Free Speech Victory: Lars Hedegaard Acquitted

Editor’s note: Lars Hedegaard, a Danish critic of Islam, has been on trial in Denmark for remarks he made regarding dysfunctions and abuse within Islamic family culture. He was just been acquitted. Below is his statement about his free speech victory:

Copenhagen, January 31, 2011

As my ancient forefathers, the vikings, would have said: It is always good to fight. It is better to win.

My detractors – the foes of free speech and the enablers of an Islamic ascendancy in the West – will claim that I was acquitted on a technicality, namely that the judge in the Court of Frederiksberg resolved that my supposedly offensive comments on the violations against little Muslim girls were not intended for public dissemination.

That is absolutely true. The judge chose the way out provided by my capable counsel.

However, the public prosecutor has been privy to the circumstances surrounding my case for a year – and yet he chose to prosecute me. Obviously in the hope that he could secure a conviction given the Islamophile sentiment among our ruling classes.

My acquittal is therefore a major victory for free speech.

I have no doubt that the massive support I have received from freedom fighters around the world has been instrumental in securing my acquittal.

This outcome will encourage people all over the West and beyond to speak up.

The battle for freedom is far from lost.


  • Chezwick_Mac

    A minor detour in Europe's head-long rush into dhimmitude.

  • StephenD

    The desire to stifle free and open debate of the virtues (or lack thereof) of Islam has been accomplished nevertheless. The only issue that kept Lars from jail was the fact that he said his piece in private. In other words, free and open expression is not allowed.

  • Armando

    Perhaps the Dutch judges will follow suit and acquit Geert Wilder. Maybe, just maybe Europe still has one last chance. I hope…

  • Michael Canzano

    Europe is gone. It has passed the point of no return . Sharia and jihad are its new masters. Just the fact that Wilder and Hedegaard were put on trial is a testiment to Europe's demise.
    The only positve side to this open armed we welcome sharia disaster will be the lesson it will teach or not teach the rest of the Planet. There is no fight left in the major majority of its citizens. They will covert to Islam or be exterminated.
    In America we have elected muslim congressmen and a muslim president. We are following Europe off the "Cliff of Political Correctness." Fortunately we still have not reached the point of no return.
    American Christian Infidel
    Michael Canzano

  • Michael Canzano

    Buy stock in burka factories.
    Michael Canzano

  • sodizzy

    Kudos to him and all who are courageous enough to even speak in this atmosphere of intimidation by the less fortunate peoples of the earth.