Terrorist Jail Break

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With apparent assistance from Iraqi prison officials, 20 al-Qaeda insurgents escaped last week from an Iraq jail. The escape follows the completion of an investigation into a series of prison breakouts of al-Qaeda terrorists from Iraqi prisons — one that has revealed widespread complicity from the highest levels of Iraq’s government.

The latest jail break occurred last week from a prison in the central Iraqi city of Hilla, 60 miles south of Baghdad. In the escape, a gun battle erupted in which three prisoners and three guards were reportedly killed. Moreover, most of the 20 who managed to escape were al-Qaeda prisoners, many of whom were able to walk out of the prison dressed in police uniforms.

Unfortunately, breakouts by terrorists and militants from Iraqi prisons, often aided by prison or government officials, have become all too familiar. A recent report by the Iraqi Reconciliation Society, an organization that monitors Iraq’s prison system, found that approximately 4,000 militants and terrorists have escaped detention with inside help since 2006. Moreover, as Iraq takes control of jails previously run by the US military, prison breakouts have only intensified.

For example, in January 2011 in the southern Iraqi city of Basra, 12 al-Qaeda members, some sentenced to death, escaped a detention center. In that incident, like the one in Hilla, the escapees were provided police uniforms by prison guards and thus able to walk out of the compound unnoticed.

In May 2011, five members from the notorious militant Mahdi Army broke out of the Taji prison west of Baghdad as they were being transferred to another jail in the capital. Also in May, 17 al-Qaeda prisoners were killed in an attempted escape when being moved from an interrogation room on the grounds of Iraq’s Ministry of the Interior, purportedly one of the most secure facilities in the country.

The January prison breakout in Basra prompted the establishment of an Iraqi parliamentary committee to investigate the Iraqi prison system. As a spokesman for Iraq’s Justice Ministry said, “Most detainees are not escaping by themselves. They are being helped to flee due to the collusion between prisons administrations and low people.”

That belief was verified in June when the committee’s report was released and found that corrupt administrators, bribery and political connections were indeed the main factors behind the continuous series of prison breakouts, many involving al-Qaeda insurgents.

However, that general finding in the report seemed to evoke little surprise among some Iraqi officials. In reference to the May escape from Taji prison, a Justice Ministry official admitted that “weak and corrupted” administrators had let a large number of detainees escape.

Another government official, who wished to remain anonymous, told an Iraqi newspaper that prison officials and staff were susceptible to “political pressure,” adding there were prisoners with political connections who were “untouchable” while in custody and who were eventually set free because of those connections.
Still, one finding of the committee did raise quite a few eyebrows when it cited complicity in the prison breakouts having reached the highest levels of the Iraqi government, in particular, senior members of Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki’s office.

In reference to the January Basra escape, one committee member said, “There were high-level security officers connected directly to the Prime Minister’s office who were coming and going from the prison compound and who had no reason to be there because they had no formal involvement in dealing with those prisoners.”

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  • ObamaYoMoma

    Thanks for reporting on this. It will no doubt go unreported in the lamestream press.

    Those in our leftwing hijacked and co-opted State Department and military establishment that pushed these extremely counterproductive fantasy based nation-building missions in Afghanistan and Iraq will also no doubt ignore these inevitable outcomes of their stupidity because it is exceedingly embarrassing for them to say the least.

    Indeed, the last thing any of those mentally handicapped loons want to do is shine the light on exactly how incredibly incompetent and stupid they all are and as a consequence they will never ever learn from their unhinged major strategic blunders. Nor will they ever admit that they were wrong, since they have too much invested and too much is at stake.

    As a matter of fact, the only thing the mentally incompetent morons that pushed these incredibly counterproductive fantasy based nation-building missions in Afghanistan and Iraq managed to accomplish, was to help the Muslims in Afghanistan and Iraq to recover faster than otherwise so that they could resume pursuing their obligatory duty of fighting jihad in the cause of Allah against unbelievers to make Islam supreme sooner.

    We need to get out of both of these Islamic hellholes sooner rather than later because both of those thoroughly misguided and exceedingly counterproductive missions were based on fantasy-based political correct myths and unhinged assumptions such as Islam is a Religion of Peace™ being hijacked by a tiny minority of extremists.

  • mrbean

    Iran will invade Iraq and take over all the oil soon after the US leaves. This now becomes major problem for all of the Middle East the US too, because this would give tremendous power to Iran who in addition, will likely have nuclear weapons.

    • ObamaYoMoma

      The notion that we could lift up and democratize a Muslim country like Iraq, as if Islam is just another innocuous religion, was ludicrous. The notion that we could do it without also ousting the ruling Mullahs of Iran was literally insane.

  • JonRGuitar

    Well, does everybody feel good about all the blood and treasure we have expended in this dirt-bag country for nothing? Does anybody really feel that all this made a difference? Was all the dead and maimed lives worth it? I think NOT!!!

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Sadam's spirit lives on in death and destruction which will settle down to
    persistent corruption in later days when Iraqi's are being enslaved by
    a new and bitter dictator. Can we say we made any friends in Iraq, Afghanistan,
    Kuwait et. al., nope. Only where we can be used are we looked for and
    probably paid for and that is all it is with the exception that the blood of our
    people had to be shed when large weapons (shhhhhh!–nukes) would have
    paid for themselves in American lives saved………………………….William

  • http://www.contextflexed.com Flipside

    Oh no! Israel had better call for the destruction of 20 countries before these escapees throw a rock at an Israeli drone vehicle!

    • Amused


      • http://www.contextflexed.com Flipside

        Get on the horn!!! Warn America! They are going to set up a sharia zone inside one of the Halacha zones!

        • MixMChess

          There is no such thing as a Halacha zone. Nice try with the antisemitism ploy though.

          • http://www.contextflexed.com Flipside

            I have been to a Halacha Zone. Israelis purchased the Boston Common for Israeli Independence Day and subjected all non Jews to TSA screening. Only Kahanist terrorists were allowed. It sure was weird to see a steel barrier erected around Boston Common so that the highest bidder could lay claim to a public area to celebrate a foreign independence day and treat Americans like second class citizens.

    • MixMChess

      Israel has never called for the destruction of any country or peoples. Get a clue.

      • http://www.contextflexed.com Flipside

        Actually, they have: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Germany_Must_Perish!

        And before you trip all over yourself trying to say that Theodore N. Kaufman is not Israel, consider that the Der Judenstaat was published in 1896, the World Zionist Organization convened in 1897, and Germany Must Perish is THE Hasbara publication that precipitated the gold star policy in concentration camps. The gold star policy of concentration camps is what is always referred to as the definitive justification for Israel, and yet Germany Must Perish laid out the propaganda for Jewish genocide as a Mad Lib.

  • Amused

    Jail break ? Jail break !!! , this was no jail break , it was a sympathetic release of jihad brothers . WHO are we kidding ? Get the hell out of Iraq NOW . Get the hell out of Afghanistan NOW ! If these people want freedom , let them fight for it , we removed the boot heel from their necks , OUR JOB IS DONE .

  • Amused

    AND STOP ALLOWING NATIONALS FROM THESE ISLAMIC HELL HOLES IMMIGRATION TO THE US , while we pound the Mexicans who bear no ill will nor plans of destruction towards the US , they just wanna work . Yes lets systemize and control their entry ,so they don't have to die packed like sardines in tractor trailers or perish in the desert . Document them and let'em work .And KEEP THE REAL ENEMIES OUT !

  • tanstaafl

    Muslims are only loyal to Islam.9

  • Amused

    Yup , a short lesson NEVER learned .

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