GBTV Video – Feature on the “Wall of Lies”

GBTV’s S.E. Cupp has recently taken a revealing look at the growing anti-Semitism on the American college campus. The video focuses on two students who helped the Freedom Center put up the “Palestinian Wall of Lies” last year. To see Cupp’s report, click here:



  • Anamah

    Thank you David, and all of you willing to defend the truth! Islamic are so obsessed denying Israel rights as Jewish State, and trying to throwing out Jews from their land… Arab construction of lies needs to be dismantled so it will finally be openly exposed for all the world to see. All of you make a great difference.

  • BannedFromJW

    i applaud all those who dare to speak the truth. and the truth is that we must do EVERYTHING in our power to ensure that islam will disappear.