GBTV Video – Feature on the “Wall of Lies”

GBTV’s S.E. Cupp has recently taken a revealing look at the growing anti-Semitism on the American college campus. The video focuses on two students who helped the Freedom Center put up the “Palestinian Wall of Lies” last year. To see Cupp’s report, click here:



  • Dispozadaburka

    It should warm your hearts to know that
    author of Post-American World
    will be giving the commencement speech at
    Harvard this year.

  • Steve Chavez

    Finkelstein guest speaker at the University of New Mexico sponsored by Peace Studies Department. It seems that since Finkelstein, who has supported WAR by Hezbollah and Hamas, that he is not seeking "PEACE," and legitimizes THAT WAR as self-defense, then he should NOT be sponsored by a university group. This only proves again that this DEGREE is all about attacks on the U.S. and in this case, Jews and Israel!

  • BS77

    Israel is NOT the problem in the MIddle East. You should know that by now.

  • joy52

    I read this website regularly and don't have anything against GBTV, but I don't like the links that expect me to put down a credit card before I can continue.

    • Deb

      The link sent me straight to the video on GBTV which I watched after clicking Play without any payment required. Did you really attempt to watch the video or did you just assume you would have to pay and so wrote that comment under a false assumption?

      • newt

        mode on… Apparently the joy52computer interface has a liberal user detection device within the keyboard that signals GBTV to send the credit card request… sarcasm mode off.