Conversation with David Horowitz

FrontPage Magazine’s editor-in-chief sits down with Larry Levin of St. Louis Jewish Light to discuss President Obama, the Middle East and the future of the Jewish State.

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To view the remainder of the interview, visit St. Louis Jewish Light.

  • daren

    Mr. Horowitz – I admire and respect you immensely. I'm an ex-commie(useful idiot)myself . Black American of Sephardic descent. BUT why do you (and everyone else) continue calling the arab settlers/occupiers of Judea/Israel -"Palestinians" thus perpetuating the myth(lie) of "Palestine" . in doing so, we are legitimizing (PC) such ahistorical notions!

    • CAROLE63

      You`re right, but what should we call them?

      • johnnywoods

        How about Jordanians, Egyptians, and Syrians since that is what they are.

        • CAROLE63

          Funny comments on here, no I meant a collective word for them all!

          • gullah

            Crybaby Muslims.
            Marauding Muslims…etc.

          • johnnywoods

            How about calling them "pretenders"?

    • Guest

      It is and always been THE BIG PROBLEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Niether the Israelis nor the American jews ever combated the lies about " Whose land is it", from the begging!

      Not only that, we have let the lies be trumpeted for so long, that this generation forgot their own history, but allow the use of the same terminology which repeats the Arab Propaganda!!!!!!


      From the river Jordan to the Mediterranean Sea Israel will be Free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Let the arabs, who ever they are, go to the existing Palestinian state, given to them by the Brits called JORDAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • RogueWave24

    Zuhdi Jasser is delusional. His brand of Islam does not exist. It never will. Not sure why smart men like you, David, or Glenn Beck have anything to do with him. Even your friend, Robert Spencer, knows he is full of it.

  • CAROLE63

    Very true!

  • fxgeorges

    Well, I see Horowitz has chopped another leftist intellectual into tiny pieces. This whole series of debates has been excellent.

  • Steve S.

    It was an excellent presentation by Horowitz, as usual. But somebody please tell that interviewer to stop with the vocal ejaculations while Horowitz is speaking. That was very distracting. Thank you.

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