Defend Freedom of Speech and Tell the Truth

Pat Condell delivers a response to attempts to demonize all those who have criticized Islamic teachings or the untouchable dogmas of multiculturalism:

  • myomy

    Bravo Pat, however I differ with one assertion you've made. Suicide bombers are not hated everywhere. In muslim lands suicide bombers have their photos painted on the sides of buildings, streets are named after them, their families are receiving gifts because of them and if any of their remains are recovered they are burried on sacred grounds in places of honor for martyrs…… muslims walk around in t whirts with Osama bin Ladin's picture on them and they call the 9/11/01 suicide attackers their "magnificent 19" In short they are not hated, they are beloved heros to muslims.

    • tanstaafl

      True. Muslims are very different than you and I.

  • mcrobbins

    The international media have blamed conservatives for the Norway attrocity. The writings of Breivik have been conflated with the writings of renown conservatives and anti-islamist actiivists in the minds of the Left. What do these principles have to do with conservatism: apotheosis of the will-to-power, glorification of martial values, fascination with violence, cyclical view of history, focus on racial differences, social stratification of society into utilitarian castes, viewing society as an organic unity against individual rights, manipulation of the masses, religiosity that is a pantheistic vitalism, amoral nihilistic ethical system, and the immersion into the irrational? These are not values of conservatism, but neo-fascism. You can find neo-fascists on both sides of the Atlantic espousing these ideas.

    • Supreme_Galooty

      You have made as good an attempt at defining fascism as I have seen in many moons. The word fascism has eluded definition for many years. Those on the left – who seem to be the world's only practicioners of this nebulous political art – quaintly define a fascist as "anyone who disagrees with them."

      While quite good, your definition leaves out the worship of sexuality, and the deification of nature.

  • Pini Pniel

    Who else like Pat Condell to cut through the case ant tell the TRUTH like we all have to.
    Only the Truth will make us see through the veil thrown upon our eyes with the over processed "news" we get.
    Nothing but the TRUTH will sufice.
    There are many voices telling us the Truth but the stage is tainted with Lies!!

  • Chris Gleason

    We need more of this. Will America wait until it is truly too late to react? There are already Islamists active in our government. How long will we continue to be stupid?

  • Old Timer

    Pat Condell is terrific, as usual.

    Unfortunately, the "overwhelming public support" needed to prevail in the violent war that totalitarian Islamists are waging against us will in the long run have to confront one sad fact: that violence is at times the only viable answer to violence, and the public will either come to support it overwhelmingly, or, in the same overwhelming numbers, die.

    It's terrorism that is not the answer.

  • winston_2010

    Love pat!! Beautifully said – as usual.

  • Flipside

    This rant is dishonest, but good bar room rhetoric. Nobody is conflating Breivik’s motives with ALL critics of Islam, just the really rabid Neocon ones that he quotes repeatedly and prolifically.

  • catmann

    Okay, violence is not the answer. I guess that doesn't apply to Muslims since their hair trigger sensitivity often results in violence. Strangely, Muslim threats of violence seems to advance their agenda. How is non-violence working for to stem the Islamic tide? That's right its not.

  • Gene W.

    We need more views like his view on our media during prime-time.

    I believe devout Muslims hate Judeo-Christian and everything contrary to their faith … And they willing to kill for that belief.

    However, the authoriy and author of the Koran is in direct opposition to the Creator God who authored the Bible as absolutely proven on a single page []

    Because humans are created in God's image, satanic people have no problem with killing others and abusing what God has created, loves most and died for.

    Please verify your authority before you argue against any Biblical position.

  • White male

    Anders gave those liberal pigs just what they deserved.

    I first wondered why not a Mosque? or a school full of Muslims….why fellow Norweigans? Then I read about the vitcims being children of liberal elites…well duh! It's liberals that enable this genocide against western civ. They are the enemy.

    And please…with what moral authority do liberals condemn anyone? Everything is relavent; one liberals hate is another persons strength, one liberals terrorism is another persons freedom fighter, a liberals islamaphobia is another persons natural resistance to occupation and colonization.

    The liberals need this done to them here. Say what you will…Anders may be a single white male nut…but ten thousand maniacs is an army.

    Death to the Liberal Establishment! The enemy of the Judeo-Christian and the western civilization that it conceived.

  • LindaRivera

    To myomy:

    Absolutely correct.

    Muslims around the world celebrated the 9/11 slaughter of innocents.

    Thousands of Palestinian Authority Muslims went wild with joy and delight over the cruel murders of our cherished 3,000. The Muslims danced in the streets, passed out sweets and fired into the air. They are the monsters the US/EU/UK/UN are eager to reward with their own terror state carved out of vulnerable, little Israel.