Behind ‘Righteous Indignation’

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And I started to realize that the entire game is rigged.  I used to start to — I used to think that there was something called bias.  And that’s what Bernie Goldberg’s thesis is, as a liberal.  Well, I, as a conservative and a former liberal, can tell you it’s not bias; this is by design.  That’s why I called it the Democrat-media complex.  I would much rather have control of ABC, CBS or NBC and Hollywood than everything — the rest that we have in this country that the conservatives do.

They just took it.  They took academia.  They just took it.  They just walked in.  They didn’t even go through the back door.  They just walked in. They had a sit-in, and said — and then the [prova] said — what do you want?  They go — everything.  He goes — okay.  That’s what happened.


And it happened in Hollywood.  It was like — okay, you’re getting old, Jimmy Stewart.  You’re getting old, John Wayne.  Bye.  We’re taking over.  And nobody — it happened without a single shot happening.  And they just took over our culture.  We’re two-to-one ratio in this country, according to Gallup, conservative to liberal.  Yet, they just took it over, and nobody fought back.

And so, to me, that’s why Drudge was the beginning of the people’s revolution.  Because it wasn’t just — Rush opened it up for somebody in Wichita to be able to go to their local AM station and say — I just want to do the Rush Limbaugh show, and create a series of — local cult of personalities who could fight the fight.  And you could at least, in your car, think that you weren’t alone.  Okay?

But the Internet clearly, in my mind, is in the same realm as the Tea Party.  And it’s saying if the political class isn’t going to fight the fight, if the conservative movement is not going to attempt to rein in the bias, or whatever this is, then we the people are going to start fighting back.

And you are now starting to see, I think, that just as the Left thought that they were ascendant, and that it was the end of the conservative movement in 2008, that we the people finally said — no, no, no.  There are more of us than there are of you.  And even though the Republican establishment basically sucks — and by “sucks,” I mean they totally suck.


And they take our money.  They take our money and say — we’re going to fight the fight.  And then we watch them on C-SPAN say “nay” when they should say “yea.”  And you say — why aren’t you fighting?  They’re like — well, we don’t — I mean, for instance, an aside — the biggest scam I’ve ever seen in my entire journalistic life, or whatever it is that I do — I reported on the Pigford scandal.  Anybody know about that?  The black farmers?

Okay.  Let me give it to you in shorthand.  And I’ll do a lie detector test against Barack Obama on this one.  This is the reparations movement.  Period.  Period, period.  It’s payback.  It’s payback, it’s payback.  And they’re not just doing it within the African-American community. They’re doing it now with the Native Americans, they’re doing it with Hispanic farmers, and they’re doing it with female farmers.  There’s — yeah, yeah, the female farmers.

And it’s not even farmers, because there aren’t enough people who farm to give these checks out to.  So the class action attorneys who are making hundreds of millions of dollars said — why don’t we work with the Justice Department and create a new class: the attempted farmer?  Anyone here could go in and say — I went into the USDA office, and I said I wanted a farm.  And then they didn’t give me an application.  Okay, here’s a $50,000 check.

And that’s what Barack Obama wielded.  This Pigford thing was supposed to have ended in the year 2000.  There were 18,000 black farmers in the country.  And there were supposed to be anywhere between 2,000 to 3,000 potential claimants, even though there were only 157 black farmers who brought on the lawsuit.  But they said — well, given that there are 3,000 black farmers in the country who have loans or paperwork, you know, at least there could be a potential that 66 to 100 percent of them have been discriminated against.  At the end of Pigford, there were 22,500 claimants, 4,500 more than there were black farmers in the entire country, getting $50,000 checks.

Now, here’s where it gets really interesting, and why I have absolutely no faith in the Republican Party, except for a few brave people.  Pigford was supposed to be over.  And Barack Obama gets confronted by the scam artist that runs the black farmers — the National Black Farmers Association.  And he says that there are 72,500 late filers that we need to be brought in.  And they say — look, there are only 18,000 black farmers in the country.  This thing was supposed to be over.

Have you ever been in a lawsuit, and you’ve paid $100,000, and you said — okay, bye, and the judge says it’s over?  What Barack Obama did was opened the case up again.  He was the sole sponsor.  He was the sole sponsor when the corrupt guy that runs the Black Farmers Association — who fakes that he’s a doctor, and who’s getting paid under the table by the class action attorneys who are making hundreds of millions of dollars off of this.  The people who got screwed originally — you know how I said there were 157 black farmers?  They lost their farms.  Their case got hijacked by the Congressional Black Caucus and the class action attorneys.

And I started calling up the original people.  And they said — we’ve been trying to tell the Republicans this for years — we’ve been trying to tell CNN and Fox News and everyone else for years — that our legitimate case was hijacked.  We lost our properties.  The farmers that I know, like Jimmy Dismuke and Abraham Carpenter, and Eddie Slaughter and Lucious Abrams, lost their farms, and now have money being taken out of their Social Security checks.  But they look around them, and their neighbors, who work at Best Buy and who are mechanics or police officers, or even work for the USDA, who were the discriminators in this case — they got $50,000 checks.  Okay?

It’s probably 99 percent fraud.  And we even went into the churches where they were teaching people how to defraud the government, and caught them on tape teaching people how they could get their $50,000 check.  We caught them dead to rights.  Okay?

And you go to Washington, D.C., and you say — we caught them.  We have affidavits from an FBI investigation that was diverted from the Justice Department because — oh, we don’t want to touch on race in this country.  Wait a sec, this is 99 percent fraud, and the actual black farmers want to go testify about how they got screwed over.  You’d be helping the salt of the earth, black farmers who wake up at 4 o’clock in the morning and go to bed at 9 o’clock.  But instead, it’s been hijacked by trial lawyers that fuel the Democratic Party.  The Congressional Black Caucus knows about this.  And it was all done so that the Congressional Black Caucus and Democrats could win the black vote in the rural South.

And we have the letter.  Why Barack Obama, who had no history of sponsoring anything, was the sole sponsor of Pigford, was because according to a letter that we have, he was told — if you sign onto Pigford, we can win the rural black South for you.  And that’s exactly what happened.

You remember when Bill Clinton lost it, when Hillary lost in South Carolina?  It was because Barack Obama had jujitsued the Clintons, who’d invested so much time trying to be the first African-American presidency.  And he absolutely undermined it.  And they’ve wielded the United States Treasury in order to pay billions upon billions of dollars — $2.7 billion so far.

And right now, because we exposed it, and nobody would do anything about it except for Congressman King and Michele Bachmann — they’re the only ones —


— that will go out there and stick their necks out there.  And Congressman King just put up a resolution this week, or last week, in which he said — let’s stop the funding of this, and let’s investigate it.  And Darrell Issa voted against it.  Okay?

I’ve lost my faith in the Republican Party.  And what we were told by Congressman King is — they know it’s fraud, but they’re all afraid of being called racist.  That’s what they were told — they’re afraid of being racist.

And even — this broke my heart — Allen West voted against it as well.  And so he was confronted on the David Webb show on Sirius, and he said there were 40 resolutions being passed.  And I’ve said I’d vote for Allen West for president right now.  I’m like — you’re kidding me.  Because I’ve told Allen about this to his face, and he said he’d look into it.  He said he made a mistake.  Okay?

I don’t know what Issa’s explanation is, but I know Congressman King is a man of his word.  And when he tells me that the Republican Party’s not willing to stand up for what’s right, and the pilfering of the Treasury — when I’ve granted them the story. It’s there with a bow on it, with black farmers who will testify to say these crooks took your money.  My neighbor — all you have to do is look at the people who got the $50,000 checks. They’d never farmed a day in their lives.  And the farmers who brought the suit — their lives lay in ruin with this.

And because the press won’t look into it, because the Republican Party won’t look into it, they said — wow, even with Breitbart on our tail, with exposing it with undercover tape, with affidavits that show that the top lawyer, who’s made $15 million, paid a person within the USDA to write hundreds of fake claims to the tune of millions of dollars — we have FBI affidavits from African-American USDA [coworkers] saying that the head of the lawsuit worked with a lady to file hundreds of false claims.

This thing’s 98 — we have on video one of the top lawyers saying — my own clients got away with murder, they never farmed a day in their lives.  This thing could take down Barack Obama in a nanosecond.  We have him going after a whistleblower.

You remember in 2003, 2002, Crowley — Colleen Crowley, the year of the whistleblower?  Yeah.  The mainstream media, the Democrat-media complex, loves whistleblowers in government when Republicans are in charge.  But when a woman by the name of [Kimberly] DePasquale comes forward and tries to talk about fraud within Pigford, one senator comes forward, goes to the head of the USDA and says — investigate that woman.  She’s in violation of the Hatch Act by acting political within her job, and they punished her.  Okay?  And so this thing has Barack Obama’s fingerprints all over it.

And so, let’s even get more into the weeds.  And you’re going to realize what happened a year ago to me.  Do you remember the Shirley Sherrod incident?  Why do I even know about the black farmers of Pigford?  All I was trying to do was point out that the NAACP — which was waging a campaign the week before against the Tea Party, claiming it was racist, and I had proved through videos that the N-word wasn’t hurled at them, yet they were still given a platform — the NAACP and Ben Jealous was given a platform for seven days to say that the Tea Party was racist and to condemn the Tea Party.

And so I went on the radio, and I said — Ben Jealous, how dare you try to divide this country on race, when everybody in this country is suffering because of the economy?  How dare you?  Especially when the basis of your argument isn’t even true?  So I was angry and pissed off, and said that I had video that showed your group behaving in a more racist way than any video you’ve ever found of the Tea Party.

And when I put that video out there, with [two] out there — and the group was clapping when she talked about how she stuck it to the white farmer, eventually she said — then I realized it’s not about black versus white, it’s about rich versus poor.  That was included in the video; the media ignored it.  And my article said, “Eventually, her basic humanity informs her to help the white farmer.”  The media ignored that as well.  Instead, they made it about me, as opposed to the president, who fired her.

Why did the president fire her, if my piece said, “Eventually, her basic humanity informs her to help the white farmer”?  The day that the video came out, the NAACP apologized for the audience’s applause.  I had hit the target perfectly.  Shirley Sherrod went to the president and the head of the USDA and said — but I helped the white farmer.  My article said that she helped the white farmer.

Why did the president still choose to fire her?  Because she and her husband made $13.3 million in Pigford.  Okay?  And when this story came out there, my inbox was inundated with — I can’t believe that you’re doing to Pigford what you did to Acorn — laying this thing out one thing at a time.  And there were articles that came out that week, saying — wow, Andrew Breitbart’s a genius.  He set up Pigford for, you know, exposure.  Because people knew that Pigford was the biggest scam.  It’s the reparations movement gone pro.  It’s sold as reparations at Reparations Conference by the people who architected it.  Okay?

The thing is, I had never heard of Pigford.  I happened upon Pigford.  And my e-mail’s being hit from people who are against Pigford.  And I turn on MSNBC, and Lawrence O’Donnell and the Rachel Maddow show are saying Andrew Breitbart’s to blame for — get this — they pulled out the $1.15 billion from a supplementary war funding bill the exact week that they fired Shirley Sherrod.  They were so convinced that I was setting them up for exposure that Barack Obama bought the presidency with billions of dollars of your money in order to pay $50,000 checks into the rural South.

This is all provable.  I will take a lie detector test.  It’s totally, totally, 100 percent provable.  We’ve gone out there, we’ve told the truth.  All we’re asking for are for hearings.  And who’s in charge of the Congress?  The Republicans.

And so excuse me while I’m cynical about the Republican Party, and that they’re basically worthless.  And why is it that it’s Ann Coulter and David Horowitz and me that go out there and say we’ve got to fight these bastards?  There are more of us than there are of them.

Yet, this week, we find out on Pigford — which is so easy to prove, and you have a cast of the greatest black men, they’re like the greatest generation — they’re 60 to 80 years old, they’ve done everything right, they were discriminated against, the USDA — all you have to do is put them in front of Congress.  And they will tell you how everyone in this room got screwed over by the Democratic Party.  And the Republican Party’s not willing to go in for the kill.

So, gosh.  I want to leave on a better note.


Any Weiner jokes?


So my entire attitude is to hell with them, and that when I was invited to go to the Tea Party, the first Tea Party in Santa Ana — and then I did one with Pat Boone in Beverly Hills — those people are willing to fight.  Those people are willing to stick their necks out.  And so, the first few times that I went to the Tea Parties, I was just there simply [defending] them against the Democrat-media complex, which was there to predictably call them racists, sexists and homophobes, which is what they do, which is their way of trying to throw off anybody from leaving their house and joining the Tea Party.  It hasn’t worked.  Because we decided to fight back.

So my trajectory from being a Salma Hayek liberal —


— to being for about three brave weeks a libertarian, just because I was so afraid of saying I was a Republican — to becoming a Republican, to becoming a conservative, and now a Tea Party conservative — is because I trust this audience more than I trust those who exist in political power.  And you saw, with Anthony Weiner, what people will do to hold onto political power.

I want you to understand that this is a fight, that this is a war.  And it’s not just a war against the cultural Left; it’s those on our side who falsely claim that they’re fighting on your behalf but are simply saying to you what you want to hear and aren’t willing to fight for what you believe in.

And so I want you to join this damned Tea Party.  Because if you don’t join the Tea Party, or if you don’t join the new media revolution, you’re not in the battle, you’re not in the war.  And if you’re not in the war, then when we lose this country, I’m going to come back here, and I’m going to blame you.

Thank you very much.



Well, I’m really happy that the Weiner thing happened.  Because now, the next thing that we do people are going to be paying attention to.  And we have yet to show the letter from Barack Obama to show his involvement in it, and how this guy who tries to pretend like he has nothing to do with it — that he was the sole sponsor of it, that he was willing to intimidate a witness.  So that’s one thing that we’d like to do is expose that.

I’m also thinking of, and perhaps — I’ve never asked for money, but I’d like to send the black farmers — Jimmy Dismuke, Abraham Carpenter, Lucious Abrams — I can probably get about 25 of them to go do what they did in 2000 or 1999.  And that was to protest in front of the White House.  And so I’d like to get them to go up there and protest in front of the White House, protest in front of CNN, where Anderson Cooper has been at the forefront of trying to pretend that this false front — that the black farmers got justice.

I want to go up there and draw attention to — the real victims of Pigford weren’t just the American taxpayer, but the actual black farmers who the politicians run around, saying — we helped the black farmer, we helped the black farmer.  You cannot find a black farmer, other than Shirley Sherrod and her husband, who were very much involved in — how do I state this while I’m in the middle of a lawsuit with her — she was very much — and this is why I believe that she filed the lawsuit, was because I kept going after Pigford.  And I found out that she was the fox guarding the henhouse.

If you were a black farmer — and they told this to me — when I called up the first set of black farmers, I thought — okay, hi, yeah, you’ve heard my name before.  I don’t know.  Yeah.  The Shirley Sherrod, yes.  When I told them that, they’re like — oh, she didn’t help me.  She got the money.  And she’s the person that the black farmers were supposed to go to and say — we got screwed out of Pigford.  Well, since she’s getting $13.3 million between she, her husband — who’s a black radical, you know, who says we need to get rid of the white men in office and the black Uncle Toms that, you know, enable them — they got $13.3 million between that and their defunct communal socialist/communist-based farm that they managed.  That’s by far the most, by far the most — they got it.

And so, it’s a screwy situation, and it’s complicated, as you can see.  But it is a much more illustrative story as to what is wrong with our political class, what is wrong with the Democratic Party, what’s wrong with the Congressional Black Caucus, which has kept the black — which have told the black farmers — shut up, shut up.  You should be happy that everybody’s getting their $50,000 checks.

And it’s also illustrative of what’s wrong with the Republican Party.  Because Steve King said this week, on the David Webb show, that when he asked people — and there were lots of them — why won’t you vote against this obvious fraud, they said — we don’t want to be called racist.  You’re not willing to stand next to the black farmers and, you know, brave those arrows while you’re defending black farmers, who were the ones who were supposed to be helped in the first place, and who ended up being hurt?  I don’t know, they’re just such cowards.  The Republicans are such cowards.  Darrell Issa’s so [disappointing].  What has he investigated?  No, really, what has he investigated?


Why did I create the Huffington Post is a better question.  Because — and I’ll get back to you, because it will answer your question.  I was Arianna Huffington’s researcher from ’97 to ’99.  And the first thing that we did together — or she did, and I was her researcher — was dig up Larry Lawrence from Arlington National Cemetery, because he claimed to have been a war hero.  But Arianna proved that he wasn’t.  I went — that’s what I want to do.  Arianna, for a brief period of time, I thought, was in the Coulter-Horowitz category of people who wanted scalps, or, in this case, dead bodies.

And I remember watching him being disinterred while the mainstream media the week before said — this is the lowest I’ve ever seen a Republican go, on CNN, in hushed, somber tones.  When Arianna had the goods and was telling the truth — like Drudge was telling the truth on Lewinsky, like I was telling the truth on Weiner — the same group of objective and neutral journalists were trying to stop the truth from coming out and were ridiculing and mocking those who were reporting those truths.  And that’s the Democratic-media complex.  And then, when they’re caught having lied, there’s no apologies.

I remember on CNN — I remember Maureen Dowd saying — this is the lowest I’ve ever seen.  No apologies.  No apologies to me from Salon saying that I was the hacker.  No apologies to Drudge, when he was told that he was lying about the blue dress.  Okay?  So this is how these people behave.

What the left-wing blogosphere is is a protection.  It’s like a protection against the mainstream media.  My goal, when Arianna came to me as a lefty — five years after she, on a dime, switched from being on the Right to the Left — you go figure why — she lives in Los Angeles.  Now she’s friends with the people that hated her.  And there’s more money, as David will tell you, on the Left [than there] is on the right.  And nobody comes to me with money.  I created the thing — it’s worth $350 million.  Don’t you think if you gave me $5 million I could create value?  But there’s nothing on the Right.  And the Left only wants to protect its place.

But why would I create something for the other side?  Because the only way to expose the Left is to expose the Left.  And that is to give Arianna and her crazy friends — like Gore Vidal, Janeane Garofalo, Alec Baldwin; all those nutcases — a place to expose to you how insane they are.

And the first week, the first day that it launched, I remember driving up Lincoln Boulevard, and I was at the altar, listening to AM talk radio, listening to Michael Medved.  And he was reading aloud from day one’s articles.  And one was Rob Reiner, and an article called — “Where Are the Woodwards and Bernsteins of Today,” saying that there’s nobody being critical of George Bush.  And as he was reading it, he was laughing.  And I could almost sense that mucus was coming out of his nostrils, he was laughing so hard.  And I said — that’s why I created this thing.

And there was one moment, during Katrina, well after I left, when Arianna put up on her site that two days into Katrina, that black people were cannibalizing each other, on the front page.

And I just remember — I mean, again, I was a C student at Tulane.  Two days?  I mean, I remember Yom Kippur and going — I need to go get a sandwich.  Okay?  But I don’t remember thinking — I need to go eat my neighbor’s arm.


And it just seemed so outlandish.  Yet, what the Left has that the Right doesn’t is they have gatekeepers.  And the fact that the gatekeepers put that up on the front page, and then Drudge put it up on his page — Huffington Post: Cannibalism Hits New Orleans.

And Arianna called me up, and she knew that I probably had a little hand in that placement.  And I remember this phone call vividly.  Hello, sweetheart.


I said — Arianna, how are you?  She said — you win.  I said — what do you mean?  She goes — we retracted the cannibalism story.  I’m like — oh, so it wasn’t true.  It wasn’t true, okay.

So I created it to expose them.  And I think I should get a Nobel Peace Prize for that, quite frankly.



Well, there may be a germ of truth to what he’s talking about.  The reason why he’s doing it is because he realizes that his side is losing, and they’re losing control of the narrative.  And so, he can no longer look to Barack Obama as the saintly, larger-than-life, perfected, you know, human being.  He’s now looking for excuses why he’s on Al Gore’s — I’m not even sure that channel even exists.  I’ve gone through every single — he’s trying to rationalize why he’s on current TV.  That’s why he’s doing it.

But I mean, I think I just spoke to a problem with the political class.  But it’s not because Republicans and Democrats, you know, are the same on the value system; it’s because those in political power, as Anthony Weiner has shown, will do anything, anything, anything to keep their political power.

And the amount of people who I can count on my hands that have walked the walk — it’s getting — it’s diminishing.  And the people that I trust in this election cycle — this election cycle would not be possible — 2010 and 2009 — Chris Christie’s election would not be possible without the rise of the Tea Party and new media.

So to indulge the class of Republican who were accepting of the premise of the permanent ascendancy of the Democratic Party, and did nothing but create that environment, and did nothing to create a resurgence — I’m not going to indulge many that I respect, including Gingrich, who — the first thing, when he saw this permanent ascendancy, where the articles of the Huffington Post were — “Is This the Death of Conservatism?” — no, they weren’t even asking.  They were saying this is the death of conservatism.

And the first thing that Gingrich did — who I’ve admired for a long time — was sit down with Nancy Pelosi and say — Cap and Trade, baby.  Let’s do it.  Let’s figure out a way to triangulate, so I can be relevant in this political system.  And the American people said to hell with this crap, and created the Tea Party.

So I’m in the Michele Bachmann — I’m in the pilloried camp.


I’m in the — if you’re marching towards the fire, and they’re calling you the devil, then I’m going to stand by you.  And that includes Palin, and that includes Bachmann.


That includes Herman Cain, and anyone that has the courage to fight for this country, and not fight for their own political existence.



Thank you.  I’m a performance artist.  I’m from LA.  Salma Hayek.  I’m not kidding you — is that there is a — like, all I liked growing up was comedy.  And I was at the Bill Maher show, and John Waters was there.  And I said to him, I said — you’ve influenced me more than George Will.  I mean, how weird is that?


And he was in Provincetown, which is the really outrageous, you know, gay vacationland.  And he reached out to me through somebody to congratulate me for Weinergate, for getting my scalp.  Well, wasn’t a scalp, technically.


So I’ve realized you can’t just report the truth.  You have to — I’m a midwife.  I’m trying to figure out how to take these stories, and how to catapult them over not just the mainstream media, but over Media Matters and the George Soros, you know, Left.  And you have to figure out how to do it.  And they say — are you a provocateur?  Are you an activist?  I’m like, I’ll wear whatever hat possible in order to win.

So, I’m having fun.  And I’m not going to apologize for it.

Thank you.


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  • freshideaguy

    Andrew Breitbart is a genius. I have spent 24/7 for several years pursuing the type of justice for which he stands. I stand in awe of his objective transparency, his creative
    analogies and his great sense of humor.

    Andrew makes it all worth while, and this video has energized me back to my senses,
    and reinforced my belief in Jim Valvano's "never, never, never, never, never quit"..

    Thanks to him, Rush, Dennis Praeger, Matt Drudge, Mark Levin.

    Andrew, if and when you come to the Dallas-Fort Worh area I would shamelessly bribe you with a lunch just to spend a few minutes getting pumped up on your totally honest and transparent brilliance.

    You make character look so easy.

    Gary Henderson

    • mlcblog

      Gary, I believe that quote originated with the great Churchill, which does not lessen Jim Valvano's expression. Thanks. I never heard of this great coach till now.

      • freshideaguy

        I am old enough to remember Mr. Churchill, having been born in 1937. My recall has been tweaked by your reply, and I believe I now vaguely remember that phrase from the many memorablequotesfrom that great man. Thanks for Front Page and the many, many fine moments I have spent following the terrific content offered by your staff. David Horowitz is my hero, and I have been reinforced by the results of his experience and resultingefforts. Andrew Breitbart is also rapidly rising to the top of my personal “great man” list. I have yet to question his wisdom. Or yours. Sincerely, Gary Henderson – <DIV style=”FONT-FAMILY: times new roman, new york, times, serif; FONT-SIZE: 18pt”> <DIV style=”FONT-FAMILY: times new roman, new york, times, serif; FONT-SIZE: 12pt”> <DIV style=”BORDER-BOTTOM: #ccc 1px solid; BORDER-LEFT: #ccc 1px solid; PADDING-BOTTOM: 0px; LINE-HEIGHT: 0; MARGIN: 5px 0px; PADDING-LEFT: 0px; PADDING-RIGHT: 0px; FONT-SIZE: 0px; BORDER-TOP: #ccc 1px solid; BORDER-RIGHT: #ccc 1px solid; PADDING-TOP: 0px”></DIV>

  • StephenD

    A very interesting article indeed. I have enjoyed the contributions made by Mr. Breitbart since stumbling upon him either through this site (FPM) or other, similar sites. Regardless of where, I've discovered that, as he has pointed out, when someone is an enemy of the Left and the Media Machine, perhaps we should pay attention to what they're saying. I have and it has been worth while.Thanks for this posting Mr. Horowitz.

  • Clore

    "And I remember — this is what I remember thinking in class during those hangovers, where I actually went to class. What language are they talking in? They were talking in this Noam Chomsky, deconstructive jargon, and nobody on the first day of class said this is a new jargon."

    Perhaps someone signed up for classes above his level? In any case, the language used by Chomsky and the jargon of deconstruction have little, if anything, in common. In face, they are opposed intellectual currents.

    • mlcblog

      Well, la tee ta!! I guess you are more able to understand that jargon than we.

      I am a bit amazed that you would fault Mr. Breitbart on intelligence, a thing which he obviously has in spades. Perhaps he is not speaking your language.

      I suggest Listen to him for a while. Think about the questions that are being raised.

      Mr. Chomsky is a chump in my book, and be assured I have my I.Q. proof, too.

  • Asher

    Breitbart has smoked out the Corruption, we need more Truth Police out there working for the People!

  • kblink45

    Excellent work. If you haven't yet, please watch the video all of the way through. Breitbart is at his most engaging and convincing on the Pigford scandal. Awesome.

  • mlcblog

    David and Andrew,

    I am soo grateful for your courage.

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