Voices of Palestine: Yasser Ghalban

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In Afghanistan, American and NATO coalition forces are scheduled to withdraw by the end of 2014, despite the fact that a weak and corrupt Afghan government shows no signs of being able to fend off both the Taliban and al-Qaeda.

Since 2002 over 500 of Guantanamo Bay’s prisoners have been voluntarily released, with a reported 87 having gone back to join the jihad. Moreover, Attorney General Eric Holder has recently said that the Obama administration is still committed to its efforts to close the detention facility “as quickly as possible.”

Finally, increased Muslim immigration to the United States and Europe have produced swells of Muslim communities that are highly resistant to assimilating into their newfound homes, the result being an explosion of Sharia-controlled communities and courts.

While Yasser Ghalban’s fate may have been sealed, his vision of where Israel and the West is headed is still alive and well among the many Palestinians who carry on his legacy.

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  • StephenD

    You really gotta feel for these poor guys. After all, they have a Jihad to conduct on the personal level AND against the Universe! That's a tough nut to crack! They need to "Crush" Israel, America, Rome and Britain. They plan to "rule" the nations while they can barely get out of the caves themselves! When the wearing of desert garb becomes a mandatory measurement of your spiritual state, you’ve got a lot of traveling to do to get to be on top of the food chain.
    All I can say is, with such lofty goals…I’m glad I ain’t one of them!

  • PhillipGaley

    "We will do this and we will do that, . . .", was is 1912? The loss of the Titanic changed mankind—at least, those of the civilized world:

    As a supposed philosophical underpinning, until that time, "We will do this and we will do that, . . ." was much more in vogue; but with particularity, among the builders—the scientists and the architects—to my knowledge (little that store may be), none of the builders has express his own stamp of approval upon his own work immortalized in: "Why, G0D himself, couldn't sink this ship."—some, who suppose themselves as religious do it, but not anyone of common sense, least of all, any of the builders.

    And, there comes a necessary meekness, even a humility, in recognizing oneself as a mere man, after all, and somewhat at the whim of universal force. But hopefully, you'll never have a wife who tells you: "You're just a man.".

    But, the Moslems—and not under the Civil law, hence, "uncivilized" and "barbarians" not surprisingly—have never heard of the that.

    The G0D of the Jews has it: "Let not he who putteth on his armour, boast as he who putteth it off."—just because.

    Upon inspection—and, not just in making a meal—we find there to be a necessary order and arrangement of things; and, without the power of knowledge to set one thing right, we're justified in reasoning that, maybe, he won't be able to get another thing right, and the whole then, to be weak and failing.

    This: "We will rule the nations, . . ." and on and on, this Yassar Gahlban and his ilk, I sure hope that, the arithmetic of life still works, and that, iron will still be strong, and that, as has been so, pride will continue to precede one's own fall and, haughtiness before entire destruction.

    I sure hope so, . . .

    I sure hope in the G0D of the Jews, . . . and that, Arabs too, might abandon the vaporous notions of some Allah, somewhere, . . .

    Many there be, I think, who will agree and say that, continuing in the Titanic arrogance of that earlier time, the world of that day could not have progressed into the bright world which we now enjoy.

    In the same wisdom, I see (if for the view of a toothless old man on a bicycle) no way whatever for the world to progress into a bright future, as saddled with the dis-jointed and otherwise backward and prideful and nasty mentality in which Islam resides, . . . holding mankind in the weak-mindedness of an institutionalized sensuality and foul distraint, . . . beginning with women, . . .

    May G0D soon deliver us from such, . . .

    • StephenD

      Well stated. I join you in your prayer. May I point out that the Titanic wasn't the first example. The Tower of Babel comes to mind and we know the results of that.

    • johnnywoods

      Before they conquer the USA and Israel by Allah`s will they might like to confer with JEHOVAH first as I am sure HE will have something to say about that. I just cannot stop laughing at these buffoons.

  • Marty

    And these are the leading lights of islam. All that muslims can produce is hatred and genocide. That is all there is to islam and it is why western civilization should avoid hoping for or consideration of compromise and the application of reason with islam. Neither will be reciprocated.