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2011 Restoration Weekend Photo Album

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Below is a photo album of David Horowitz​’s Restoration Weekend that just transpired in West Palm Beach, Florida (Nov. 17-20, 2011):


Grand Welcoming Reception at the Breakers.


Keynote Speaker: Herman Cain.


Robert Spencer and Bosch Fawstin, panel: The Real Problem: Islam or Islamism?


Dr. Bob Shillman, sponsor of the Freedom Center’s “Shillman Fellows,” gives a toast celebrating the 10th year anniversary of Restoration Weekend at the Breakers.


Emcee:  Tom Dreesen


Monica Crowley


Keynote Speaker: Dick Morris


Keynote Speakers: Bernard Goldberg and David Horowitz.


Christian Adams, speaking on panel: Obama and Obamism. The rest of the cast from left to right: moderator Karen Lugo, Stanley Kurtz, Ron Radosh and Monica Crowley.


Congressman Allen West, his daughter, Phyllis Schlafly and Congressman West’s wife – Dr. Angela M. Graham.


Keynote Speaker: Mark Steyn.


Panel: The Islamists Within. From left to right: Frank Gaffney, Robert Spencer, Daniel Greenfield, Raymond Ibrahim, moderator Jamie Glazov.


Craig Snider, Director of the Philadelphia Freedom Center.


Keynote Speaker: Ann Coulter.


Mireille and Barry Wolfe (Board Members of the Freedom Center).


Panel: Arab Spring–Arab Winter.  From left to right: moderator Mark Tapson, Douglas Murray, Andy McCarthy, Daniel Pipes and Michael Totten.


Bruce Bawer and Michael Ledeen on panel: Decline of the West: Rise of the Rest.


Bruce Thornton and Paul Vallely on panel: Decline of the West: Rise of the Rest.


Baroness Caroline Cox, David Horowitz, Phyllis Schlafly and Monica Crowley.

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