Christmas in Eurabia

The Tribal Update, the media satire television-on-Internet brought to you every week by Latma, the Hebrew-language satirical media criticism website Caroline Glick runs, has  produced a special Christmas song for its Christian friends:

  • John_Kelly

    Bravo to Caroline Glick and the folks at Latma.

    Satire is a powerful weapon and you guys have mastered the art as Islam by it's own actions proves it is worthy of nothing but contempt and ridicule.

    Keep up the GREAT WORK.

  • Al Dente

    A barnacle named Sacculina wants to nest inside a crab. A female Sacculina will look for a place to enter the crab’s body. When it does, it will leave its shell behind, not needing it anymore as it has the crab! Inside, Sacculina sets up shop, growing tendrils through the crab’s body and slowly feeding on it. It castrates the crab (if male) and effectively turns the crab into a female nanny for its young. This makes the crab not only infertile but also uninterested in mating. The barnacle, on the other hand, bores a hole open in the crab’s shell big enough to let male Sacculina in to mate. The zombie crab treats the Sacculina eggs and larvae as its own, having lost the will to do anything but serve its parasite master.

    • Beth

      Very interesting analogy Al Dente

    • John_Kelly

      Thanks Al Dente for the VERY thought provoking comment.

      Keep up the good work.

    • Stephen_Brady

      Wonderful analogy! Europe is being conquered and doesn't even realize it.

    • StephenD

      I hope you don't mind, I intend to copy this and repost whenever I can to explain in like manner the invasion of Europe. It sounds like a sci-fi story "Invasion of the culture snatchers"

  • esperantominoria

    A really rotten Christmas in Eurabia

    There are things we should know:

    Al-Hakim,Caliph of Egypt,Destroyer of the Most Holy Church in Christianty,the Holy Sepulchre Church in Jerusalem


    All the time we hear:"MOST MUSLIMS are MODERATE".Really?First,WHAT is MODERATE?

    How to tell if a Muslim is a Real Moderate,the Type Voltaire would Admire


    "“No Muslim Country has True Sharia Law”

    An argument often given by Western Muslims on TV is that no Muslim country implements Islamic-Sharia law the way it should:”No Muslim country has true Sharia law.”They say it when people point to Saudi Arabia,Iran,Afghanistan under the Taliban,Sudan.”That is not true Sharia law”.

    “Most Muslim countries do Not have Sharia law but Western Legal Systems”

    That is another argument used.The implication is:if you have a Western legal system then you respect human rights."


    About Muslim Countries and Islamic Law

  • KarlFischels

    Hitler sucked but i don't see any problem on wanting to preserve european cultural and racial heritage,it's not extremist.

  • Nakba1948

    Nice job cherry-picking. I've visited the Occupied Territories many times, and I don't know of a single Palestinian Christian who's ever been harassed by the "evil Mooooslims" during Christmas. I do know of plenty Christians who have been spit on by extremist rabbis in the West Bank. Oh, sorry, we don't talk about Zionist misbehavior here. Merry Christmas!

    • HermitLion

      Haha, you are funny. That was just a dream, silly, and in reality Christian arabs are almost invisible in Judea and Samaria, now that the muslims are in charge.
      Have a merry Christmas, you lying piece of old cardboard.

    • Ron Carnine

      What occupied territories.? To live as an Arab in Israel is to enjoy all the rights and privileges you don't have in Arabic countries. The Jews preceded the Arabs by thousands of years and it was them after 1948 and after 1967 that made the deserts bloom. If Arabs are so concerned with the so called Palestinians, why haven't they made citizens of the Palestinians instead of locking them up in refugee camps which only exist because of the generosity of Western countries. As far as getting spat on by the Jews, it happens rarely. However, getting shot or getting your throat cut by the "Palestinians" happens much more often.

    • Beth

      Nakba1948 said "I don't know of a single Palestinian Christian who's ever been harassed by the "evil Mooooslims"

      Of course you don't know of any 'Palestinian Christians' (there is no such thing) because the Christian population has dropped dramatically. And everyone knows why.

    • guest

      hey naky – Israel is here to stay – get used to it muzzie

    • ziontruth

      "I've visited the Occupied Territories…"

      The Occupied by Arab Settler-Colonist Land-Thieves Territories.

      "…and I don't know…"

      That's the issue in a nutshell.

      I wish you a happy Nakba and many returns!

    • Al Dente

      Yeah. They don't in Nigeria either.

    • ObamaYoMoma

      Nice job cherry-picking. I've visited the Occupied Territories many times, and I don't know of a single Palestinian Christian who's ever been harassed by the "evil Mooooslims" during Christmas.

      What I think is that you have never been to Israel, much less the disputed territories ever in your miserable unhinged Jew hating and Muslim apologizing life. As the reality is just like all Christians and all non-Muslim unbelievers living throughout the Islamic world as second class dhimmi citizens, the relatively few Christians left that are still desperately holding out in the disputed territories are violently oppressed and systematically persecuted when not outright slaughtered altogether.

    • jacob

      NAKBA 1948 :

      You are 100% right.
      Arab Christians are not harassed at all by Arab Muslims, which is why the
      Bethlehem Christian population is nowadays at best, 10% of what it was before
      the area was handed over to FATAH ….

  • Anamah

    Thank you Caroline and all of you with such sense of humor to pass this bite of Islamic obsession. Very funny. Salut; A votre santeé cheres amis!!! Arretez Sharia and Muslim expansion and brutality!

  • crackerjack

    Exactly the same style of propaganda Nazi organ "Der Stuermer" directed against the "…domination of European culture through the Jewish Elders of Zion", in the 30's.

    To now see that Jews agitate Europeans against their minorities…….Deja vu bizzare.

    • guest

      crawl back into your hole

    • ziontruth

      You could learn about the difference between allegations by conspiracy theory (as the anti-Jewish ones were) and truths standing in plain sight (as the reality of Islamic imperialism is). But then you're a Marxist, so it's better not to waste time educating a lost cause like you.

      You want an analogy to 1930s Nazi propaganda, take a look at the Copts in Egypt, the Bahais in Iran, the Hindus in Af-Pak, how they're depicted in every mosque sermon, or by the state media where the Islamics are entrenched (e.g. Iran). But I know you won't—they are, after all, your friends, the violence-generating allies you'd been seeking ever since the U.S.S.R. fell down.

      Marxist scum. You're traitors no matter what country you reside in.

    • No Dhimmi tool

      Spare us the "Nazi" shrieks. The "deja vu bizarre" is that Europe is now unsafe again for JEWS, because of MUSLIMS.

      You are obviously clueless that Hitler was supported by MUSLIM leaders – doh! The best comparison would be that the Muslims of Europe are the new Nazis.

  • Ken

    Wow, the anti-Semites are even out comenting on Christmas!! What Jackasses!! If you want to give support to Christian and Jewish bashing, do it on any other day but today!!! Have SOME sense of decency!!!

  • EdwinS

    Muslimized Europe is bad for Europe, America, and the whole world. So I try to fight the joy I feel in my heart when I read about the distress those primitives are causing their European hosts. Europe traded 6million Jews for 20 million Muslims. Grief be upon them – let the dogs eat the dogs….
    And I havent succeeded in stifling my joy…

  • WilliamJamesWard

    I kind of get the idea that "HO HO HO" is taking on a new meaning……
    Undetered I thank the Almighty for a Happy and Blessed Christmas
    and expect a great New Year. May it be the year that Godless Islam
    comes to and end with it's attendant villany and evil………………William

    • randy

      Was your “Almighty” ,a guy who never got it up, okay with his people stealing north america from the natives?

    • Stephen_Brady

      Amen, William …

      Sarah, nothing but pro-Islamic propaganda. There can never be a unification of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, unless the former two are completely subjugated by the latter. That will mean war.

  • Morrismajor

    Yawn, more paranoia and hate, same crap from 9/11 on

    • Passer by

      It could be paranoia, or it could be that you are a little american..
      A Little American: the one who thinks that the US is the center of the World. He has an island mentality. If something is happening, it is because the US is causing it. If something is not happening, it is because the US refuse to let it happen. He is an unconscious racist. He thinks that only americans can be fully responsible for their actions while nonamericans cannot (or can but only to a limited extent). If nonamericans do something bad, it must be the americans that caused them to do it.

      The message of the Little American is that the probIem is completeIy due to “us.” The other peoples or countries doesn’t actually exist. They have no history, no worldview, no ideology, and no goals. The “other side” is merely a blank screen or mirror, refIecting back what americans do. Unfortunately, this is a racist vision. It denies the others any history or mentality of their own. If the non-westerner is only a victim always, then he has no volition, no higher intelligence, and no ability to affect history at all.

    • HermitLion

      Those who hate the truth, call the truth hate.

      There would never be a risk of Eurabia, if not for all the self-assuring 'yawners' (oh no, more 'hate and paranoia', somebody call a bureaucrat to save us!).

  • Western Canadian

    So funny you could laugh until you try. And so true, you could cry.

  • Amused

    PASSERBY , just ask the Brits What they think . Dont take a "little American's " word for it . You accuse Americans of acute subjectivity to the point of racism ? Yet your own bias leaves you in utter ignorance .
    Oh the muslims do indeed have volition , and as intelligence goes , all men are equal more or less in that respect , and do infact affect history , for they have thoroughly proved these things in the past decades. Americans are all too aware of this . And yes muslims have most assuredly affected history , in pursuit of their "GOALS " .
    Your Statement is borne of Ignorance or blind bias . Which is it ?

  • Fred Dawes

    Islam is bad for any nation or any people, toss it into space and live like human beings.

  • Alvaro

    I am laughing so hard my tears are running! Fantastic satire! :)

  • Asher

    Sharia Law is persecution, even for some Muslims who do not want to live where it is upheld.

  • KKKK

    Eurabia-excllent word! Europe has become a secular-Islamic transitional soceity with its traditional Judeo-Christian values-those that have survived seculairization thus far- rapdily disappearing into thin air. soon, they wont even allow Merry Christmas to he heard.

  • Tom

    Speaking as a european living in a morrocan/turkish neighbourhood, I think you all are taking things a bit too far. All the muslims I know, and I know a few, are all just looking for the same things we are. Food on the table, kids off to school, job to go to. The only difference is they go to the Mosque instead of Church. We all basically get along fine, in fact the younger generation of muslims in my neighbourhood fit in better than me, speaking pefect Dutch.

    sure there are a few nuts, but as Timothy Mcveigh and Anders Behring Breivik show – there are a few nuts of all religions.

    • aspacia

      Really Tom, really, really? Try criticizing their faith and their violent brethren and see what results you receive. Excuses, threats, tantrums all may follow.

      You name two nuts, and one was an atheist. Now count how many Muslim terrorists attacks to date for a reality check.

    • tanstaafl

      Read the Qur'an.

      And btw, in the 1400 years of Islam's history, Muslims just like your neighbors have killed over 270 million infidels.

  • David M


    If your real name is not Teyyip or Muhammad, you are an ignorant, stupid and worthless lefty and there are many like you in the West who are unable to distinguish between good and evil. There is a big difference between a Church and a mosque. Wake up!

  • David M


    I had arab and kurdish neighbors and it was a nightmare. They had no understanding how to behave in a civilized society.

  • Damian

    Racism is racism however you dress it

  • John_Kelly

    Good try "Sarah" or should that be "Fatima" or "Mohammad" perhaps.

    Your lame duck attempt to promote Islam will fall on deaf ears here.

    If you believe the details on the website you posted you MUST BE a Muslim or a total Idiot……..but then I repeat myself !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Amused

    If you reckon Issa a Prophet ,and pretend to "honor his mother Mariam " then why do muslims go against everything He taught ?
    Islamic solutions are LIES !