, in defense and in many other technologies as well as being the ONE ally that America could depend on. Israel also help us win the cold war and prevent a Soviet takeover, especially in 1967 and 1973. The dollar value of Israeli help to America is now at least equal to the shrinking dollar value of U.S. aid.

    • Atikva

      This happens to be my country too and I will influence policy in my country any legal way I see fit. As to the rest of your post, you got it all wrong, you ought to check your facts before proffering inanities:

      (1) The definition of racism is not, and never was, "to steal land". Open your dictionary. “Race-hatred; rivalry, belief in inherent superiority of some races over others, usually with implication of a right to rule; discriminative treatment based on such belief” – that’s what racism is. And your post qualifies for it, I am sorry to say.

      (2) The facts related in the Bible concerning the presence of Hebrews in the Promise Land thirty centuries ago are History, confirmed by the archaeological findings of the last three centuries. Whether or not you are a believer, you can’t refute them.

      (2) Israel is the ONLY democratic country in the whole Middle East, with currently 14 Arab Members in the Knesset.

      (3) Israel did not expand, on the contrary it has lost about 75% of its territory. Renamed Palestine by the Roman Emperor Hadrian in 70 A.D., it was split by the British in the 1920s who gave most of it to the Arabs under the name of “Jordan”.

      (4) The funds received by Israel from USAID are used to the purchase of goods and services from the United States. So in addition to being our ONLY ally in the Middle East, Israel is contributing to our economy.

      If you wish to complain that your taxpayer money is misused, turn instead to the funds we lavish on Arab communities, whose plan toward America is “ eliminate and destroy the Western civilization from within .. and sabotage its miserable house..” (Explanatory Memorandum on the General Strategic goal for the group in North America, muslim brotherhood, May 22, 1991).

      (5) And as to “a war with Iran”, you should have noticed that we already are at war with Iran and the rest of the Islamic countries since 2001. Apparently, your role in this conflict will be that of either a useful idiot (at best), or a collabo (at worst) – your choice.

      • Rose

        It happens to be your country and you will influence policy any way you see fit huh? Yet people like you have a problem when, let's say, European people want to shape policy to protect themselves from immigration…typical.

        • Atikva

          I sure don't know who you think "people like me" are, but as far as I am concerned, I wish European countries would realize, at last, what mistake they made when they promoted unrestrained immigration. Should they decide – better late than never – to repeal this insane policy, believe me I would not object in the least!

          In what is this "typical"?

  • Art Preisinger

    How do speakers like Beck say "G-D"? Do they say "God" or "GD" or Lord or what?

    • Atikva

      Do you think it would make the least difference to the Almighty?

  • VINNIEgambini

    SET271, u're forgetting dec7th 1941!
    THAT DAY that will live in infamy,
    Actually 2 events took place.
    #1. Pearl Harbour- is well publicised.
    #2. Nazi signing of official orders to murder the Jews….same day!
    Why is #2 never publicised?
    Simple, the Jews were deliberately expensed as the 5th column.
    So too, again, Israel is being 'expensed' –
    Israel is insurance for access to oil.
    Without an Israel, you'd see OPEC back in ctrl, oil trading north of $200 and payments no longer in petro dollars-
    So get your calculator out and run that math again.
    Politics is not a net zero sum game.
    At all times, 1 wins, 1 loses.
    Irans plan is to win.
    This is unacceptable to our western way of life, notwithstanding the obvious, economics.

    • Set271

      So, according to you, Israel has the (oil) gun to our heads and if Israel doesn't get its way…they'll pull the trigger. "Israel is insurance…"!?!? That's rich…rich as all the insurance companies that don't wanna pay claims and raise premiums and deductables…guess that's where the 'I' in insurance comes from. And all those arab countries who used to belong to OPEC they're controlled by, non other than, Israel? Wow. The world economic forum would argue otherwise but, keep pullin' that trigger…trigger.

  • NotaBene

    From Louis Brandeis to Glenn Beck, talk about a decline in standards…

    • Pam

      And who do you hold in high regard? Iran's president? Jon Stewart? What do you know about Louis D. Brandeis? probably absolutely nothing

  • Suzanne

    It's nice to see the honorees get the recognition they deserve. They are great Americans and the ZOA is a great organization.

  • Linda

    I just don't get Glenn Beck, if he wants to change things, then he needs to be a christian….take up the cross and do God's work. Nowhere in the Bible does it say "Get on radio and Tv and tear down others". Shame on him, he should be down on his knees praying, first for forgiveness and then for others.

    • mlcblog

      My, you are harsh in your judgment of him. I am a believer to the max, have read the Bible in many versions many times, and see nowhere that the Lord finds fault with what Mr. Beck is doing. What is your version of "be a Christian?" Many people say others should act like a Christian when simply they don't like what another is doing.

      Beck is a leader. God raises up leaders to speak about ideas.

      • rose

        In the bible there is no such thing as a Jew anymore, In the old testament it was seperated according to the jews and gentiles, The new testament did away with that. Where in the bible does it say that what he is doing is right?

        • mlcblog

          What? read it again. The entire First Testament is about the Jews, the same ones who live today in every part of the world and who live in Israel. You sound whacked. I am guessing you are talking on some spiritual level that is not quite recognizable on this earth where real flesh and blood people live, Jews, Christians, many others.

          What Glenn is doing is right? oh, well, how about standing up for Israel in their moment of need for that, how about exposing the evil plots to destroy us and mislead people away from morality? and what about just plain standing up and saying what he thinks, employing many people in his enterprise and expressing his beliefs in a clear manner, finding his life calling. I believe that is a lot of what the Old and the New Testament are all about.

          I realize that Glenn is a Mormon. I am a Christian. In this fight for our country, we need to not split hairs (the Bible does warn against that, in Proverbs I think) and work together with other morally upright people for the common good, as was once done by our Founding Fathers.

          Keep reading and pray for wisdom. God says he will give it freely and abundantly and without condemning.

  • rose

    Glenn Beck should care about his own people…we won't be around much longer with people like him at the helm.

    • mlcblog

      OK. I was right. You are whacked….and mean.

  • rose

    The Jewish people are out FOR THEMSELVES, period. Why should White Christians care soooo much about them? Where in the bible does it state that Christians should forsake all others, including themselves, but the Jewish people? To be Jewish is to be the eternal victim, it's in the talmud, it's how they survive.

    • Atikva

      The Jewish saying, going back to the first century B.C., goes like this:

      If I am not for myself, who will be for me?
      If I am only for myself, what am I?
      And if not now, when?

      What is wrong with that?

      Christians are Christians, period. The color of their skin is irrelevant and I find your wording offensive.

      Why we Christians should care about the Jews?
      First and foremost, for the love of justice.
      For another thing, because Christ was one of them, and so were His disciples and the christian Founding Fathers.
      Because the judeo-christian values are the pillars of the Western civilization you and I enjoy to this day.

      And if you think it is OK for the Jewish people, or any other community for that matter, "to be the eternal victim", if you willingly are an instrument of this persecution, you are a heartless, selfish woman and I pity you.

      endless persecution is OK for any community because it is a condition of its survival, you are sick.

  • rose

    Some rabbi met a drunk guy who could sound spirited in his words and decided to pay him big money to be a ZOG bot.

  • rose

    Why are so many Jewish people behind the massive influx of third-world cheap labor into Europe and America? ….. I wonder sometimes..

    • Atikva

      And I wonder whether you would be able to substantiate this fantastic "information" – in an updated version of Protocol of the Elders of Zion, maybe, currently a best seller in the Arab countries?

    • mlcblog

      whacked, mean, and twisted.

  • LindaRivera

    Every candidate for President should be asked to sign a legal document that they will not ask Israel to surrender one single inch from Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, the Golan or ANY land in Israel.

    This issue is incredibly important. Little Israel is a victim of global jihad and to ask Israel to surrender half her land to global jihad is EVIL. It is a shocking betrayal of our ally Israel. And if U.S. leaders would betray our trustworthy ally, Israel, they would certainly betray America. If the candidates refused to sign, we would know where they stood.

    M. Bachmann said not one inch of Jerusalem should be given up, but did not say anything about Judea, Samaria and the Golan? I would like to know where she stands on that. I hope F. Sidman will have a future opportunity to ask her.

    Not one inch of Jewish land to barbaric enemies bent on Jewish genocide!

    • Set271

      Here we go again, it's not enough that the Kennedys' died trying to prevent foreign influence in our elections, let alone our banking, and here comes AIPAC and ZOA wanting to influence American politics with foreign interests. Terrorism would've never reared its ugly head if Palestine was left alone…to its' owners. Jerusalem was peaceful. Arab, Christian, and yes Jews lived there together until the Zionists started all the racist talk about Jerusalem is not for everybody but just them. Menachem Begin and his band of ' Begins' ' were the first to use bombs as terroristic influence on the common peace. ZIONISTS'! QUIT TRYING TO INFLUENCE AMERICAN POLITICS. STOP THE GENOCIDE OF THE PALESTINIANS. ISRAEL HAS BECOME THE MONSTER OF GENOCIDE, RACISM, TERRORISM, AND APARTHEID POLITICS. GET FOREIGN AIDE TO ISRAEL OUT OF THE US BUDGET. IT"S BEEN THERE SINCE WW2, STAND ON YOUR OWN MIDDLE CLASS!

  • LindaRivera

    Glenn Beck is a hero for America, Israel and the Free World. Speaking out strongly for Israel makes many enemies. G-D bless him!

  • Marti

    Make me an enemy if you must, I STAND WITH ISRAEL!!!!!!!
    We must stand together with the Holy Land.

  • LindaRivera

    In a massive victory for Islam, against their will, Arab Christians were cruelly placed under brutal occupation of PLO/Palestinian Authority. In the FILTHY Islamic Invasion of Church of Nativity in Bethlehem, Judea, Israel, MUSLIMS TORE up BIBLES for TOILET PAPER.

    Christian majority towns, Bethlehem & Nazareth are now majority Muslim – terrified Christians were driven out by cruel Islamic persecution. Many Bethlehem Christians' homes and land were STOLEN by Muslims. The Christians who remain, live in constant fear.


  • Albert Pike

    NO COMMENTS? IS IT NOT AMAZING HOW EASILY MAN IS CORRUPTED BY GREED? BABYLONIAN TALMUDISM IS NOT THE CONTINUATION OF THE TORAH. RATHER IT IS THE CIRCUMVENTION THEREOF. “I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews and are not…” People who have never lived in a region can not claim that region as their ancestral homeland! Ashkenazi Jews are overwhelmingly descended from the Khazars who lived in southwestern Russia… surely Beck knows this. His reason for giving support now to something he was formerly against can only be explained in one of two ways: he was bought, or he was threatened.

    • Basketweaver

      Babylonian Talmudism, interesting. Is this just a another version of Satanism?

  • Atikva

    And who do you think you are to decide who has a right to exist or not, God almighty?

  • rose

    Agreed. Glenn Beck is a millionaire paid to spread the agenda of a Zionist occupied government. Israel cares only about herself and no one else.