Debunking the Palestine Lie

A new video exposes the Palestinians’ fabrication that only Israel stands in the way of an independent Palestinian state:

  • aspacia

    Excellent Whittle:-)

  • Jim

    Seems like the Palestine folks do not have a Big Tent philosophy.

    I wounder why the Left doesn't classify them as Republicans.

  • Omar Said

    So sad that we have a muzlim president at a time when Israel needs help from a "big brother" so badly. There is no example of BHO going against muzlims in any way shapr or form. Remember that killing muzlims to advance the bigger cause is quite legal in sharia law. Palis are just like all muzlims. They have no soul and spend their lives preferring to eat table scraps for free than work and progress up the ladder. Followers of islam have a "prophet" that bragged about pedophilia. Married a 6 year old. Committed murder so he could "legally" rape the dead's wives. Islam allows sex with young boys as long a prepubescent. Islam kills the soul leaving Satan to rule.