Gaddafi’s Weapons for Sale

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With Gaddafi’s regime near total collapse, fears have arisen over the fate of Gaddafi’s remaining stockpile of deadly weapons. Unfortunately, given the large amount of weapons already run out of the country by Libyan rebels, the answer is both clear and unsettling.

While Libyan rebels control most of Tripoli, Gaddafi’s regime still clings to life. American and allied officials are still uncertain as to who is currently in control of an arsenal that contains a deadly mix of conventional and chemical weapons, as well as raw nuclear material.

Moreover, while the Libyan Transnational National Council (TNC) is the officially recognized governing authority, enormous doubts exist as to its ability or even willingness to help secure those weapons.

The conventional weaponry in question includes Scud-B missiles, thousands of light and heavy weapons and some 30,000 shoulder-fired rockets. The potential loss of the shoulder-fired missiles is particularly disturbing given they are very portable, hard to detect and require minimal training. According to a senior policy analyst at the Rand Corp., they make an “ideal terrorist weapon,” especially when targeted against a civilian airliner.

Unfortunately, the exodus of shoulder-fired rockets has already begun. In April 2011 General Carter Ham, commander of the US Africa Command, testified to Congress that of all the tens of thousands of surface-to-air missiles in Libya when the NATO operation began, “many of those, we know, are now not accounted for.”

Equally disturbing is that Libya, which joined the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) in 2004, has reportedly still not destroyed all its chemical weapons. According to OPCW inspectors, when the uprising began in February 2011, Libya had only destroyed half of its mustard gas stockpiles. As such, approximately 11 tons of the deadly gas still remain, most held at facilities in Rabta, south of Tripoli

Furthermore, while OPCW inspectors sealed the depots containing the nerve agent when they left the country when fighting first broke out, OPCW officials say until its staff can get back into Libya they have no way of knowing if the security of those facilities has been compromised.

Finally, 1,000 tons of uranium powder, as well as large quantities of radioisotopes and radioactive waste, reportedly still remain in the Libyan city of Tajoura. According to Olli Heinonen, a former weapons inspector with the International Atomic Energy Agency, “if it [materials] ended up in the wrong hands, it could be used as ingredients for dirty bombs.”

However, at the present time American and NATO officials say that information gleaned from satellites and drones on the status of Libya’s chemical and nuclear stockpiles indicates them to be in control of what remnants are still left in the Libyan government.

Yet, some fear that news raises the disturbing specter that those weapons may be still used by some loyal Gaddafi holdouts in one last ditch effort to save the regime. As British Foreign Secretary William Hague has warned, “You can’t anticipate everything the Gaddafi regime will do. They are a vicious regime. They are in their death throes.”

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  • The Infidel

    Sadly not even a planeload of lefties getting blown out of the sky by these same missiles will be enough to change their minds, they will find that it was poverty, or lack of education, or of course it was all our fault for not folding and converting to islam, or becoming dhimmies. the poor jihadi has absolutly no claim to answer cause everyone else caused him to want to kill others. (sarc off).

    Given how things are going, there may not be much of the ME left after all the dust settles from the post arab spring party.

  • Gene W.

    Use the internet to research ‘Libya, man made river’ and how Kaddafi’s Libya was positioning to be independent and uncontrollable by the One World Governance (OWG) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) until the UN action stepped in [research Bilderberg, Council of Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission…]. Libya future agriculture, which was scheduled stating 2015 to be a major bread basket of Europe and Africa, is now decimated so UN can control food. What would happen if Libya positive trade balance from oil now added food supply? If the 80% Muslim UN desired to end starvation, it would have been. Food sent to Somalia more often rots at piers than reaches to the non-Muslim refugees.

    • palebunny

      Yeah I do know that for one thing he was willing to get rid of those weapons, while no other islamic country is. And #2 he paid hundreds of millions of dollars to build a water pipeline within Libya so that his people could have FREE drinking water, at his own governments or his own expense. He did not create more massive debt that would have to be paid by the citizens. Yeah he was a jerk who did bad things in the past. He has one son who is a human rights enthusiast, who was also helping to build Libya through business, etc., and he was the son set to take over in the near future. The TRUE moderate and freedom loving muslim. You know, that rare endangered species, the kind I've never really seen. But let's help Al Qaeda instead.

  • KingJefferson

    Wow, we helped bring this about with my tax-dollars. I'm sickened. The law of unintended consequences is immutable.

    • Raymond in DC

      One should *always* be cognizant to those "unintended consequences". Unfortunately, all the US and the others did was "watch". How difficult would it have been, given those hundreds of NATO sorties, to simply blow those weapons storage sites to oblivion?

      That some of those weapons have reached Gaza was acknowledged months ago. Heck, stolen Libyan *cars* have been smuggled through Rafah. A few SAMs in the trunk wouldn't surprise.

      • palebunny

        How difficult would it have been to just mind our own effing business? Out of ALL the arab countries to stick our noses into, someone tell me why they picked Libya!! I'll tell you why, oil AND WATER. They have one of the largest water sources on earth. FRANCE owns 40% of the worlds water rights, and they were the FIRST COUNTRY to start freaking out and demanding we 'HELP' the rebels. The first thing I did was laugh because I was waiting for them to demand help for Libya and it was so blatantly obvious they didn't care about the civilians, otherwise why not help Syria, or Bahrain?? Our government and NATO are protecting their own personal interests as well as the interests of some rich bitches.

  • old white guy

    question. if the idiot had so many weapons why did he not use them????

  • old white guy

    saddam's 500 tons of yellow cake was shipped to montreal canada.

  • Flowerknife_us

    Many presume the Government is shortsighted or ignorant of what it's policys are for or intended to accomplish.

    The general aboutface of Government policy after Pres. Bush became a lame Duck is frightning.

    Our Foreign Policy at this point is doing nothing more than removing the old "Evil" rulers for newer ones known to be far worse, with potential outcomes no better than Iraq and Afcrapistan-at best..
    The only major visable difference between the Two are the old one were not inclined to make war with Israel.

    Now, with the direct help of Uncle Ossama Obama- All the wee litttle people will have the toys they need to fulfill their true hearts desire.

    The Administration knows all about these weapons, their locations, their whereabouts and numbers? Knows both parties may use them or take them for other purposses? yet does nothing? Brilliant wouldn't you say?

    I seem to recall the comdemnation of the previous Administration when a Large weapons depot was left unguarded after the fall of Bagdad.

    Now-not a peep.

  • palebunny

    Are you kidding me? I'm not even in politics and I stated, to friends and family, exactly what would happen if we supported the jihadist militaristic rebels. They don't care about the Libyan people, they are al-qaeda trained power mongers. This will be our next war !! That's what they've been angling for all along. Nobody wants another war, so they help these guys and then threaten OH NO they even got mustard gas and powdered uranium, look NOBODY wants another war, but this time they could REALLY hurt American/European citizens. We won't quit importing through executive demand 10's of thousands of Somalians without the benefit of background checks, EVEN though are covered with so many Islamic militants and waging Jihad on America, so we'll turn your attention THUSLY.

  • Kandra Tubby

    Love this show! Cannot wait to see them LIVE!