Voices of Palestine: Yunis Al-Astal

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During the Al-Aqsa Intifada (2000-2004), the Al-Qassam Brigades killed over 1,000 Israelis and wounded nearly 4,000 others, with 553 victims coming from the group’s 61 “martyrdom operations.”

Many may view suicide bombings as nothing but a moral, ethical and religious abhorrence, but for Hamas they remain justifiable and celebratory acts. That barbaric viewpoint has been chillingly expressed by a number of Hamas leaders over the years, and few have done it with more zeal than Al-Astal.

In a 2007 interview on Hamas-controlled Al Aqsa TV, Al-Astal put his genocidal oratorical talents on display when he gave an impassioned thumbs up to the glory of exploding oneself in order to kill innocent people:

The most exalted form of jihad is fighting for the sake of Allah, which means sacrificing one’s soul by fighting the enemies head-on, even if it leads to martyrdom. Martyrdom means life next to Allah.

Each and every boy and man, and each and every girl and woman, is a potential martyrdom-seeker. The enemy should know that we are prepared to wear explosive belts, and to throw ourselves in the midst of the enemy, in order to make them taste the evil consequences of their deeds. They should know that they have no other choice – either they leave or they will die, even if it takes a long time.

Females, in particular, who choose life as a suicide bomber receive additional benefits. According to Al-Astal, being a human explosive affords women an opportunity to exercise freedoms unavailable to most contemporary Muslim women:

When jihad becomes an individual duty, the husband’s permission or consent is not required …Jihad is a duty, and so is wearing a veil, but the duty of jihad is ten times greater than the duty of wearing a veil.

In fact, Al-Astal was quick to point out that Muslim women have a special calling to serve as martyrs, one that has deep Islamic roots:

In many cases, women participated in combat, especially if the Islamic army was weakening, and you could see that the enemy was about to gain the upper hand…Safiyya, the aunt of the Prophet Muhammad, used a pole to kill a Jew in the Battle of the Trench…History has recorded, in shining letters, the fact that Al-Khansaa sacrificed her four children at the battle of Al-Qadisiyya. She inflamed their emotions and she herself incited them to fight until they attained their martyrdom, and then she thanked Allah for honoring her with the killing of them all.

So, given the sacrificial role they have played in Islam throughout the ages, it came as no surprise to Al-Astal that today’s generation of Muslim women have successfully picked up the martyrdom banner:

In the second Al-Aqsa Intifada, female martyrdom-seekers emerged. These are young women, in the prime of their life, at a time when girls like these think only about jewelry and preparing for marriage. Nevertheless, they went to their martyrdom, advancing head-on with a great fighting spirit. This intifada of ours has recorded more than 15 exemplary cases of girls who were martyred for the sake of Allah. But not before making the Jews – the brothers of apes and pigs – taste the bitterness of death.

Death for Jews is not only bitter, but pre-ordained, according to Al-Astal, as he made clear in an interview on Al-Aqsa TV on May 11, 2011:

The [Jews] are brought in droves to Palestine so that the Palestinians – and the Islamic nation behind them – will have the honor of annihilating the evil of this gang. All the predators, all the birds of prey, all the dangerous reptiles and insects, and all the lethal bacteria are far less dangerous than the Jews.

In just a few years, all the Zionists and the settlers will realize that their arrival in Palestine was for the purpose of the great massacre, by means of which Allah wants to relieve humanity of their evil.

Of course, exterminating the Jews is just the first step in Allah’s grand plan, as Al-Astal explained:

When Palestine is liberated and its people return to it, and the entire region, with the grace of Allah, will have turned into the United States of Islam, the land of Palestine will become the capital of the Islamic Caliphate, and all these countries will turn into states within the Caliphate. When this happens, any Palestinian will be able to live anywhere, because the land of Islam is the property of all Muslims.

Having purified the entire region for Islam, the final step would be the creation of a worldwide Islamic Caliphate, the details of which Al-Astal had given years earlier in an interview on April 11, 2008, on the occasion of Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to Jordan and Israel.

Allah has chosen you for Himself and for His religion so that you will serve as the engine pulling this nation to the phase of succession, security and consolidation of power, and even to conquests through da’wa and military conquests of the capitals of the entire world.

Very soon, Allah willing, Rome will be conquered, just like Constantinople was, as was prophesized by our Prophet Muhammad. Today, Rome is the capital of the Catholics, or the Crusader capital, which has declared its hostility to Islam, and has planted the brothers of apes and pigs in Palestine in order to prevent the reawakening of Islam – this capital of theirs will be an advanced post for the Islamic conquests, which will spread through Europe in its entirety, and then will turn to the two Americas, and even Eastern Europe.

Perhaps recognizing that he would not live long enough to see the fruition of that Islamic dream, Al-Astal then passed on the jihadist torch to a new generation:

I believe that our children, or our grandchildren, will inherit our jihad and our sacrifices, and, Allah willing, the commanders of the conquest will come from among them.

Today, we instill these good tidings in their souls – and by means of the mosques and the Koran books, and the history of our Prophets, his companions, and the great leaders, we prepare them for the mission of saving humanity from the hellfire at whose brink they stand.

Unfortunately for the rest of us, thanks to Yunis Al-Astal, that Islamic mission to conquer and “save” humanity won’t lack willing volunteers.

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  • myohmy

    Are people like Al Astal who recruit, train and send out suicide bombers to murder innocent people any less guilty than the drug lords who's soldiers kill innocent people with their guns and drugs? Why oh why does the world continue to pretend that these islamic terror bosses are somehow to be respected and given free reign to run their murderous operations as if they're immune from the law? THIS PRATICE OF ALLOWING A SO CALLED RELIGION TO TEACH JIHAD IS INSANE. Islam is a cancer on the soul of humanity. Islam should be banned…. people like Al Astal should be arrested and jailed forever.

    • StephenD

      If we use the logic of the current Administration he isn't fomenting hatred toward Jews and promoting suicide murders he is merely “promoting parochial respect of ones historical forbearers and encouraging self sacrifice for the good of all."
      Hey, if Ft. Hood is “Workplace Violence” and Little Rock is a “Drive By” then what this guy is saying is commendable. He is fostering respect for his ancestors and encouraging citizens to give of themselves.

  • Ed Frias

    Why is Thomas Friedman and the NY Slimes not talking about the evil of Islam.

    • ziontruth

      Because they are themselves possessed by the evil of Marxism.

  • Ed Frias

    Thomas Friedman will probably call him a moderate.

  • Marty

    What would be wrong with the extermination of hamas? Haganah azmit is Hebrew for self-defense. Israelis do not have to wait for hamas cowards and thugs to slaughter them. Pre-emption is a time honored policy of eliminating sociopaths before they can do any harm to real human beings. Jews and other minorities thought they could make the germans see reason and the Holocaust occurred anyway. The intifada is simply the beginnings of a second holocaust. Most Israelis understand this; most Americans need to do so since they are the next target of islamic jihad and genocide.

    • randy

      America already had a genocide when the christians came and wiped out the natives. The left overs were rounded up and put on reserves. The christians should be eliminated.

      • ziontruth


  • Ghostwriter

    Another Jew hating monster. Those like Flipside would love that. Right now,his small heart swells with happiness when he reads those hideous comments by Al-Astal and those like him.

  • Freedom John

    OK, so I have a question for this POS. Why don't you follow the example of your teaching and blow yourself up , or are you one of those cowardly types that are "do as I say" instead of "do as I do." Besides if you blow yourself up you're just one less piece of human garbage muddying up what could otherwise be a beautiful and peaceful world. Make us all happy.