Predictions for 2012

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This didn’t happen because demand has been so effectively diminished by the soft economy. When consumers cut back, one of the first places they look is miles driven.

Finally, we predicted, “insider Republicans by the end of 2011 will be well on their way to nominating for President a Mitt Romney or Governor Haley Barbour.” Haley Barbour stepped out, and Newt Gingrich stepped up but Mitt Romney has consolidated the establishment receiving endorsements from Bob Dole and George H. W. Bush.

Our prediction is that it doesn’t matter whether Romney, Ron Paul or Gingrich, is the Republican nominee in 2012, the GOP nominee is going to defeat Barack Obama. In future columns we will explain why we are bullish on Republican prospects.

The summer of 2012 will be more violent than the summer of 1968. Occupy protests will morph from hippies dancing to the beat of African drums into a mob tossing Molotov cocktails and burning buildings. Think the violence we see in Cairo and Athens is an ocean away? Don’t bet on it. Most occupy protesters are just uninformed dupes, but inside the leadership lurks hard core Marxists that haven’t let their dreams of violent revolution die.

Finally, MF Global is the start of an international bank run, and we haven’t seen the end of the panic. The global financial system is under a crushing load of debt, and it only takes a catalyst to bring down the house of cards. Don’t expect stocks and other financial instruments to have a good year.

Please make moves to protect yourself through diversification of investments and the ownership of some real assets including gold.

And remember your best protection is to think for yourself and not rely on the media’s current wisdom. The current wisdom is often the foolish belief of a generation ago. Remember when they said real estate will never go down?

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  • Rev. Roy Trepanier

    The uprisings in the Middle Eastern countries, the failing and debt-ridden nations of Europe, the imminent collapse of the American Empire, the religious fanatacism ruling Iran, Egypt, Syria, North Korea etc, etc…are all about at the end of their "fixes", "bailouts" and "schemes". When they "hit the wall", very likely in 2012, the shock wave will spread around the globe like a financial "Tsunami". Chaos, anarchy and starvation of entire populations will follow, as will wars by the "power grabbers".
    It has been foretold and prophesied for millenia. Look up and prepare to meet your maker.."every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God almighty". A word to the wise is sufficient. "Seek Him now while He may srill be found".
    Rev. Roy…<><

    • Asher

      Yes Reverend, Jesus, The Lamb who was slain is the only one worthy to open the Scroll and the seven seals, in Revelation 4:5, because his precious blood saved men from every tribe and nation, through his sacrifice on the cross. The Lamb will open the seven seals and the Judgement that is to come upon the earth. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are coming, you can hear their hoves approaching, The White Horse, (The Conquerer, , The Red Horse, (Representing War,) The Black Horse, (representing famine) and the Pale Horse, (representing Death), those who are not saved and do not believe will be left here for the Great Tribulation, and The Destruction of Earth.

  • StephenD

    What better way to usher in a tyrant. If you are putting food on my table and shoes on my kids feet and a roof over our heads, I am on your side. The rest of the population (the minority of "The Haves" will be forced into line).
    Not long after, Martial Law and forced labor to ensure continued goods for the masses will be the norm. We have excellent examples as to what to expect. Look at Cambodia, Soviet Union, China, Cuba, N. Korea.
    Yeah, for a few elite the future looks bright. For the rest of us, well, can you say “Soylent Green?”

  • laide

    let those who have ears hear what the spirit is saying .you cannot afford to turn deaf hears because you are a spiritual being

  • SpiritOf1683

    Prediction for 2012 – the chickens of 2011 will come home to roost. The fallout of supporting Al Qaeda in Libya, Egypt etc will become all too obvious. One yrear ago, our so-called leaders saw a golden opportunity to strut the world like peacocks, and backed the wrong side, despite countless warenings. Thanks a lot Obama, Cameron, Sarkozy etc. You've given al Qaeda and the Jihad the biggest shot in the arm since the fall of Constantinople in 1453. How can we expect to contain the Jihad when we cannot, or are too scared to control our own Muslim populations?

  • Amused

    To the Brown's – where on Earth do you get the notions that you eventually are given a venue for here on FPM ? More violent than ' 68 ? Do you mean the cops ? Sure OWS is silly and stupid in many cases but really , you're letting your REpo-Con Paranoia run rampant . Maybe you two are the new Manson Family huh ? Helter Skelter for the country in 2012 …gimme a break ! As for the FED , it can only do so much after the politicians and the greed of the plutocracy in this country have wrecked the economy .And ya know what ? They haven't changed a thing , Wall Street's up to its old tricks , sane regulation is still largely ignored BY BOTH PARTIES. And here's a NEWSFLASH !! Ya know what the NUMBER ONE US EXPORT WAS FOR 2011 ? OIL , refined oil . As for the Debt -WHERE IN THE HELL DO YOU GET YOUR FIGURES ?? 200 TRILLION !!
    Hey what kind of medication are you both on ? Are you appealing to people who have unplugged their brains ?

  • Amused

    As for predictions and your "journalism " ….Keep your day jobs!!

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  • 93Metro

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