The Arab World’s Uncertain Future

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The recent popular uprising and military coup in Egypt have caused the historic and involuntary departure of the country’s 30-year dictator, Hosni Mubarak. His removal from power, and the earlier departure of Tunisia’s dictator, Ben Ali, marks the beginning of a new, uncertain period throughout the region.  Arab people are purportedly demonstrating for freedom and democracy.  If they are not careful, tyranny and Islamic religious repression will be what they get, with war the inevitable outcome. President Obama must, therefore, urgently devise new strategies to effectively mitigate dangers to peace and security emanating from these uprisings.

Iran’s non-Arab religious dictator, Ayatollah Khamenei, describes recent events as an “Islamic Awakening.”  He would like nothing better than to expand the Shiite Islamic Revolution to more Arab countries, which, despite their many leadership shortcomings, have served as a bulwark against the Iranian Islamic model and that country’s caliph aspirations.  Others, like some members of the Islamist transnational Muslim Brotherhood movement, advocate canceling peace treaties Egypt and Jordan have with Israel, creating Islamic Arab states, and installing Sharia law.  Sharia, among other things, totally subordinates women and mandates many other human rights violations.

The Arab world contains about 350 million residents (the vast majority are Sunni Muslims).  It currently consists of 21 nations plus the West Bank and Gaza areas, spread mostly throughout the Middle East and North Africa, and includes oil rich Arab Gulf areas and the Suez Canal.  Egypt is its most powerful and populated country with a 450,000 man active duty military and 80 million residents.  The Arab League, founded and headquartered in Cairo, is a voluntary association of those governments, intended to strengthen, coordinate and promote member ties, policies, and interests.

However, in 65 years of existence, the Arab League has consistently failed to satisfactorily address festering “Arab Street” problems.  Most Arabs suffer from oppression, poverty, illiteracy, genocide, and locally bred terrorism.   And the persons most responsible for perpetuating these conditions are an assortment of authoritarian rulers, terror groups, and Islamic extremists.  Some of the prime factors prompting Arabs to demonstrate against their governments follow:

Freedom House reported in 2010 that none of the Arab leaders provide their citizens with the full panoply of political rights and civil liberties to qualify as truly free states.   And none of the members provide the necessary legal environment, political influences, and economic conditions to guarantee that news provided by national media outlets has been fully accessed, objectively reported, and accurately disseminated to qualify as having a truly free press.

The average annual income of Arab world residents is $8,000, which is about 30 percent less than the global average, and despite enormous wealth in some Arab countries like Bahrain, Kuwait and Qatar, where the per capita income is $40,400; $51,700; and $145,300 respectively.  Conversely, people in places like Comoros, Somalia and Sudan have average incomes ranging between $2 and $6 per day.

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  • Wesley69

    I would submit that Obama is interested in the revolutions in the Mideast, BUT HIS IS A TOTALLY DIFFERENT AGENDA.

    In the book, THE ROOTS OF OBAMA'S RAGE, by DINESH D'SOUZA, I believe one can get an understanding of how Obama's mind is working and it is not good for us.
    It is not incompetent execution of policy. While it is a policy of appeasement, it is more.

    D’Souza makes an interesting observation. In Obama’s first book, DREAMS FROM MY FATHER, Barack Obama Sr. believes that the colonial powers of Britain, France and others owe their wealth and power to the native populations that they have crushed, robbing them of their natural resources. When Britain and France faded after WWII, the strongest colonial power became the United States. It is the new oppressor. The dreams of the father became the dreams of the son.

    Obama is determined to humble the United States, wringing the colonial ideas and components from it. Hence his hatred for the rich, the corporations, the banks, which he feel didn’t get their wealth fairly, but on the backs of others.

    His treatment of US allies – they are colonial powers and are guilty of the same crimes as the US. Israel is a creation of the imperialists, hence Obama has no sympathy for it. Think about it, when has the President ever supported a resolution condemning Israel for its settlements in the West Bank????? Yet, he demands nothing of thePalestinians. His attempt to extend Constitutional Rights to Terrorists???????? Whose side is he on????

    Obama's support for the Mideast revolutions – he does not care about a democratic outcome. He wants to see the pro-Western government overthrown or at least questioning their alliance with such an ally. Yet, Obama is clever, by hiding behind the call for human rights, he achieves his objective, a containment of the largest ROGUE STATE – that being the US.

    I recommend this book. It is a fantastic and easy read. It has opened my mind about Obama and provides me with a rational for what he is doing But as D’Souza points out, the US is being governed by the dreams of an anti-colonial Luo tribesman of the 1950’s.


      Wesley69's post is RIGHT ON TARGET!
      One shouldn't be surprise to hear BO gleefully say, "I LOVE IT WHEN MY PLANS COME TOGETHER" ; YoHo Obamaroid and his 100 millions of thieves.


        Wesley69's post is RIGHT ON TARGET!
        Regarding The Arab World’s Uncertain Future, we who are Bible and Jehovah God believers and thus who belong, lock stock and barrel to the Lord, fail to see how one could conclude the future of the Islamic/Muslims to be in question . . . and believe it certainly will not include the advertised prize that include a harem of virgin girls and young boys as reportedly promised but quite the contrary: facilities justly deserved and conveniently provided for eternity, especially prepared for each of those whose god is Satan regardless of the 'brand of religion' claimed. .

  • Robert Laity

    "Caliph" Obama is ushering IN "Dar-el-Salaam". Obama is NOT the POTUS and is a radical Islamic supremacist. Wise up People:
    See 18USC,Part 1,Chapter 115,Sec.2381

  • Dalila Gilroy

    Could hardly have mentioned it better myself.