How the Mullahs’ Terrorism Works

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As Iran’s state-run shipping company (IRISL) was being indicted for conspiring to funnel weapons to terrorist organizations, the Islamist Republic was hosting a two-day conference on combating global terrorism.

IRISL was one of eleven companies indicted in New York City on charges of evading US trade sanctions with Iran by illegally funneling $60 million through Manhattan area financial institutions in an attempt to supply weapons to terrorist organizations.

Moreover, according to a statement issued by the Manhattan District Attorney’s office, IRISL had also violated UN Security Council Resolutions by “chartering vessels to transport IRISL cargo containers of ammunition and weaponry from Iran to countries linked to international terrorism.”

In one specific case, the DA’s office noted that in November 2009, 36 Iranian cargo vessels found transporting “hundreds of tons of weaponry” had been interdicted en route to Beirut. As Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance stated, “It is alleged that this shipment was intended for Hezbollah.”

The timing of the indictment was noteworthy as it came only days before the Iranian government hosted a two-day weekend conference in Tehran on the issue of fighting global terrorism. In attendance were six presidents, several prime ministers and representatives from 60 nations.

Giving the event — entitled International Conference on Global Fight Against Terrorism – an international blessing was UN Secretary Ban Ki-moon. Apparently unaware of the IRISL indictment, Ki-moon said he welcomed the Iranian-sponsored conference as being “helpful in implementing UN resolutions aimed at combating terrorism.”

The conference agenda focused its time and energy on a robust and detailed denunciation of both the United States and Israel. Of course, that theme came as little surprise to those who had heard Iranian Foreign Minister Ali-Akbar Salehi say before the start of the conference that terrorism had been created by the West — in particular the United States – but it was “the East which was suffering from it.”

To solidify that point, Iranian supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei led off the conference by accusing the United States and other Western governments of having “a black record in terrorist behavior.” As such, he then called on Muslims “to confront and fight this inauspicious offspring.”

Not to be outdone, Khamenei was followed by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad who whipped up the crowd by that charging the United States had manufactured both the Holocaust and 9/11 attacks as a pretext by which to quash Muslims.

From there, the conference attendees heard from a number of other dignitaries and experts who spoke further on the Western role in fomenting terrorism and its horrific effect on the world.

Perhaps the conference’s foremost expert speaker on this topic was Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir, who addressed the forum despite being wanted by the International Criminal Court since 2009 on charges of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity.

For twenty years, al-Bashir and his totalitarian Islamic regime have conducted two campaigns of mass murder, mass expulsion, and mass rapes, first in Southern Sudan and then in Darfur.

Now, al-Bashir is launching a third campaign against Southern Sudan, despite a negotiated deal to allow it to secede from Sudan. Consequently, Bashir has — according to UN estimates –already expelled 100,000 people from disputed Sudanese areas in a viscous campaign of selected killings and widespread destruction.

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