Al-Qaeda Joins the Syrian Rebellion

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Of course, al-Qaeda’s interest in the Syrian uprising is part of its overall effort to piggy back, however belatedly, onto the demonstration movements that have swept the Middle East in 2011. It’s a strategy designed to take advantage of the political instability that followed the fall of regimes in Tunisia, Egypt, and now Libya.

For al-Qaeda, its enmity toward the Syrian government is quite understandable given the heretical view Sunni al-Qaeda holds toward Alawite-ruled Syria and its Shiite partners Hezbollah and Iran. However, it should be noted that Assad’s Syrian regime has had a long, if not complicated, working relationship with al-Qaeda.

During the Iraq war, the United States military repeatedly accused Syria of being an al- Qaeda safe haven. In fact, at the height of the fighting in the Iraq War during 2005 -2006, most terrorists and weapons entering Iraq came through Syria. Moreover, it was reported in 2006 that Syrian Ba’athist groups were subsumed into al-Qaeda’s Islamic State of Iraq in an effort to hide Syrian involvement in the conflict.

When the US troop surge began in 2007 and severely decimated al-Qaeda’s Iraq infrastructure, the terror group moved most of its basing into eastern Syria. By 2009 a senior American military official said, “A major concern is that eastern Syria will begin to look like northwestern Pakistan,” where al-Qaeda joined forces with the Taliban and coordinated direct attacks on US and coalition forces in Afghanistan.

Not surprisingly, Bashar Assad repeatedly denied any Syrian involvement with any such Islamist terrorist groups, declaring as far back as 2007, “If you stoke [terrorism], it will burn you. So if we have this chaos in Iraq, it will spill over to Syria.”

Yet, despite Assad’s denial, the Syrian support of al-Qaeda’s war in Iraq was strong and unequivocal. However, by 2010 the relationship had begun to cool. That frost may have come with the realization by Assad that the presence of a large number of Sunni terrorists on Syrian soil, such as al-Qaeda, was just as dangerous to a secular Muslim country like Syria as they were to non-Muslim countries.

So, while Syria’s patron Iran continued to fund, arm and train al-Qaeda to attack American and coalition forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, Assad began a belated crackdown on the terror network. Unfortunately, to his great discomfort, the terror group has now returned with a vengeance.

The irony in all of this for Bashar Assad is that he has steadfastly maintained from the outset of the uprising against his regime in March that the rebellion was being led by a “bunch of terrorists.” For Assad, a man with no documented history of veracity, the recent entrance of al-Qaeda into the Syrian fray is the closest he may ever come to telling the truth.

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  • msmii

    Quietly Obama does a few things in relation to Syria

    Let’s recap the situation;
    For six months Baher al-Assad has been slaughtering sunni muslims
    At month five, Obama has said next to nothing about Syria while touting his success in Libya
    In contrast, he signed an executive order banning financial transactions, business deals between the US/US Persons and the government of Syria
    Yesterday the State Department tells US Citizens to leave

    Is this plausible deniability?

    • StephenD

      Visited your site. Well thought out post. This should be up for discussion on the evening news and commentary shows.
      As to Syria, I agree that we should be questioning why the US is essentially silent on this (as far as we can tell). I hope you're wrong but to date this Administration has done exactly what any anti-Israel Operation worth its salt would do.

    • Fred Dawes

      Its called the CIA

  • Larry

    Time for Israel to grasp the bull by the horns and make Syria's problems even worse. Dump the occupiers of Judea and Samaria the other side of the Golan Heights.

    • Fred Dawes

      WHAT Israel needs to do is tell the muslims to get-out or die by the millions.

      • sue

        they are all Mossad agents who are working as a rebellions. In all Middle EAst they are all spread in their countries and have equipped with heavy weapons to destroyed the peace in these countries, in this way country will be in unstable condition and Israel will have all control in their oil wells. This is Plan and USA helping them out their Operation Shekhina will succeed to get all oil in their HAIfa Territories and they sell oil to us in $5.00/gallon, Good job United States of Israel.

      • htt

        Instead all jews should be leave from Israel because there are 70% non Israeli in Israel and only 30% are Israel

  • mrbean

    Well, by 2012 election, the clandestine Muslim Marxist in the Whitehouse oval office and his post menopausal hag Secretary of State should have a full scale war going on in the Middle East with their incompetency!

  • BLJ

    I wish we would have an Arab Spring here in America and get rid of our Islamic leader.

    • Fred Dawes

      now that is a real idea.

    • hkjk

      Alqueda are Mossad agents which is stablished by Karl Rove with the help of CIA

  • UCSPanther

    Revolutions in the Middle have had a long bad track record. It was a "revolution" that created the Nasserite strongman era in Egypt (ending with Mubarak), the Gaddafi era in Libya, and even installed that demented theocracy that rules Iran.

    They ultimately aren't revolutions, but rather coups where a new faction of inmates take control of the asylum.

  • Flipside

    The guy on the left in the above photo is a Blackwater agent. Note the caucasian features, extra snug fitting balaclava, polo shirt, and wristwatch.

    • Anon

      oh and the ID badge too

  • 9-11 Infidel

    Its all about the rise of the Islamic Khalipha, nothing more, nothing less. Its comming down to a Sunni/Shia battle as to who fills the position of the Mahdi. Islamic eschatology says it will be a Syrian that leads that coalition. Could it be an Alawite? Or a Sunni? Iran or Saudi. Who will be the guardians of Islam and the chief benefactors of Filistinia? All the so-called Arab Spring revolution is doing, is replacing one despot with another. Only the replacement despot(s) will be theocratic slime-balls such as the vermin that currently inhabit Tehran. AQ vs Syria? Just another despot fighting another despot.

  • Fred Dawes

    Alex jones knew that on day 0ne. the Arab spring has always been a tool to use against the free people of this world and its not only the muslims are behind this little evil, here comes the third world war.

  • Imperialist killer

    since one has Iran funded Al-Qaeda? Al-Qaeda is at war with Iran. Iran funded the northern alliance against the taliban and al-qaeda they are also at war with jundullah, in their own country, get your facts right, this is basic knowledge

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  • bklki

    Strange Accusations of a Cyber-raven

    Le Figaro, October 12, 2007

    INTERNET The PJ (Police Judiciere) investigates an electronic mail that was sent during the presidential election to one hundred top responsible of the police force. The email affirms that Sarkozy, like Balkany, Lellouche, Devedjian and Aeschlimann were connected to Mossad. Did a dispensary want to destabilize Nicolas Sarkozy during the presidential campaign? An inquiry entrusted to the Police Judiciere (Judiciary Police) must establish this. At the end of March, 2007, in the 'last right' of the election, all departmental managers of the Public Security, around one hundred senior civil servants, were sent a strange electronic mail. The future president was bluntly accused of having been recruited in 1980s by Mossad, the Israeli secret service.The sent text comes in the form of a “synthesis “ of two pages. Its title is: « The infiltration of the Israeli Mossad in the UMP. Nicolas Sarkozy: the fourth man. » Above, a pseudo-logo of the "DGSE". « All this smells heavily of manipulation, with reek from the extreme right », warns a senior executive in the ministry of the Interior.

    According to the author of the email, in 1978 the government of Menahem Begin ordered the infiltration of the Gaullist party to make a kind of partner of it for Israel. The operation was set up by Rafael Eytan, an Israeli spy-master. « Three French citizens predisposed to collaborate » would therefore have been targeted: Patrick Balkany, Patrick Devedjian and Pierre Lellouche. Balkany is introduced as the leader of "network".

    In 1983, Patrick Balkany would have recruited the "young and promising" Sarkozy, the « fourth man of the Mossad ». The fifth recruit came to complete the implement in the 1990s: Manuel Aeschlimann, deputy-mayor of Asnières (Hauts-de-Seines). The cyber-raven affirms that this one is close to Sarkozy « and is in charge of establishing contacts with Iranian representatives in France ». A proposition all the more perfidious as his city of Asnières really receives a strong Iranian community.No traces.

    Embarrassed, the police at the time must have reported the contents of this strange email and the quality of its addressees in high places. Immediately, an inquiry was carried out diligently and entrusted to PJ. The policemen discovered that the message came from a cybercoffee in Vald' Oise.

    But the raven chose well the place from where to blow the whistle in a trade where anonymity is the rule. He chose a cybercafé where law does not impose to introduce papers to access computers and there was no video surveillance. No footprint and no trace of DNA could be exploited. The expertise of machines gave nothing. No more than the semantic analysis of the text.

    And the inquiry continues at the request of the Office of Public Prosecutor. At the risk of giving in this affair an importance which it did not deserve. This is the main reason they killed jewish in France to frame other religion. It was all preplanned.

  • jkhh

    you are an idiot and far away from the truth, when Mossad will come and get you then you will find the real life for your self when you don't even have a cloth,food,shelter, or anything with you, but black filthy place for you and torture like waterboarding then you realize how horrible the life would be of yours.