A Muslim Reformer Calls Out the Feminists

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Our guest today is Raheel Raza, a leading Muslim reformer, award winning writer, professional speaker, diversity consultant, documentary film maker and interfaith advocate. A founding member of the Muslim Canadian Congress, she is the author of Their Jihad . . . Not My Jihad. Visit her site at RaheelRaza.com.

We ran Part II of this interview in our previous edition.

See Part III, the final segment, of the interview below:

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  • American thinker

    What a brave woman! Intelligent and well spoken and quite timely.

  • CAROLE63

    There are no instructions in the bible that tells its followers to kill people who are unbelievers!

  • aspacia

    Ms. Raza is totally wrong regarding the Qu'ran not calling Jews descendants of apes and pigs. I have read the entire Qu'ran on the USC.edu website which has been recently scrubbed. I applaud her message, however she might be practicing taquiyya.

    • Jaladhi

      Yeah, all those reformers of Islam know that Islam can't be reformed. They never face up to the ugly truth about Islam, Quran and Mo/allah. That is why they will deny that Quran calls for killing of infidels and also Jews and Christians are descendants of monkeys and apes. This is a total lie on part of these so called reformers.

      If they lie about this then what else they will be lying about? Simple there are no reformers of Islam – only pretenders to fool the infidels. If these reformers are really disgusted with Islam and want to reform it then they have talk about every evil teaching in Quran, and openly admit the inventor of Islam was an evil guy and leave this evil ideology. Plain and simple – any thing short of it – they are just spinning to fool us!!

  • rib/eve

    It gives you hope to see this woman. I wonder if most Muslims like Ms Raza are too scared to come out and take a stand.

    But clearly she doesn't know any feminist women. I think we should face off our fem nazi's with the radical Islamist's. I wonder which would win?

  • joel

    Thank you,CAROL63,for your truthful statement. The Bible is the basis for Western civilization's freedom,but since the Enlightenment" we have gradually lost our belief in right and wrong,good and evil,to the point where we cannot recognize evil when it stares us in the face.

  • waterwillows

    The woman is tightly hugging the koran to chest. A picture is worth 10,000 words.

    • Jaladhi

      As if this vile book does not contain any hateful instructions to Muslims to hate, murder, rape, loot etc, non-Muslims!!! This clearly shows she is not a Islam reformer as she pretends to be!! Hypocrisy would better describe her!!!