Voices of Palestine: Abbas Zaki

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Editor’s note: Below is the latest profile of Frontpage’s new series, “Voices of Palestine,” which will illuminate the core beliefs, in their own words, of leading figures in the Palestinian death cult. Click the following to view the profiles of Ahmad BahrMahmoud al-ZaharIbrahim MudayrisYasser GhalbanHaj Amin al-HusseiniWafa al-BisMahmoud AbbasAhlam Tamimi, Yassir Arafat (Part I and Part II), Abdallah JarbuSheik Ismail Aal RadhwanAbdel Aziz Rantisi, Yunis Al-AstalFathi HamadKhaled Mash’al and Ismail Haniya.

Abbas Zaki, former PLO envoy to Lebanon and current member of Fatah’s Central Committee, has spent his entire political career championing the PLO’s efforts to destroy the Jewish state of Israel.

Moreover, Zaki has not confined his animus to Israel alone, but has directed it also at the United States, a country which he considers “to be an enemy because its only strategic alliance is with Israel.”

Zaki (born Sharif Ali Misheal in Hebron in 1943) began his career in 1962 when he joined Fatah, the largest political faction within the Palestinian Liberation Organization. In 1982 Zaki was named by Yasir Arafat as the PLO’s envoy to Yemen, a position he held until he was expelled from that country in 1986.

From there Zaki spent the next three years at the PLO’s Tunisian headquarters, where he was an assistant to Mahmoud Abbas, then head of the PLO’s department of national affairs and now president of the Palestinian Authority (PA). By 1989 Zaki joined the Fatah Central Committee, the highest decision-making body of the PLO.

Following the assassination of Lebanese Prime Minister Rafic Hariri in 2005, Zaki was named the PLO representative to Lebanon, a post he held until he was forced to resign by PA President Mahmoud Abbas in 2009. He is now a central committee member of Fatah, the leading member party of the PLO and the PA.

Zaki has used his varied political roles to promote, among other things, the PLO policy of negotiating while engaging in terrorism; support of suicide bombing attacks on Israeli civilians; and repeated rejections of Palestinian independence based on a two-state solution.

For example, in November 2008 Zaki said the PLO views Israel as an enemy country, which owes us certain things. The heroic Vietnamese used to negotiate with the French, while they were slaughtering them.”

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  • StephenD

    “If one says that one wants to wipe Israel out… C’mon, it’s too difficult. It’s not [acceptable] policy to say so. Don’t say these things to the world. Keep it to yourself.”
    And the world says to Israel “go sit down at the table and make peace.”
    I tell you openly I want to kill all of your bloodline and wipe away any remnant of you. Will you now attempt to speak to me of peace? You would be a fool.
    You would be wise to destroy me before I have a chance to fulfill what I have vowed to do. Let the world wring their hands and lament…after the fact.
    Viva Israel!

  • Ghostwriter

    Another wacko from Palestine! Gee,what a surprise!

  • Ben

    Everybody knows that Islamists are liers as all extremists and Israel`s enemies of course know tis too.Everybody but leftist Jews in the world and in Israel.These facts means nothing to these people.Their`s endless bla about Hamas` talks.

  • mjazz

    Basically saying what Arafat said, yet we continued to let him steal billions.

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