Germany’s Rising Islamic Threat

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Not surprisingly, the rise in Islamist propaganda has coincided with the surge in Muslim immigration to Germany. Home to an estimated 4.3 million Muslim immigrants, Germany has Western Europe’s second-biggest Islamic population after France. Most of these immigrants hail from Turkey, but others come from Central Asia, North Africa, and West Africa.

One of the consequences of such a rapid influx of a large immigrant group has been the creation of a Muslim subculture in Germany, one that has become increasingly vocal in its desire to resist assimilation into German society.

To further fuel the anti-assimilation message, Germany’s Islamic preachers have not confined themselves to just German mosques but have embarked on a more public campaign to proselytize. As one German intelligence official said, “They (imams) used to hide in the mosque but now they are encouraged to be public. They show their opinion.”

To that end, this grassroots campaign has evidenced itself through imams using online videos and discussion forums to spread Salafism and a call for forcibly re-establishing an Islamic Caliphate across Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa.

In one respect, that effort has taken a foothold in Germany with the growth of Islamic arbitration, a parallel legal system used by German Muslims in which Islamic arbiters settle cases outside the German justice system. It’s led one German judge to comment, “The law is slipping out of our hands. It’s moving to the streets… where an imam or another representative of the Koran determines what must be done.”

In addition to the role Muslim immigrants play in Germany’s Islamist movement has been the added participation of high-profile, highly outspoken native-born converts to Islam. These converts, according to German officials, pose serious security risks for their ability to viscerally connect with young audiences. As one German correctional official noted, these converts achieve almost rock star status because “they are seen as tough enough to speak out in public.”

One such convert is Pierre Vogel, a former professional boxer, who converted to Islam and became an Islamic preacher. Vogel, who has suspected ties to Islamic jihadist groups, has made a career making speeches and online videos in which he rails against Muslim integration into German society.

Another convert is Denis Mamadou Cuspert, a former street gang member and popular rapper of Ghanaian decent who converted to Islam in 2009. Cuspert has been accused of inciting violence and unrest through fiery videos and speeches that document his transition from street thug to devout Muslim. It’s a transition that allows Cuspert to, as he notes, use his “voice for telling people the truth, and the truth is, jihad is a duty.”


Cuspert’s message, like so many of his Islamist competitors, has a long reach, evidenced by comments made by one online commenter from the Afghanistan-Pakistan border region who said of Cuspert: “The brother’s voice has reached the hearts of many people here, too.”

Unfortunately, the jihadist message also finds its mark closer to home. Such was the case when Arid Uka, a Muslim immigrant from Kosovo, claimed he was under the influence of Islamist propaganda when he killed two American soldiers in Frankfurt in March 2011. That assault marked the first successful attack by an Islamic extremist on German soil.

Unfortunately for most Germans, it doesn’t portend to be the last.

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  • Flipside

    Thanks for the plug, Frank. This is great stuff:

    It's great when haters pump the Hip Hop community. Can there be any greater recommendation?

  • crackerjack

    Germany's Islamic threat??? LOL.

    Not a single Islamic attack. No Islamic political party. Young Muslims more interested in a BMW and clubbing than in the Koran. Muslim immigration almost at a standstill while East-European immigration grows. Muslim businespeople pushing over 10% of national income and jobs.

    The Albanian Mafia together with the East-European Mafia are by far a lager problem than the Turks in Germany, while the biggest threat to the nation still stemms from the international finance industrie mafia with its US hedgefunds that in 2009 crippled the economy, destroying decades of savings and paralyzingindustry.

    • Tom

      It's about demographic conquest now. There is no need for them to bomb us when they can out breed us. They are in no hurry. Demographically, Europe in 25-50 years will be a totally different place. Belgium is already 25% muslim. This isn't a 'right' or 'wrong', left wing or right wing battle, just the reality.

      • crackerjack

        demographic conquest? LOL

        How isthis "conquest" planned and by whom? Are there an "Elders of Islam" out there somewhere shipping women to breed in Europe?

        An age old ploy creating a would be threat in a would be future in order to victimise a minority now. Same ploy was used against Jews in Germany in the 1930's. Goebbels preached inferior race, Islamobhobes preach inferiour religion and culture.

        • ziontruth

          Crackerjack? LOL

          "How isthis 'conquest' planned and by whom?"

          Doesn't need to be planned. Just needs to be believed as a religious duty by a sufficient number of people.

          "Same ploy was used against Jews in Germany in the 1930's."

          Nice try at the Jew–Muslim equivalence, but no cigar. Jews were blamed conspiratorially—a present-day equivalent would be the Bahais in Iran. The Muslims do their stuff in plain sight, and preach their intentions in plain hearing. Like Anjem Choudary (sp?) in Britain, or that famous quote by the late Algerian PM Boumedienne about the south (Algerians) conquering the north (France) by means of the wombs of their women.

    • Eric G

      "Not a single Islamic attack."

      USAF members SrA Nicholas Alden and A1C Zachary Cuddeback were unavailable for comment.

  • jacob

    Remembering how the BAEDER-MEINHOFF gang members were "disposed"
    of, I wouldn't lose any sleep over the fact of Germans being unable to handle
    their MUSLIM problem and I believe more in a back swinging pendulum there
    than anywhere else in the world….

    • Tom

      Don't forget that the Muslims fought alongside the Nazis in WW2, the Grand mufti of jerusalem lived in Berlin during the war and was great friends with Hitler

      • Dennis

        Tom, very good! Visit for photographs, details, etc that she has written about for a long, long time. I am fairly certain I have read somewhere that Sadam's BATHIST PARTY was a NAZI-like offshoot…could have been an FPM article!?

  • WilliamJamesWard

    We see that multiculturalism is a rather big downer in Germany these days and
    it is no surprise that leftists are behind the influx of Islamists and the attendant
    problems. No assimilation, well how does one become a German, by birth
    and that's it, you can become most anything but German, something very
    stark in their genes. What will the Germans do, revert to type and good bye

  • Dennis

    It seems some are awakening to the drawbacks of:

    1. POLITICAL CORRECTNESS: Some groups have greater latitude while other groups are condemned…guess which is which?

    2. ALL CULTURES ARE EQUAL: Really Now! I often wonder what will happen to the SPHINX, the PYRAMIDS, the ACROPOLIS, etc. in view of what happened to the GREAT BUDDHAS? Will VATICAN CITY and its Library disappear?

    3. OPEN IMMIGRATION: As long as the WELFARE STATE exists and supports those who will not work, deceive the system, reject the language of their new country, and demand all manner of special treatment, continued mass immigration will only collapse the hosting society-culture-nation FASTER.

    THINK OBJECTIVELY. What have we bought into and educated our children to accept?

    Why is it that countries that have the most wanted substance on Earth have not enabled their inhabitants to rise to the levels of advanced countries? What holds back their education systems such that they do not appear to be able to educated their children in advance science, engineering, biology, pharmacology, agriculture, aqua-culture, etc., but instead , their children are sent to Western countries to learn?

    One would think that a culture that claims all manner of innovation and learning dating back a millennium would be the envy of all others, but only in their minds is it.

    My answer: They have imprisoned themselves in a religious philosophy / belief and legal system and society / culture that is a THEOCRACY run by Luddites and dictators.

    As Lady MacBeth would say, "OUT, OUT DAMNED SPOT". As I would say, "GO BACK TO WHENCE THOU CAME". Take care of business back in your native countries.