Die, Infidel Dog!

Iran launches its WAR ON TERRiOR:

  • JosephWiess

    Okay, so Muslims are insane, what's new? I suppose if you don't have man's best friend, you don't have someone who will warn you about intruders in the night. This opens up avenues for men to rape women in their sleep

  • LindaRivera

    Dogs are man's best friend! G-D gave dogs as a wonderful gift to humans! Only G-d knows the huge number of people who have had their lives saved by dogs. Hundreds of thousands? Dogs have pulled people out of snow drifts. Dogs have pulled injured people to safety. Saved lives by barking and barking waking up sleeping people to their houses on fire.

    Dogs are used as seeing eyes for the blind. It is very shocking and an act of cruelty that immigrant Muslim taxi drivers in a number of Western countries have refused to pick up blind people with their dogs.

    Dogs are used to herd sheep. Pull sleds over the snow. Dogs are loving companions to the childless and the lonely.

    Thank God indeed, for His wonderful gift of dogs!

  • tagalog

    The War on Terrier? Good one, Jimmy! Ben would be proud!

  • 080

    Well, dying takes practice. But if it will make them happy we should tell them that we will all die in due course but we don't see the advantage in rushing things.