Al Shabab’s American Connection

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Included in this group are 14 Somali-Americans from Alabama, California and Illinois, arrested for providing material support to al-Shabab in August 2010; four Somali-Americans from San Diego, arrested on similar charges in November 2010; and Somali college student Mohamed Osman Mohamud, arrested for a failed attempt to blow up a van full of dummy explosives in Oregon in November 2010.

In fact, the seriousness of the al-Shabab threat is such that Attorney General Eric Holder was forced to acknowledge in 2010 that the routing of fighters and money to al-Shabab constituted a “deadly pipeline.”

Since then, the al-Shabab threat has been the subject of congressional hearings focusing on the growing radicalization of Muslims in America, including the indoctrination and recruitment of would-be-terrorists.

Led by Republican Congressman Peter King of New York, chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, the hearings began as a response to the marked increase in plots and conspiracies by American Muslim extremists, as well as the number of Americans attempting to travel abroad to train and fight with terrorist groups.

To address that issue in general and al-Shabab in particular, Representative King recently stated, “We must face the reality that al-Shabab is a growing threat to our homeland,” adding that no other terrorist organization has come as close as al-Shabab “to drawing so many Muslim Americans and Westerners to jihad.” To confirm that point, King charged that his committee has found over 40 American Somalis having gone to join al-Shabab.

Even FBI director Robert Mueller has voiced serious concerns that Somali-American jihadists may return to the United States and carry out a scheme similar to the foiled plot in Australia in August 2009 in which Somali-Australians attempted to carry out a suicide attack on an Australian army base.

In fact, the Australian episode underscores the global recruitment efforts of al-Shabab. In testimony before King’s committee, Ahmed Hussen, head of the Canadian Somali Congress, stated that al-Shabab in recent years has recruited dozens of young Somali men and women from Ottawa and Toronto.

When asked why al-Shabab would need to recruit Somalis abroad, given they have no shortage of willing recruits in Somalia, Hassan said, “It’s because they have aspirations beyond East Africa.”

While al-Shabab’s original and immediate focus has been to rid Somalia of what it calls an infidel presence and create a Sharia-based Islamic state, its long-term ambition is to create a global caliphate. The ambition to pursue global jihad became official when the group pledged its allegiance to al-Qaeda in 2010.

To that end, al-Shabab has internationalized the scope of its jihadist mission by utilizing the Internet to reach out to Muslims worldwide, heavily increasing the enlistment of foreign fighters, and expanding its interactions with other Islamist terror groups, including Nigeria’s Boko Haram, al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) and al-Qaeda in Yemen (AQAP). One of the fruits of that outreach occured in July 2010, when the group launched two suicide bombings in Uganda that killed 79 people.

Unfortunately, with its jihadist operation having increasingly taken root in the United States, al-Shabab’s next target may be much closer to home.

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  • guest

    How much money was flowing through the Muslim School in MN to them? It was called TIZA.. There were some documents they did not want in court. May be how much money flowed to terrorist groups. (The ACLU sued them, btw)

    What about all these other Muslim schools? What are they doing? Are they paying taxes on the money they pull out of our social systems that is being sent to terrorist groups? Apparently not.

  • StephenD

    Don't know what we have to worry about. CAIR will help us route out these "misunderstanders of the religion of peace." Sure, the FBI knows to remove their shoes when entering a Mosque because CAIR explained this to them. CAIR also is getting all Muslims in America to "cooperate" with law enforcement…pardon me, I just got dizzy from the absurdity of this thought.
    We cannot fight this if we don't name it. Islam is the problem. Enough of the P.C. crap. Call it what it is. Face it. Defeat it. Period.

    I've a friend in Lewiston, Maine where there is a growing Somali community that does not make any bones about not assimilating. They really don't want anything to do with America as we know it so we should invite them to leave, on us, one way.

  • Flipside

    Though Peter King served this nation well during Vietnam by joining the New York National Guard, I don’t think he’s the right man to preside over the Israelization of the United States. Does the United States of Israel need a Boss Tweed in power? I don’t think so. We should really just heed the counsel of Rabbi Yosef Kanefsky and Imam Jihad Turk and and stop persecuting Somalis for running yeshivas. That could only lead to intolerance against Jewish yeshivas.

    • Ghostwriter

      Please stop your anti-Jewish tirades,Flipside. They're getting old real fast.

      • Flipside

        It’s supposed to be tiring. Amercans have been forced to exercise their eyes, ears, brains and patience on this obnoxious global race war between Jews and Arabs. Now we have the mental abs to outcrunch you.

        • mah29001

          And you want whitey to be in charge like it was the "good old" days, right?

          • Flipside

            Oooooh. Did you just say Jews are nonwhite?

        • StephenD

          You speak as if you have soooo many on your side when in fact you are a legion of fools. If you stand on a soap box and yell does that mean to you that all who heard you are on your side? From one Non-Jew to another, you are a pest at best. Out crunch that you Dolt.

          • Flipside

            Look what happened to Catholicism when their organization panned out to be a bunch of child molesters. Can you cobble together an army of Catholics faster than you can cobble together a bunch of people on the street who don’t care about Catholicism or even more likely who think Catholicism is a big corrupt racket run by depraved goons? The same goes for Zionism. Either people don’t care about it or they know in short order that it’s that thing where Jews are killing Palestinians in a land grab. Most people don’t stand to benefit by it and just take it as a remote social ill.

          • Ghostwriter

            Wonderful,Flipside. You've bashed both Catholics and Jews in the same paragraph. What ethnic or religious group are you going to attack next? Not every Catholic is a child molester. They were a small group. You've proven to be an idiot more times than I can count.

          • Flipside

            Well, I'm still mad about the fall of Ancient Rome. NEVER FORGET!!!

          • Nick

            The catholic church didn't pan out to be anything but a community of faithful people going about to make a difference in the world. Just because all you do in life is read magazines and believe everything you hear, doesn't mean any of it is true. Don't be saying things you can't even prove or support.

  • Chiggles

    Can we send them home now?

  • Indioviejo

    Our immigration system is broken. The State Department's refugee program is warped, and we still have a lot of blind people all over the nation incapable of facing this threat. What is it going to take?

  • Ali

    We are more them 30,000

    • StephenD

      Who are "WE?" Do you mean folks that want to assimilate into the American way of life? Do you mean folks that want their children to know that they live in a land with a Constitutional Law and not Sharia? A place that holds dear personal freedom and responsibility and not one where they can hide behind fatalistic statements like "if it be Allahs will?" A place that, for a while longer, views humans as equal regardless of their belief system or GENDER? Is that what you have 30,000 of?
      Or are you telling us that you ARE separate and apart from us…by choice?