The Fight for Anthony Weiner’s Vacated Seat

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FS: As a representative from New York, I’m sure you know many of your constituents are without a healthcare plan. What would you do to ensure that Americans who do not receive healthcare coverage from their employer get a plan that will be effective for them? On that note, as a congressman, would you lead the charge to have the president’s healthcare reform bill repealed on the grounds that it violates the Commerce Clause of the Constitution?

BT: I would like to see the healthcare reform bill repealed, as it represents a financial nightmare for generations to come. I’m outraged at the fact that government has placed itself in the way of the patient/doctor relationship and the attendant procedures. If anything, the president’s bill has only increased the already exorbitant cost of healthcare.  We must look at other states who have implemented much better healthcare models such as Massachusetts with only 4% of the population there uninsured. We’ve taken trillions of dollars out of Medicare and have put it into a feckless Obamacare plan that is going nowhere. What we’re witnessing today is an economic war with middle class families who have to shoulder the costs of Medicaid. While Medicaid might be okay in the short term, it will never be a long-term resolution for the millions of uninsured Americans.

FS: What is your plan to lower the national debt and free ourselves from our dependency on China for loans and how would you go about making this country solvent again?

BT: I feel that we have to grow our way out of this problem. We must work towards growing and strengthening the economy and not the deficit. Grow the economy and not the deficit. Currently, our GDP (Gross Domestic Product), which refers to the market value of all final goods and services produced in our country, is at 15 trillion dollars. In the next seven to eight years, out objective must be to return to a 20-trillion-dollar mark. We can accomplish that by drastically cutting our expenditures, which are totally out of control. Our budget must match our overall revenue and I think it’s insane that we’re borrowing money and spending twice as much as we have. We’re only going deeper into a hole. It’s like opening up a new credit card to pay off the debts on an existing one.

FS: On the foreign policy front, President Obama has been pressuring Israel to sit at the negotiating table with the Palestinian-Hamas government with the objective of creating an independent Palestinian state. Can you tell us your thoughts on this and on the upcoming Durban III UN-sponsored conference and the UN General Assembly meeting in which a vote will be taken to create a Palestinian state under the leadership of Hamas?

BT: I think I can send a clear and unequivocal message to President Obama on this issue by winning the election. The president must know that the Jewish vote cannot be taken for granted. We must make the Democratic Party aware that they’re not living in reality. I have the endorsements of both former New York City mayors Ed Koch and Rudy Guiliani, who represent the liberal and conservative ends of the political spectrum, and who share my views that Israel should never be coerced into dealing with a Hamas government who seeks their destruction and ultimately the destruction of America and the Western world. Every word in the Palestinian-Hamas charter is antithetical to everything we believe in, and thereby, it is absolutely absurd to expect the Israelis to negotiate with them. My answer to those countries who would cast their vote for a Palestinian state is for America to cut their foreign aid packages. Those countries voting for the creation of a Palestinian state are doing so in exchange for bribes from the oil producing countries.

Today, we are fighting a war for our very survival, and this war is being waged against us by the forces of militant Islam, which has spread its tentacles far and wide. I vividly recall those Iraqis holding up their purple thumbs after voting for the first time and what a small taste of democracy can do for people. We must empower and embolden democratic factions in the Middle East and never lose sight of the fact that Israel is our only stable, democratic ally in the region and must be treated as the loyal friend that she is. As to the Green Revolution in Iran, I saw this as an opportunity missed by our government by not strongly supporting those voices who call for freedom, justice and democracy.

FS: Educating the children of the 9th congressional district has become a financial burden on middle class parents who have chosen not to send their children to public schools. What would you do in terms of tuition tax credits for parents wishing to send their children to private and parochial schools?

BT: Tuition tax credits are fine for starters, but I would like to implement a school voucher program that will alleviate the tremendous financial strain on parents and will significantly offset the immense costs of a private education. By doing so, we are saving the taxpayer an enormous amount of money. Each taxpayer in New York spends about $8,000 per student in a failing public school system. By investing in private education, we can reduce the jobless rates in the future by providing a quality education for our children and afford them with the kind of incentives to succeed that they won’t get elsewhere. I don’t think it’s fair or reasonable to keep burdening the taxpayer, which is why I see school tax credits as a quicker and easier way to resolve this ongoing crisis in education.

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  • Clare

    Thank you for this interview. New York will be lucky to have this kind of representation.

    We need a President who is this competent. And this experienced.

  • Flipside

    Well, he's got a big thong to fill. Let's hope Ed Koch can trump the Koch Brothers. I mean Trump the Koch Brothers. It's a Gamble. But the Orbis in his hands. We are In Search Of a candidate who will serve the people, and who has appeal to Kahanists who hate gay marriage, and values the DOMA the Rock. We are in a fight for our survival, so we need someone who will exonerate Jewish teenagers when they beat up old Muslim men. If anyone can Dov it, Hikind. He'll make sure no mosque is built anywhere near the sacred site of Larry Silverstein's New and Improved Everything Changed on 9/11 Glass Ivory Tower Shrine to the Victims of Islam. He's got my vote!

    • kafir4life

      What we really need is a mayor that when muslims crash planes into buildings because they are muslim, giggles and says "muslims will be muslims". Sort of like president barry!! Did you have a nice holiday yesterday, moon god worshipper? How is that pedophile prophet of yours? Still sh*tting korans? Still having sex with then eating pigs?
      alahu snackbar to ya, flippy! alahu snackbar.

      • Flipside

        It’s funny how much your comments betray the idea that you think Muslims are so much bigger than you. From my perspective, both of your groups are equally small in the United States.

  • g_jochnowitz

    What does he think about guns? New York City has the lowest crime rate of any big city in the United States. It also has the toughest gun laws.