Boehner Strategy on Budget Will Rescue Obama

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And he also should avoid talk of changing Social Security and Medicare. Instead, Republicans should bluntly say they will eliminate every single program of government before they will violate the contract the federal government has made on Social Security. It is morally wrong for the government of the United States to have accepted what are essentially old age pension premiums, and now attempt to not live up to the contract.

Americans may have misunderstood the nature of Social Security since it was founded. They were told it was an insurance program. With insurance, you pay a premium and that premium is invested by the insurance firm until the day the money is needed. The premiums are reflected on every paycheck’s stub or wage statement in America

Congress as the trustee of these resources may have in the past wildly spent away this money. The trust fund doesn’t exist and now the bills are coming due, but this doesn’t change the moral imperative to pay people who have expected these old age pensions.

Once this is clear we won’t mess with Social Security and Medicare, we should take a sledge hammer and axe to the rest of government. Announce that roads and mass transit will now be the domain of the states and eliminate the department of transportation. Announce energy and environmental regulation will take place in the states and eliminate the Department of Energy and the EPA. Schools can also become the responsibility of the states through the elimination of the Department of Education. Foreign trade will be the responsibility of the private businesses involved if they show courage and eliminate the Department of Commerce. Once again, make banking insurance a private business and eliminate the FDIC. Eliminate the Department of Agriculture and farming will return to being a private business. Announce health insurance and welfare programs will be the domain of the states and give states responsibility for Medicaid.

Finally, announce that we will no longer borrow money and force America to right size government by operating on pay- as- you- go system. This doesn’t mean we won’t pay our debts. It merely says we won’t borrow more money. Don’t raise the debt ceiling.

Let Obama defend all these multitude of programs, subsidies and special interest payments. But do not touch the programs Americans have paid premiums for most of their lifetimes to receive. If Speaker Boehner focuses on trying to reform Social Security he will fail, and in the process, re-elect Barack Obama. Instead he should cut the spending that is politically possible to cut.

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  • slick

    Met Boehner back in the 90's when I was living in Cincy. He was and still is a lightweight, a country club Republican and a narciscist. He wont do anything to improve Govt. and I agree, he will end up getting Obuma reelected. There are no more John Waynes!!!