Geert Wilders Denounces Norway Massacre

The following is Geert Wilders’ statement concerning the massacre in Norway:

The brutal murder of dozens of innocent Norwegian civilians several days ago has shocked the Freedom Party (Dutch PVV). We mourn and stand by the Norwegian people who suffer from a massive blow.

The manifesto of the perpetrator makes clear that this is a madman. He wants to work with Al Qaeda (which he cherishes great admiration for), craves the bombing of cities, dreams of knights who surgically mutilate themselves and wants to meet his hero Karadzic.

Breivik also refers to the Netherlands. That the fight against Islam is conducted by a violent psychopath is disgusting and a slap to the face of the global anti-Islamic movement. It fills me with disgust that the perpetrator refers to the PVV and me in his manifesto.

PVV nor I are responsible for a lone idiot who twisted the freedom-loving anti-Islamization ideals, no matter how much some people would like that. We are democrats at heart. The Freedom Party has never, ever called for violence and will never do so. We believe in the power of the ballot box and the wisdom of the voter. Not bombs and guns.

We fight for a democratic and nonviolent means against the further Islamisation of society and will continue to do so. The preservation of our freedom and security is our only goal.

Geert Wilders

  • Heather MacIlwenay

    I wonder if the people who run this website would agree that it's right wing extremist contributors and it's visitors should be monitored by the security services – FBI / CIA – in order to protect the country from an attack similar to the one that took place in Norway.

    • stern

      but then you'd have to monitor the sites of leftists like Naomi Klein, who was also quoted by Breivik. How would you feel about that?

      • Heather MacIlwenay

        No complaints from me. Unlike right wing maniacs, I'm not paranoid.

        • jay

          What a liberal idea! Only guilty people have something to fear from the nanny state keeping tabs on us!

        • One World vs God

          Just because you aren't paranoid doesn't mean we aren't all out to getcha!

      • 2maxpower

        no point trying to have a debate with a leftist.

        they will try to hold you to a standard they will never stand by.

    • john

      The drugs have destroyed the Left's brain. I can never find logic in anything they ever stand for. If drug-testing was mandatory for any job in our country, these scatterbrains would all be unemployed on public assistance. And here is another unknown fact about your current president: how many of you know that any time he sets his foot in the FBI, CIA or any other government agency that handles classified information, all computers have to be shut down because he does not hold a Top Secret clearance required to be in that space. Yet every mail room clerk who makes 15,000 a year has the TS clearance. This is the guy that you idiots have voted for.

    • Ronald W. Carnine

      Heather, I am 57 yrs. of age, The most part of my adult life was spent as a LEO. Within that time I was utilized as an investigator, investigating everything from theft to murder. I also worked for several yrs as commander of our departments gang unit. I decided about 4 yrs. ago to investigate the "religion" of Islam. I tried to be as fair and unbiased as I could be, just like when I investigated a homicide. So, using material from both sides of this issue (I was given a very nice copy of the Koran by CAIR and I read Robert Spencer's biography of Mohammed and everything in between.I found that Islam is guilty of horrendous crimes, from rape, theft, murder and extreme bias against other religions and non-religious philosophies. Islam seeks to conquer the world and set Islam as the only religion/gov't on earth. This doesn't mean that there are no dark crimes committed by other religions, but they evolved, changed, and became basically non-violent. Islam has never changed. It's not that there are not non-violent Muslims, there are and I corresponded with several of them. But Islam itself is violent and is instructed to be so by the Koran. It doesn't matter if one is conservative or liberal, an unbiased investigation into Islam and its founder Mohammed, should cause you to be very concerned. I take it you are a female, so please spend some time looking at what the Koran says about you. If that doesn't change your view I don't know what else to say. Good luck.

      • NestorJames

        Your conclusions about Islam are undeniable to any intelligent person who takes the time to study Islam. People sure don't want to hear it, but they need to get themselves a Quran and some Hadiths and get to the bottom of the Muslim question for themselves. You can't trust anybody these days and must do it yourself. If enough people do, we will win this.

  • StephenD

    So you would be willing to forfeit personal freedom for supposed personal security huh? I wonder if you'd recognize ever that you end up with neither.

    • Penny

      in which case whats with the anti-muslim bigotry and zenophbia? You're trying to restrict thier personal freedom. Let all people be free and get on an do something positive and constructive with your life.

      • ChrisNichols

        Well, since you haven't been paying attention penny, militant muslims are the biggest bigoted, racist, xenophobes on the planet, and they want to bring that here. You misunderstand our intent, purposefully. We don't want to restrict their personal freedoms, which they enjoy like any other American. We merely point out that they seek to play victim while agitating for the establishment of Sharia, which would exclude non-muslims from having any rights at all. And useful idiots like you aid and abet them.

        • Natalie Goodfellow

          Geez, a real life example of the paranoid mind of the right-wing extremist. I hope that one day you realise that this is how hitler brain-washed the german people to hate the jews, by painting them as the demons and the source of everyone's ills.

          You guys need help. Fast.

          • Artie

            It's no use arguing fellows. Liberalism is a mental disease and they will NEVER understand logic.

          • Roger Strand

            little Artie is right fellas. Just turn the other cheek.

          • Chris Nichols

            No stupid, the German people needed brainwashed by propoganda because the things Hitler accused the Jews of weren't true. Women forced into marriages, rapes, genital mutilation, being burned with acid, not being able to go to school or testify in court, that's really happening in the Muslim world. And there are also all those global acts of terrorism, codified in the Koran. Now, there is plenty of evidence of this, you just choose to act like it doesn't exist and then call me a lunatic. If there is anyone who's been brainwashed and needs help, it's you.

          • Anita Darbyshire

            Hitler must have been pretty convincing too when he managed to brainwash a whole country to hate jews. Whether you choose to accept this hate speech is down to your own conscience, maybe your environment…. and perhaps your up-bringing.

  • THE

    They may or may not be his views, even if he did or did not write any or all of it, and because they are the opinions of a Human, then there is bound to be things that Law Abiding Citizens will agree on and Disagree on.

    If the Accused Person, or even Hitler wrote that Norwegians should have at least three good meals a day, and they should work if possible, then every Norwegian would agree with that.

    If he said that Norwegians should not smoke cigarettes, take illegal drugs, waste money on irresponsible gambling; then many Norwegians would agree with that.

    I think the Left are going to try to pick whatever they do not like in this Manifesto, and then they will say that People should cease to Vote for Right Wing Policies, because if they do, then it is not Politically Correct, and they are Terrorist sympathizers.

    The Left will try to add another aspect of Political Correctness, and brainwash the Western World that if they think like they used to, then they Terrorist sympathizers.

    The interesting thing about all of this is the Left may try to do this, even though there is much speculation, that the entire profiling could be all based on lies.

    Many Norwegians were told that if they criticized or even questioned their Countries Immigration Policy, then they were labelled as Racist, and the Left’s Political Correctness may have been the cause the recent massacre because of the pent up frustration of ordinary Norwegians to have their opinions without been labelled Racist.

    I think that Total Racial Segregation in the Balkans and in Europe is based on not wanting a Civil War, and if the only way to prevent a Civil War is to have Total Racial Segregation, then that is not being Racist, but just commonsense.

    If we look at the Albanians of Kosovo, or any Country other than Albanian, their Loyalties lie only with Albania, and other Albanians.

    The Serbian Government did not commit Genocide on the Albanians, but the Albanians have never wanted to Loyal to any Country other than Albania.

    If Norway went to war with another Country, on whose side would their Immigrants really be if the other Country made the Immigrants a better offer?

    There are People, who want to persevere their own unique Culture, and it has nothing to do with hatred of others who are different, and a Proper Democracy would let the People debate what type of Society they want for their Country.

    The Accused Person should be treated a Criminal who has the Right to the Presumption of Innocence until the Court decides otherwise, and be labelled as a Suspected Criminal, and not as anything else.

  • LindaRivera

    “An alliance with the Jihadists might prove beneficial to both parties,” Breivik wrote. “We both share one common goal.”

    Breivik dreamed of obtaining WMDs from jihadi terrorist groups for use against European targets. And emphasized that, “Knights Templar do not intend to persecute devout Muslims or enslave them under puppet leaders in their own Islamic countries like today’s EU/US leaders are doing.” End.

    The above is what the media should have zeroed in on: Breivik's overwhelming desire for an alliance with Muslim terrorist groups and using WMDs against European targets. A terrible threat to Europe if monster Breivik has people working with him.

    But the elites chose to ignore all this. Ruthless media and elites IMMEDIATELY and eagerly exploited the murders of innocent children for political propaganda by attacking hero Geert Wilders and other heroes who write and speak to warn of the great dangers of Islam. It is profoundly evil.

    The elites seek to silence all those who warn – they seek to put to sleep an unsuspecting public. The elites brought in massive numbers of Muslim immigrants into Europe, UK and other countries. Exactly why would they do that when the Koran teaches that jihad is an obligation for every Muslim?

    • Priapas

      The funniest thing was the "innocent children" were having a "Break the Israeli Blockade" party in support of the Hamas Terrorists in Gaza when they were shot. Oh well, they wanted to support Hamas and ended up seeing what it was like to be an Israeli Settler for a day. Irony can be pretty ironic sometimes, can't it?

  • LindaRivera

    When I read about this tragedy I was stunned and deeply shocked that this monster attacked and murdered the children for a FULL NINETY MINUTES. How could such a length of time take place before the authorities arrived? This is a first world country with a modern police force and modern military. The nation's children were under attack. If the police were experiencing any kind of problem to carry out a rescue and stop the dreadful carnage, why were the military not called in immediately?

    Why were their neighbors, close European countries not contacted immediately asking for help?

    The world has a long tradition where in emergencies such as fire, floods and earthquakes, etc. other countries immediately send teams to help the country suffering an emergency.

    If I were the parents of the slain children, I would spend the rest of my life seeking an answer as to why this monster was able to murder the children for a FULL NINETY MINUTES.

    • Raymond in DC

      Their "modern" police force is unarmed. Weapons are locked away and can only be taken out and used with official authorization.

  • Priapus

    It never ceases to amaze me how the Left puts into action policies and never consider the consequences of their actions. Case in point, they have a open-door immigration policy with the express purpose of establishing a loyal voting bloc and never consider the possibility of social tensions or the ramifications to their national economy. Or Obama increasing the national debt to the point of insolvency and bankrupting the US. And when things start to predictably blow-up it's the fault of conservatives and their hateful rhetoric and intransigence.

    • Billy Bargolo

      I know!! Wasn't it Obama, that went into Iraq to get Osama Bin Laden based in a pack of lies and ended up costing us trillions of dollars and never getting Osama anyway, only to have the next president get him in a year and a half. in a completely diffferent country. What an idiot that obama is.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    If Breivet weren’t mentally deranged and filled with hatred to begin with, it would have been apparent to him that his terrorist attack against the Left would inevitably cause the Left that pushes multiculturalism and Muslim immigration down our throats to dig in their heels even deeper, at the same time that it would have also supplied them with unwarranted ammunition to use against those working to educate the public to end multiculturalism and Muslim immigration.

  • Alexander King

    I can't understand why the gun-laws in Norway are so lax. If its such a peaceful country and gun-use even by the police is severely restricted, how come Breivik had license for all these weapons?

  • YVES


    • Ann


  • guest

    Wilders and the rest of you are just covering your *sses. Talk tough and then refuse to take responsibility for the consequences of your words and actions. I guess all of the anti-Jewish propaganda in the lead up to the Holocaust had no impact either. Hey, they were just words, right?

    • Peter

      Do you actually, in the depths of your mind and soul, believe that Jihadis kill because of anything that Mr. Wilders, or any readers of this site may have said? Or is it far simpler and more realistic to believe that they kill because of the clear instructions in their religion to do just that?
      Killers are responsible for their killing! We are not cowards, and we will not (as you will) appease evil out of the conviction that they'll come for you last.
      As a Jew, I take offense at your implication that if I fight against a murderous, barbarous ideology that explicitly seeks the death of all Jews, that I am somehow akin to those who brought forth the Holocaust! Using your logic those who fought the Nazis were equal, morally speaking, with the Nazis themselves!

  • Ghostwriter

    guest,didn't you read Wilders' statement? Most of us condemn what happened in Norway. Your ignorance is appaling and stupid. Please take the time to read the above statement before you write something that you'll later regret.

    • StephenD

      Ghost, I would that this was true but you know as well as I that he'll never regret his ignorance. That would be like a pig regretting being in the mud.

  • Kendall Andrews

    People blaming Robert Spencer or websites like are clueless.

    I've come to this website off and on for several years, and have never seen any author on here profess hatred. Sure they constantly are pointing out true hatred in the world and that often is in the form of Islamic terror. What do the critics of this site want? For Islamic terrorism to never be brought up or discussed? If you point out evil in the world, you become evil too?

    You can disagree with the politics, and the worldview of this website, but it isn't hateful, and it doesn't encourage violence.

  • Estonia Tag Party

    No argument. But I also argue that publicness brings its benefits and so we need to examine what is private and why and sometimes making something private loses us the benefits. That’s why I’m trying to dissect this in real terms.

  • Guest

    Normalnie holenderska świnia- – -nic nowego. W Polsce też takich mamy!