Daniel Pipes: You’re Gonna Miss Gadaffi

Ezra Levant interviews Middle East expert Dr. Daniel Pipes on Sun TV:

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  • Murray Schwartz

    get a haircut and get a real job…

  • Herman Caintonette

    Daniel Pipes is a PNAC signatory — a neo-con traitor, part of the cadre that got us into two needless wars. He is supposed to have cred?

    PNAC deserves an anti-Israel Middle East; they did a lot to make it happen.

    • Dispozadaburka

      You are not the only one who I have heard this from.

  • Ghostwriter

    I won't miss Qadaffi. Not one bit.

  • Amused

    Sorry here on that one Herman , no one had to do anything to make an anti-Israel Middle East. Israel's very existence is what makes the Middle East "anti-Israel ".
    Mind you , having said that , I by no means concur with Pipes .
    Oh yea , and NOBODY will miss Kadafy , except maybe the two dictators of Venezuela and N.Korea . Maybe Pipes can sell his stories there .

  • ceejay90

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    Can't stand this attitute at all. Not missing Gadaffi now nor will later on.
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