End the Unjust Jewish Occupation of Arab Land!

A picture says a thousand words:


  • Tziona

    Even that picture doesn't tell the whole story, it misses off Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco to the west and Djibouti and Somalia to the south!

    • jtbaumgart

      But let us not forget Indonesia, Germany, France and Great Brittan as well.

  • Judy K. Warner

    If you'd said "Muslim lands" you'd be on to something. As it is, Iran, Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan and several others are not Arab lands.

    • Atikva

      You are right, of course, but "Arab" is the word used by the muslims in that case, to hide the fact that this actually is a religious war.

    • JimBob

      They are not Arab lands but were conquered and converted by the sword by the Arab armies. Ask any true Persian what he thinks of Arabs and be prepared to cover your children's ears.

  • Raymond in DC

    Having so inaccurate a map just undermines the essential message. If one is referring to Arab land, everything east of Turkey and Iran must be lopped off, while extended west to include all of North Africa. If referring to the Islamic "waqf", it should be extended even farther east and deeper into Africa.

    And if referring to all "occupied" Islamic land, it should include Iberia (occupied by Spain and Portugal), Greece, southern Italy, and the Balkan countries in the West, India, parts of China and the Phillipines in the East. Yes, there are Islamists who want to "redeem" those lands too. Israel is just the first target.

    • guest

      sorry buddy but prior to islam there were christians and others who may have also the right to re take their lands. islam spread by conquest and violence to many peaceful lands that flourished before the islamic conquests and colonialization.

      • EVABeliever

        Yes, but Muslims believe that once a country falls under Islamic rule it becomes property of Islam forever.

  • Questions

    The sheer stupidity of this map suggests the front page of The Daily Onion. First, a lot of the "Arab" countries indicated aren't Arab; Islamic, yes, but not Arab. I suppose our mapmaker can't distinguish between the concepts of ethnicity and religion. Second, how is a tiny speck on the map — Israel — "occupying" the huge swaths of territory surrounding it? And third, how is Israel's existence denying the other nations their own sovereignty?

    What nutjob made this map?

    • Atikva

      It seems you haven't caught the humor of this old map published several years ago by Israel supporters to show how ridiculous the islamic claim is. Of course Israel is dwarfed by his neighbors, of course Israel existence doesn't deprive them of anything – that's what the map shows without any possible discussion!

      As to the word "Arab" the authors used the same word as the muslims who make that preposterous claim. "Arab" instead of "muslim", so as not to make it obvious that the totalitarian ideology that passes for their religion is, indeed, at the core of the war they have declared on us all.

    • guest

      the only nutjob is yourself bubba. its a joke. it shows an irony .it is not an accurate depiction. you need to get some IQ

    • aspacia

      The first section of your claim is correct; it should read Muslim lands because not all Muslims are Arabs.

      Your claim: "Second, how is a tiny speck on the map — Israel — "occupying" the huge swaths of territory surrounding it? And third, how is Israel's existence denying the other nations their own sovereignty?" is correct, however, the part part of your claim ticked off many posters.

  • trickyblain

    Every nation on this map that's North and East of Iraq isn't Arab.

    This picture illustrates why many people think FPM is a joke. They could've made the point quite nicely with a map based in reality, but they had to go all shark jumper.

    • aspacia

      A picture speaks a thousand words, and many will assume it is Muslim not Arab. You are picking nits.

      I am well educated, and have found most articles in FPM, and NR, and Jihad Watch, and Atlas Shrugs to provide valid sources, albeit I do not agree with all the claims made. What I have found in the Liberal blogs is a huge amount of ad hom attacks, lies, distortions and emotional, childish responses.

      • iksnorb

        "ad hom attacks, lies, distortions and emotional, childish responses"
        These are common methods used by those who are not able to quantify their position or point of view by way of fact.

    • MixMChess

      Yes… but they are Muslim, you get the point. I think standwithus and protestwarrior have the same map on their signs.

  • Zena

    I find people who get the idea but pretend they don't just to be obstinate, so dull and boring. I bet they have a hard time with good ol' everyday reality too. Yawn.

  • LindaRivera

    Get out a magnifying glass to see tiny Israel on the map! And ruling elites want to give half of tiny Israel to expansionist, totalitarian Islam! Not one inch of Jewish Holy Land to barbaric enemies bent on Jewish genocide!

  • a guest

    The map is also on the home page of an excellent website: http :www.think-israel.org

  • a guest

    Sorry for the typo. The website is: http://www.think-israel.org

  • Asher

    The Bottom line is that the PLO and Hamas wants to squeeze Israel out of their God-Given Land so they have no defenses. Islam and Hitler were aligned too before the Holocaust.

  • aspacia

    Another attack is imminent with the "Arab Spring."

  • posse 101

    it's real simple. according to the koranimals the entire world is theirs and they'll be gracious enough to put up with us as long as we know our place, live here as second class citizens and pay the jizya. it's real simple.

  • Andres de Alamaya

    Today's NY Times carries a major article on an Islamic Turkish group who have built 120 Charter schools in Texas and other states with American taxpayer money. It is worth a read. I responded with the following comments: As I read this article, a melody began to play in the back of my head and I heard the lyric from an old novelty song: "Shut the door, they're coming through the window, shut the window, they're coming through the door." There are endless forms of Intifada in the world of Islam and this is one of the more effective ones. 9/11 was stupidity on their part because it began to wake up slumbering Americans to the fact that Muslims are programmed by the Koran to conquer the world. Through schools which at first provide genuine benefits with no hint of efforts to proselytize, they lay foundations with generous layers of taqiyya, it feels so good even Baptist ministers buy it. Rest in peace, America.

  • Art Stanton

    Hi Folks,
    I think the most relevant fact has been missed. The importation of Khazars into the land of the Hebrew people, by joint military means, is intended to indicate that biblical prophecy is fulfilled in that the Jews have returned home. Since the Khazars are not Jews, nor are they of the Hebrew stock, referring to the area of their occupation as Israel greatly abuses that name.
    What ever inconvience the Khazars have caused the Arabs or Muslims, in general, is due solely to their western brothers that air lifted them to this area. If their presence is an issue, it is a western generated one.
    The tree is only as strong as its tap root.

    • MixMChess

      Art you're an idiot, the old Khazar myth was debunked years ago. Move along, nothing to see here but a moronic antisemite…

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