Will It Be Goodbye for John Boehner?

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Maybe speeding bullet trains, and wind farms won’t look so great if it means Grandma won’t get her hip replaced. Maybe we will decide that people can get along without ethanol subsidies, sugar price support payments, or aid to Brazilian oil giant Petrobras. Maybe payments to the United Nations and National Public Radio will be less important than paying for food stamps, so poor people can eat.

As the Rolling Stones sing, “you can’t always get what you want.” but by being forced to set priorities, we are confident America will still get what she needs.

If John Boehner cannot stop needless negotiations that result in spending increases, he will be replaced by the next Congress elected in 2012, if he is even re-elected to his seat in Ohio. Americans are tired of the rhetoric and games from Republicans and Democrats. It is time to put our house in order, or to change the team in charge.

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    HE NEEDS TO BE REMOVED/RECALLED AND STEP DOWN NOW. A DISGRACE TO OUR PARTY—TOKEN $325 MILLION net reduction is like taking a PENNY our of a Million dollars and saying WE DID IT…..CRUEL JOKE HE PLAYED ON US ALL. Next test..the biggest of them all…A BALANCED BUDGET OR NO DEBT CEILING RAISED…Wanna bet what he does? Capitulates I say.

  • Patricia

    Adios Amigo Boehner!

  • BigJohn555

    I don't want the debt ceiling to be raised. I want the big spending to end. One thing we have to be mindful of is that it is for the congress to set budget priorities, bot the executive branch. If we leave this to the executive branch, i.e., Obama and Geitner, they will cut essentials, not socialist fluff.
    They would be much more apt to furlough the Border Patrol, the Treasury department that issues Social Security checks, or the Air Traffic Controllers than to cut foreign aid, social services to illegal aliens, planned parenthood, or money to Obama's favorite community organizers. If this doesn't create enough backlash from the Citizenry, expect to see an "elective default."
    Remember when dealing with these ideologues, "Nothing matters but their agenda." There is no honor, no love of country, no desire to do what is best for the people. lso know that those who do not know their enemy are doomed to lose to that enemy,

  • USMCSniper

    Boehmer reminds me of the perpetual loser Bob Dole, another teary man and accomodator of Democrats. No killer instinct in a battle for a nations survival is not a virtue.

  • Otto Scjhaden

    If Boehner sobs any more silly comments about some 'deal" which would allow an increase in the debt ceiling, he should be replacved IMMEDIATELY as speaker! The
    rest of the House members cannot and should not be allowed to hide behind Boehner's skirts! I believe Boehner should deman itemized budgets from The Holy One and the senate BEFORE he even considers any discussion of the debt or budget matters. His
    spine is mushier than that of an amoeba!

  • Jerry

    Boehner is a disaster. Today he came out agreeing with the Obanminator that oil companies are getting subsidies and that we need to cut back on them or take a look at them. This is a complete misunderstanding of subsidies. Oil companies are not paid any taxpayers money to do oil exploration. That is a subsidy. They get oil and gas exploration deductions or exemptions and thereby do not pay for that investment in oil and gas discovery. When the discovery occurs they pay taxes on the profits from producing the oil or gas.

    The oil companies that Obama demonizes are not the problem. It is him and the environmentalists holding us hostage to some small bird, lizard or useless fish that may be somewhere near the site of the oil or gas. We are not extracting our own natural resources but spending our money to buy it from Hugo Chavez, or the Middle East or some other tin horn country.

    That phony tan and the crying by Boehner are about all he has going for him. He needs to go now. He has no balls and will yield on the debt limit like he did on the spending cuts.

  • monika murphy

    I called Boehner's office this morning to tell him exactly what I've been reading here!! His minions got very short and edgey with me!! He is a spineless wonder and if we don't force him to do what we need he may at least admit he's a democrat or an elite RINO!!!He's just the other face of the same coin, LIBERAL REPUBLICAN!!!!!

  • Bill

    If John Boehner and the Republican House majority do not say, " NO ! " to the request for a debt ceiling increase I will work to have him defeated the next time he runs for any office. God bless America.
    Build the southern border fence, use deadly force on illegal immigrants, impeach Obama.