Jihad’s Child Suicide Bombers

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Whether the increase in suicide attacks is a sign of desperation or not, the reality is that the vast majority of the bombings continue to be made by the most vulnerable. Unfortunately, as children make particularly good suicide terror candidates, they remain the Islamists’ favorite choice of human explosive.

According to a report by the Joint Intelligence Group at Guantanamo, child suicide bombers “are more willing to martyr themselves due to their lack of reasoning on taking innocent lives.”  That willingness to die is of course exploited by the militants through a variety of ways, including desensitization and brainwashing. As one Afghan official has noted, “They are made to watch video films, showing physical torture and killing of Muslims women and children …by what they call infidels.”

Like their adult compatriots, juvenile bombers are told that the rewards for performing such deadly deeds are great. One captured suicide bomber said he was told by his instructors that as a good Muslim he had a duty to defend Islam and that “as soon as I blow myself up, I will be in heaven and will get eternal peace.” Even the fact that a bomber may kill another child is justified by the Islamic trainers, who argue that those killed are “non-believers or children of non-believers.”

Still, despite the indoctrination, most suicide recruits are not trusted to complete their deadly tasks on their own. That is why the terrorist trainers ensure that most recruits are accompanied to their targets by a handler who leaves them to detonate their explosives. For those who display a change of heart in the process, the terrorists rely on the threat and use of violence to ensure compliance.

As Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton has said, the terrorists “purposely inflict violence on children to strike fear in those who oppose them.” That need to resort to violence to guarantee obedience comes from the fact that many recruits don’t come to the jihad willingly, but are the victims of kidnapping by the terrorists.

Willing or not, a suicide recruit remains a highly valued product. In fact, the sale of recruits has become a very lucrative business. The Taliban alone have reportedly been buying children as young as seven. As one Afghan official stated, “The ongoing price for child bombers has been fixed at $ 7,000 to $ 14,000; the price depends on how quickly the bomber is needed and how close the child is expected to get to the target.”

While 90 percent of the trained bombers are estimated to have been used in Afghanistan, it has been reported that 5,000 Pakistani children have received training on suicide bombing for use in Pakistan.

Pakistan’s interior minister claimed that of the 2,488 incidents of terrorism in Pakistan in the last two years — which claimed the lives of 3,169 people — most were the result of suicide bombings conducted by underage terrorists. The most recent attack came in April when two young suicide bombers struck a Pakistani shrine that killed 50 worshippers and wounded more than 100.

Of course, the fact Islamist militants would continue to use children in such a grotesque manner comes as little surprise. After all, these same terror groups have used children with Down syndrome and mentally impaired women as suicide bombers in the past.

So, in a world where underage suicide bombers are referred to by their terrorist handlers as “weapons of mass destruction or atom bombs,” and where children play a game called suicide bomber with the frequency American children play tag, it’s understandable that they will continue to be preyed upon by their malevolent elders.

Frank Crimi is a writer living in San Diego, California. You can read more of Frank’s work at his blog, www.politicallyunbalanced.com.

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  • PhillipGaley

    As here in this piece, the recurrent reminder of this tragedy in wasted lives is another opportunity to say that, our dilly-dallying around on the gratuitous violence and on the several declarations of war coming our way from that part of the world, is an open shame, . . .

    Fullness in conquest is the honorable response; and it is owing, . . .

  • SpiritOf1683

    Anyone who babbles on about 'innocent women and children' needs a lit banger stuffing up their backsides.

    • ziontruth

      As they don't value the lives of their women and children, the only innocents our side can take into account are our own women and children.

      A message to all land-concessionists, quietists in the face of a barrage of rockets, multiculturalists and any other dhimmis who would have their women and children live in the vicinity of savage beasts.

      • SpiritOf1683

        Exactly. It is only infidel women and children who are innocent. Our infidel kids don't learn hatred at school or see Jews as sons of apes and pigs. They don't believe they'll go to Paradise if they commit acts of murder, unlike in Muslim cesspools with 40% literacy rates.

    • http://www.Vicodindosage.info Vicodin dosage

      Al-Qaeda operatives in Iraq used butt rape to break young boys they used as expencable gunmen and suicide bombers. "But all religions, societies. They don't value anything that benefits life.

  • tanstaafl

    Not to long ago, Taliban headquarters sent out a memo telling unit commanders to stop taking young boys into their tents. Now look what they're doing to their former playmates.

    • The_Lord_Regent

      ARRRG! You got there first. Too true. Al-Qaeda operatives in Iraq used butt rape to break young boys they used as expencable gunmen and suicide bombers. "But all religions, societies, and belief systems are equally valid" Barf.

  • John

    If you don't value your children, why would you value anything else. And it's been clear for a long time they don't value anything.

  • John

    Allow me to rephrase. They don't value anything that benefits life.

  • LindaRivera

    The 1,400 year jihad is against God and God's Holy Laws.


  • Ghostwriter

    Using children as bombs??? How low are these people going to sink?

  • davarino

    Backwoods retreads. No dumb SOB ever won a war by committing suicide for his country. Eventually you run out of dumb SOBs

    I feel sorry for the poor children that have to grow up in a country of "men" that dont have the balls to carry out suicide missions for themselves. These are truely dispicable people

  • beckncall

    Bin Laden and all the brave Imans hide in a compound and mosques while 12 year old children are used to carry out their sick missions. Coming to a neighborhood near you!

  • http://world911truth.org Hubert Hummel

    Very convincing, nearly as convincing as the notorious nurse from Kuwait, crying about the babys allegedly killed by Iraki soldiers – a fake pretext used to send bombers which then REALLY killed thousands of babies! She must have thought of THESE babies to be able to cry.