Inside Kim Jong Il’s Death Camps

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North Korea has also vigorously engaged in ethnic genocide in its quest to maintain racial purity among its people. To that end, the North Korean government has systematically and brutally exterminated every child believed to be fathered by non-North Koreans (usually Chinese or Chinese-Koreans) through infanticide and forced abortions.

For example, pregnant women sent to North Korean prison camps have their babies aborted or killed because the fathers are assumed to be Chinese. According to a spokesman for the advocacy group Human Rights Without Frontiers, prison officials try to abort the babies through “forced abortion, torture, or very hard labor.” If the baby somehow survives, the general policy is to “let the baby die or to help the baby die with a plastic sheet.”

Of course, the existence of such a barbaric system in North Korea should come as little surprise given the sixty-plus year rule of Kim Il Sung and his son Kim Jong ll, crazed lunatics who have subjected the North Korean people to an Orwellian nightmare of forced starvation, gulags, and endless brainwashing.

Yet sadly, and not surprisingly, international attention to the North Korean gulag system and its corresponding genocidal abuses have been eclipsed by North Korea’s nuclear weapons program, its threat to regional security, and chronic food shortages.

So, to that end, a group of 40 Human Rights organizations has recently attempted to draw international interest by urging the United Nations to launch an investigation into crimes against humanity in North Korea. In particular, the groups have called for a UN inspection of the prison camps, as well as a demand that the North Korean government produce a list of those being held.

Of course, the request for UN action may not bear any fruit given the UN’s own lack of consistency when it comes to human rights. After all, this is the same organization that has had Cuba, China, Syria and until recently, Libya, serve on its own Human Rights Council.

That inconsistency showed most recently when the UN voted in August to launch an investigation into crimes against humanity by the Syrian regime of Bashar Assad for its savage crackdown on protesters, which has killed over 3,000 people. However, for some reason the UN seems hesitant to launch a similar investigation against a North Korean regime which has systematically killed millions of its people over a sixty-year span.

So, if the UN may not be the best or most effective route, then maybe the Obama administration can lend a hand and utilize the services of the newly created interagency Atrocities Prevention Board it established in August. According to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the Atrocities Prevention Board will “develop cross-cutting strategies to prevent atrocities and ensure… our government is warned about emerging threats.”

Given its continuous and long-standing genocidal assault against the North Korean people, the regime of Kim Jong ll will hopefully be the board’s first order of business.

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  • UCSPanther

    North Korea is a prison state, where those who are born into it never leave, except through death or escape…

  • StephenD

    Yet, we will hear China's exhortations about our own record of supposed "Human Rights Abuses" and never call them out for their adopted son (N. Korea). I'd love for a President that was able to "Man Up" and tell them, Russia, N. Sudan, Iran, and any other despotic regime, that we are aware and that they loose all credibility when they support such governments. We should be able to tell them to pound sand until they take decisive corrective action to address basic human rights issues. A President that believed in an “Exceptional America” would do no less.

  • maturin20

    Horrible, just horrible.

  • Chezwick_mac

    In a sane world, this despotic, outlaw regime that starves its own people would be removed by responsible members of the international community. But of course, it's not a sane world.

  • Guest

    Why would anyone expect the UN to do something about this? They have not done anything I can think of in recent history that went well.

    This is horrible. The only thing I know to do is pray for them. I do not believe we should use military intervention. They should be isolated, but again, that will only make the poor souls that much more miserable because we know the elite will not allow themselves to suffer.

  • g_jochnowitz

    Juche, North Korea's religion, is a sect of Marxism. Kim Il Song is God, but he is God the Son. Kim Jong Il is God the Grandson. God the Father is Marx. The world is unwilling to recognize that the cruelty of Marxism comes from the words of Marx.
    Kim Jong Il is a frightened old man. He is afraid of airplanes. We could tempt him to leave office by telling him he and his friends and family could live in peace in the United States (they could get there by ship). He certainly doesn't deserve to be spared, but it is more important to spare the innocent people he persecutes.

  • tony

    Maybe I'm a bit confused, so perhaps you can help me out. Didn't the Soviet Union collapse under it's own weight in the early 90's? What would have made us all happier? The easy way would have been to accept what Gorbie and the Soviets wanted. What took balls was to say no. Reagan knew exactly what he was doing. He knew very well that the Soviets were going bankrupt and that SDI would accelerate their demise. Every limp wristed liberal (I know, unnecessary modifier) out there at the time was whining like a bitch (liberal) that Reagan walked away from the kind hearted Soviets. So who turned out to be right my friend?

    • maturin20

      Gorbachev, my friend.

  • UCSPanther

    Anyone who has read Shakespear's play "MacBeth" will be struck by the accuracy of how the titular character in the play behaves once he steals power from his king in comparison to how real life tyrants from ancient to present behave once the paranoia takes over.

  • BLJ

    We have been fighting the Second Korean War along the DMZ since 1953. Anyone recall the USS Pueblo? These bastards have been getiing away with crap for 60 years.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    If the leftists continue to have place in our Government, the future of America
    may look like N. Korea but with idiots shouting out of minarets, Alle Oopp! all
    day long. We have a sick world and to take on all of the monsters would be
    a true world war………………………………………………William

  • Datou

    Leftists don't give a crap about human rights atrocities unless it fits their narrative of blaming anyone remotely to the right of them. Let's send Obama and every Dem & RINO in congress to one of these camps for a little education…

  • Citizen-Comrade

    You're just saying these things because you are all right-wing fascist conservatives who fear the masses. Progressivism is the future, live with it. All power to the people's vanguard! Hands off democratic Korea! Pass the Jobs Bill!

    • fisher

      Please be a troll…

  • kafir4life

    I suspect that Barack Obama secretly wishes he could be the Black KJI. It's the only way he's still in office in 480 days.

  • CRW

    The only thing that can be done is to carpet bomb the prison camp known as North Korea. Then maybe the ones who survive will get a chance at living for once.

    I'd prefer to delude myself into thinking this is all hearsay. I cannot go on living while knowing that such horrors exist and nobody can stop them.

  • maturin20

    You wonder how much longer such a cruel regime can possibly last.