Obama’s EPA Is Killing More Jobs than Economy Can Create

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These job killing EPA regulations are part of a wider program to “curb man made climate change” or global warming. But the science behind this believed threat to the planet’s existence keeps melting away under scrutiny.

The latest example is the Polar Bear’s supposed struggle against extinction.

According to a report in Human Events, “special agents from the Interior Department’s inspector general’s office are questioning the two government scientists about the paper they wrote on drowned polar bears, suggesting mistakes were made in the math and as to how the bears actually died, and the department is eyeing another study currently underway on bear populations.”

The biologist in charge, Charles Monnett, has actually been placed on administrative leave because of findings in the investigation. His fellow biologist Jeffrey Gleason, is also being questioned, but has yet to be suspended.

Human Events also reports, “the disputed paper was published by the journal Polar Biology in 2006, and suggests that the ‘drowning-related deaths of polar bears may increase in the future if the observed trend of regression of pack ice and/or longer open-water periods continues.'”

The Polar Bear story is not an isolated illustration of the problem. Every time the topic of oil and gas development comes up for the Arctic region, the bears are an obstacle and used as the reason we cannot hire people to begin the process of extracting these resources.

A deeper look reveals hundreds of economic development projects have been stopped because regulators are more concerned with protecting the “Goddess Gaia” ( the mother earth goddess), than they are getting Americans back to work. There are mountains of examples of junk science methodology being used by federal and state regulatory agencies which are blocking economic growth in nearly every state.

If Obama is really serious about the nation’s staggering unemployment, he will solve this regulatory stranglehold that is stunting economic growth.

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  • tanstaafl

    I don't want to be a spoilsport, but polar bears have been known to stalk and kill human beings.

    • Dale

      That is why you should carry a gun.

  • Cisco70

    The American public deserves to know the names of the bureaucrats that are blocking job creation and costing taxpayers billions. As taxpayers, we have the absolute right to confront not just our elected representatives, but the unelected who continue to create law without benefit of Congressional discussion or vote. This entire process will only begin to collapse once the citizens rise up and create so much havoc for these miscreants they will seek protection from law enforcement, but we must continue pressing the issue no matter their response.

    • J. Blair

      You don't need individual names, the only important name is the name of the group, "Damocrats", party symbol, Jackass.

      • Rose P.

        Great answer & I agree. Obama is the worst disaster that ever happened to the USA!

  • Ted Peters

    There's a silver lining here… the EPA has probably done more to ensure that Obama is a one term president than even the passage of Pelosicare.

  • CisscoKidd

    But, there is another thing. Speaking of jobs, whenever the economy IS able to create jobs, such jobs will usually be "earmarked" for "certain people" as we live in the age of "Affirmative-Action" here in the United States. Trust me, Affirmative-Action is alive and well and going strong–look at what happened in Michigan–

    For the most part, the subject of "creating jobs" has become a little laughable because of Affirmative-Action. Furthermore, Affirmative-Action has become both a normal and an accepted element of life in the United States. Which means, racial preference has become both a normal and an accepted element of life in the United States. Why?

    • pete0097

      As a white guy, I know that affirmative action has cost me a couple of jobs. I also know that minorities have lost a lot more jobs as a percentage than whites, so, although affirmative action is racist, they do deserve some of the jobs.

  • Wesley69

    Some things were skipped over in the teaching of US government, particularly the rule-making power of the Executive Agencies. In fact, most people would probably not be able to explain what exactly any of the Executive Departments and Agencies do. BUT THESE UNELECTED BUREAUCRATS MAKE GOVERNMENT REGULATIONS THAT HAVE THE FORCE OF LAW.

    "The EPA’s deception of the public is outrageous and it exposes the agency’s underlying zeal to regulate without regard to the consequences of its actions. EPA’s actions may very well put the reliability of our electricity supply in jeopardy.” A key quotation about the EPA.

    Since Obama was unable to get Cap & Trade through Congress, as Obama said, there are other ways to skin a cat. Using the regulatory and rule-making power of the EPA is indeed one of the ways. The radicals on the EPA are determined to reduce the greenhouse gases of the US, even if India and China are increasing theirs. They don't care about jobs being lost. That is of no consequence to them.

    Obama appointed these radicals, so they must represent his opinion. So when the President talks about job creation, as he has on so many an occasion, HE IS LYING. Whether the people of the US will hold him accountable for the rules the EPA makes will be determined in 2012.

  • fuddcat

    The regulations at every level are far beyond what is needed and we need some real common sense in dealing with the regulations – they are only creating more jobs for the attorneys and more money for them. These regulations do not create jobs – they deter any growth whatsoever

  • Don Rushing

    I honestly believe that Barry knows fully well what he is doing to America and it is on purpose. He wants this nation to be on the same level as Zimbawbe (a basket case).
    That , to me is an act of treason and he should be tried and convicted, with no mercy shown at all. That should be a lesson to all wanna be dictators that want to rule over

    • Dave

      Actually, you really should look at SOROS. Makes Maddoff look like a saint.

      Madoff is in jail and Soros continues to pull Obama's strings.

      Soros first buys tons of gold. Then, guy at S&P whose job it was refuses to downgrade Americas credit rating-SO HE IS REMOVED. Credit rating is downgraded by S&P OTHER AGENCIES SAY THAT IS INCORRECT AND DO NOT.


      51% of the population voted for OBAMA. That change tune was pretty catchy. Anyone to vote for Obama could not have asked CHANGE TO WHAT.

      It is time for another CHANGE-CHANGE BACK TO SANITY.

  • GhostWalker

    Why don't they just disband the EPA and all of it's cronies and subagencies? They are a waste of money and a waste of good office space.

  • Dav Langdon

    If you create obsticles for companies to produce things in this country, such as the Chevy Volt battery and oil production , those companies will build thngs elsewhere. We have no jobs because we do not make things here anymore, thanks mostly to the EPA which has always been a destructive force in our govt. Obummer can not harness the EPA right now if the restrictions on drilling for oil, all of the support jobs would be here in Texas and Rick Perry would benefit from that. That is quite a hole that this Ostrich has buried his head in

  • Graywolf

    The plan is working to perfection, kill jobs, make more dependent on the federal government, and create dunbocratic voters for the next 200 years. See the quote from LBJ on the welfare program and the "black", not his words, vote for 200 years. We have over a year to educate the masses.Remember they have the useful idiots on their side. FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT !!!

  • Tom

    Couple the EPA laws with "Obummercare" and you see the "death knell" becomes loud and clear for America as we have known it. More dependence equals more dummocrat voters !! We must stop this onslaught on our lives is we want to continue living in "freedom and liberty", especially for our children and grand children….

  • Bareknuckles

    OK folks, this is an old string but maybe I can get a word in to make a point. EPA is not some evil organization that goes on the junt to make regulations that kill jobs; EPA is comprised of Amercan citizens (aka, the "beaurocrats") that write and enforce the environmental laws of the land. The stessors brought to bear on specific industries are a direct result of who is elected and what that administration chooses to target. I agree that there is over regulation; there has to be a balance. But how about stop the demonization of EPA and start putting the blame on those that are driving the issues. Elections have consequences…..

  • Clifton Lee West

    Liberals are by nature liars. The nature of their beliefs drives and sustains this tendency.

    The liberal philosophies exhibited by many disconsolate, deluded individuals in the U.S.A and around the world are not viable in reality. I truly wish these philosophies were innocuous in nature; however, they are quite detrimental to the well being of the various peoples of the world. There are three reasons that liberals persist in their delusions despite said philosophies obvious detriment to the people of the world: ignorance, apathy, and greed.

    Many liberals are usually well meaning but highly analphabetic cretins who have been deluded into following unsound philosophies by their peers. The left is comprised of people of questionable intellect and little or no ability to elevate themselves above the mindless droning of the masses.

    Liberals practice beliefs and behaviors that are harmful to themselves and others. They do this knowingly but they simply do not care that their actions are harmful as long as they are allowed instant gratification of whatever they are feeling at the moment.

  • Clifton Lee West

    The upper liberal echelon consists of malicious power seekers who prey on the weak and ignorant while spreading their destructive filth for the sole purposes of prolonging their pathetic grasp on political power.

    Regardless of whether a leftist is driven by ignorance, apathy, or greed, they all have one thing in common: they lie. The ignorant liberal lies either out of ignorance or to preserve self-delusional beliefs; the apathetic leftist lies to excuse his lifestyle; and the malicious progressive leader lies to keep his power base apathetic and ignorant.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mose.eibeen Mose Eibeen

    Regardless of whether a leftist is driven by ignorance, apathy, or greed, they all have one thing in common: they lie<a title="JAMES" href="http//www.google.com">JAMES