2011 Restoration Weekend Photo Album

Below is a photo album of David Horowitz​’s Restoration Weekend that just transpired in West Palm Beach, Florida (Nov. 17-20, 2011):

Grand Welcoming Reception at the Breakers.

Keynote Speaker: Herman Cain.

Robert Spencer and Bosch Fawstin, panel: The Real Problem: Islam or Islamism?

Dr. Bob Shillman, sponsor of the Freedom Center’s “Shillman Fellows,” gives a toast celebrating the 10th year anniversary of Restoration Weekend at the Breakers.

Emcee:  Tom Dreesen

Monica Crowley

Keynote Speaker: Dick Morris

Keynote Speakers: Bernard Goldberg and David Horowitz.

Christian Adams, speaking on panel: Obama and Obamism. The rest of the cast from left to right: moderator Karen Lugo, Stanley Kurtz, Ron Radosh and Monica Crowley.

Congressman Allen West, his daughter, Phyllis Schlafly and Congressman West’s wife – Dr. Angela M. Graham.

Keynote Speaker: Mark Steyn.

Panel: The Islamists Within. From left to right: Frank Gaffney, Robert Spencer, Daniel Greenfield, Raymond Ibrahim, moderator Jamie Glazov.

Craig Snider, Director of the Philadelphia Freedom Center.

Keynote Speaker: Ann Coulter.

Mireille and Barry Wolfe (Board Members of the Freedom Center).

Panel: Arab Spring–Arab Winter.  From left to right: moderator Mark Tapson, Douglas Murray, Andy McCarthy, Daniel Pipes and Michael Totten.

Bruce Bawer and Michael Ledeen on panel: Decline of the West: Rise of the Rest.

Bruce Thornton and Paul Vallely on panel: Decline of the West: Rise of the Rest.

Baroness Caroline Cox, David Horowitz, Phyllis Schlafly and Monica Crowley.

  • tanstaafl

    Okay! Someone has to say it…….Phyllis Schlafly is still scary looking.

    • Neils60

      Have you looked in the mirror recently?

    • BS77

      take a long walk on a short pier, moron.

  • mlcblog

    I see her in a very different light, but then I never did buy into all the wicked portrayals of her done by the leftist media over the years, even her pix in Wikipedia is scary.

    Now who is scary? could it be them?

    Phyllis Schlafly is a very dignified and accomplished woman. She is a very attractive older woman because of her fine character and leadership.

    • freedom

      I had the privilege of being at a symposium where Mrs. Schlafly was speaking. She surprised me in the best way. She was articulate, calm, witty and sure of herself as she recounted the history of her actions. She is a brave woman who almost single handedly did more good for this society than I ever knew. I salute her. She is nothing like the caricature she is presented to be in the media. And, btw, she is very pretty and dresses gorgeous.

  • Alex Kovnat

    Phyllis Schlafly accomplished things in her life, like being a pioneer woman lawyer. What did Gloria Steinem ever accomplish?

    • mlcblog

      Gloria ran a news magazine I think.

  • StephenD

    I only am sorry I could not attend. I would have been honored to be in the presence of such folks and to be able to hear them speak live, would have been icing on the cake.

  • Frank

    What a joyous looking time for all, with out a teloprompter in sight.

  • vee Kennedy

    Is it possible to purchase the AUDIO address of Glen Beck ….noisyroom has posted it and I sent it to several people . This speech should be on TV …it should be shared,
    Awesome TRUTH!!
    hn sheep

  • BS77

    Read Ann Coulter's latest book DEMONIC….terrific research and analysis of the leftist mob mentality…..very prescient given the outbreak of idiocy in the OWS phenomena.

  • snakeriver

    Certainly a terrific gathering of speakers, I would love to have been there. Hopefully there are more tapes to be found.

  • http://www.jihadwatch.org London Jim

    Good on Baronnes Cox for holding our flag to the event.

  • Karliner

    Dang I wish I could have been there rubbing shoulders with the great infdesl that WILL take down the propaganda maching from whabiism to CAIR. Prayers up for all these great LEADERS of the anti- islam cult of blood.

  • Questions

    Monica Crowley looks hot. Sorry, but it's true.