U.S. and Pakistan: Sleeping with the Enemy

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New accusations of collaboration between Pakistan’s top spy agency and terrorist groups have cast fresh doubts over Pakistani resolve to quash Islamic insurgents. The allegations are the latest indication that America’s security partnership with Pakistan is deteriorating.

Pakistan’s alleged duplicity was raised in released documents detailing American concern over Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence Directorate (ISI) and its links to terrorist groups. The documents show that as far back as 2007, the US military considered ISI to be one of 32 “terrorist support entities,” organizations “which al-Qaeda, the al Qaeda network or the Taliban has established working, supportive or beneficiary relationship for the achievement of common goals.”

The release of the damaging documents was preceded days earlier in a stinging attack from the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Mike Mullen, in which he accused ISI of having close connections with the Haqqani terror network, an Afghan militant group based in the Pakistani province of North Waziristan.

According to Mullen, the Haggani — an organization with close ties to Taliban and al-Qaida insurgents — “is supporting, funding, training fighters that are killing Americans and killing coalition partners.”

Unfortunately, Pakistan’s loyalty in the war on terror is not the only American concern. Now, Pakistan’s counterinsurgency abilities have also been called into question.  That charge came in the Obama administration’s recently released bi-annual progress report to Congress on the Afghanistan war.

The report highlighted mounting frustration with the inability of Pakistan’s military to clear insurgents from northwest Pakistan, a failure which led to the report’s grim conclusion : “As such, there remains no clear path toward defeating the insurgency in Pakistan.”

Still, despite the report’s negativity, officials defended the administration’s strategic outreach efforts with Pakistan, insisting such a policy was vital to American national security interests. As one American official stressed, “The bottom line is that joint cooperation is essential … The stakes are too high.”

That being said, a bi-partisan rejection of a continued security partnership with Pakistan may be emerging on Capitol Hill. As Representative Gary Ackerman (D-NY) opined, “I doubt the (Pakistani) leaders are going to do anything except pursue their own narrow, venal self interests. I doubt the ISI will ever stop working with us during the day and going to see their not-so-secret friends in the terrorist groups at night.” For his part, Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) said the current relationship between the two countries was based on “wishful thinking and what I call irrational optimism.”

An example of such irrational optimism surfaced recently when Pakistan’s army chief of staff, General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, claimed his forces had effectively “broken the backbone” of Islamic militants in Pakistan.

The truth is the Afghan-Pakistan border remains a leaking vessel by which Islamic insurgents continue to flow through. In fact, the cascade of militants has heavily increased in recent months as NATO forces in Afghanistan contend with a newly launched Taliban and al-Qaeda spring offensive.

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  • Nit

    Interesting. Since US is ready to work with a entity, which US itself flag it as a terror org, why doesn't US directly deal with Taliban. If you can give them 10 billion dollars, the way Pakistan has received, may be you would have a favorable outcome.

    • Bloodroot

      Yeah. People made similar arguments about how to deal with facism. This isn't about one man, like Hitler or Stalin, however, it's a whole group of people: They grew up believing extreme religious viewpoints on women, people of other races and faiths, the expendability of human life (as long as it's in the name of God), and are happy to wage a lifetime of jihad against the west. Farming poppies and getting fabulously wealthy would be second rate to killing a lot of Americans to these people. Yeah, let's work with them. Forget it. There needs to be a generation of Pashtuns and Pakistanis that flatly reject religious life or religious arguments. There is no other way.

  • Amused

    Boy ! Is this a NEWS-FLASH or what ? ISI , has been instrumental in setting up the Taliban in Afghanistan , BEFORE 9/11 , the constant attacks on Kashmir , ISI warned Bin laden of the cruise missile attack during Clintons Admin . ISI knows and has known Bin ladens whereabouts .The Pakistani Govt . knows this and does nothing . ISI is intertwined in Pakistans Military , as well as its political system . ISI warns terrorist within pakistans borders of impending Pakistani Military operations against them . And our tax dollars are going to facilitate ISI . Pakistan is no ally , it is our ENEMY -KILLING OUR KIDS IN AFGHANISTAN . DUHHH !!!

  • Amused

    ISI is an arm of Islamic TERRORISM …and has been .WHEN are we gonna get it ? We supported West Pakistan in the 1971 Indo-Pakistan war .ISI knew of Bhutto's assasination .If anything INDIA should be our ally in that part of the world .ISI has even been suspected of involvement in the recent slaughter in Mumbai . WHEN , will we acknowledge this glaring duplicitousness ? Pakistan , the former West Pakistan, in its war with East pakistan , had as its directive to it's army ….to kill as many Hindus and Shia as they could …and THEY DID …1.4 million !! [conservative estimates ] until India intervened . For Hindus and Shia , the terrorism war started a long time ago .

  • Visitor

    Isn’t it amazing that same Haqqani group was freedom fighter when they were fighting against Russians and Americans undoubtedly supported them. Now the same group is a terrorist group. I don’t think Americans are that stupid to keep pouring money into Pakistan.

    To all of the above commentators, this game is beyond you, don’t stress yourselves out and watch the game. With comments like this you ate embarrassing yourselves. You have to get out of the hole you are living in to understand this game.

  • Dieter

    When Pakistan Intelligence Agency (ISI) was limiting terrorist attacks on India it did not sting the USA. When Pakistan Intelligence Agency expanded their targets to The Haqqani Network it began stinging the USA. Pakistan always was and is and will support terrorism as a state policy.

  • Fred Dawes

    Kids yes the boys in both the Chinese government And the ISI are our enemies both have the same goals and keep score on how much damage that both can do on the USA.

  • jim

    When will the world wake up to the actual great game nick(named as war on terror) being played by the US and its lowly puppets like India to capture and exploit world resources..

    • Hermes Epicureous

      Lowly puppets like India? It's Pakistan stupid!

  • Hermes Epicureous

    Bluntly put, the white guys are too dumb to see the obvious duplicity of the terrorist state of Pakistan. The whites have given Pakistanis a 'carte blanche' to commit Jihad worldwide, aided by burgeoning economic aid (mostly from from U.S. and U.K), and F-16's, Drones, AWAC's, C5 transport behemoths, night vision goggles, attack helicopters, etc., foolishly donated by the U.S. lawmakers.

    Nixon, Kissinger, Carter, Reagan, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Obama, Eric Holder, John McCain, John Kerry, Lind"Sissy'" Graham, Conyers, and a host of other Pakistan-friendly congressmen and senators have, over the past six decades' actively nurtured, bolstered, and financed this bastion of terrorism, commonly known as Pakistan.

    The evidence against Pakistan could not be more damaging or more clear-cut, but thanks to the boundless imbecility of whites, America's perverse love affair with Pakistan will continue to thrive like a turd blossom. So, brace yourselves for more murder and mayhem originating in Pakistan.