Glenn Beck’s Address at Restoration Weekend

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Editor’s note: Below is Glenn Beck’s speech on November 19, 2011 at David Horowitz’s Restoration Weekend in West Palm Beach, Florida (Nov. 17-20, 2011). It is preceded by an introduction by David Horowitz. To watch the video, click for Part I here and for Part II here.

David Horowitz: I am honored and incredibly privileged to introduce my friend, Glenn Beck, the busiest man on God’s green earth.

Glenn began life in circumstances that would crush most of us, and almost did him.  He’s gone on to become one of the most successful and important political figures of our era.  He is a major force in American media, the host of top-ranked radio and television shows that have reached millions of listeners and viewers.  He’s the author of six New York Times bestsellers in both fiction and nonfiction and the organizer of unprecedented mass demonstrations — in Washington to restore hope for our country, and in Jerusalem to declare his solidarity with the Jewish state — as its citizens are threatened with a second holocaust by their Islamic enemies.

As the organizer of the 9/12 movement and march on Washington, Beck is the real creator of the American Tea Party, the most important development in conservatism in our era and, in many ways, the last best hope for America’s future.

He is currently in the process of launching Glenn Beck TV and Mercury Enterprises, a media complex which is designed to break the virtual monopoly of the Left on American audiences, a monopoly that exerts itself either through direct control of media channels like MSNBC or through vicious attacks on advertisers who provide sponsorship for conservative programs like Glenn Beck’s on Fox.

Glenn has been the target of the most vicious attacks of which the Left is capable.  He has been ridiculed and derided.  His sanity has been questioned, and his character has been assaulted.  He has been called racist, sexist, Islamophobic, and every other term the verbal assassins of the Left regularly invoke to destroy the conservatives they fear the most.

Like many other targets of the Left, he has also been attacked by Republican elitists in Washington, and in identical terms — nutcase, reactionary, conspiracy theorist, extremist.  These are the words these elitists have used to describe him.  Call it the Stockholm syndrome.  It is a crippling disease of the Republican Party and of elements in the conservative movement to seek the approval of one’s enemies by attacking one’s friends, to treat one’s enemies as misguided friends, to be polite and courteous to people who want to slit your throat.

Let me tell you a personal story that will illuminate the problem.  Twenty-five years ago, I was a recent refugee from the Left and had begun addressing conservative audiences.  One of my first invitations came from the Cardinal Mindszenty Foundation in St. Louis, named after a famous hero of the anti-Communist struggle during the Cold War.  I had been a leader of the New Left, a Marxist, a self-styled revolutionary, a small-C communist and a large-A anti-American.

But when my conservative host introduced me, he said — this is David Horowitz, who is a former civil rights worker and peace activist.  It is not just that my conservative host was too polite to notice that I had been a self-declared enemy of our country and of people like himself.  It is that conservatives either do not want to believe that this country has enemies among its own citizens or do not want to be seen by the New York Times and the Washington Post as believing that this country has enemies within.

This is how Barack Obama got elected to the White House.  All Republicans allowed themselves to see was a community organizer, a civil rights worker and peace activist.  All they saw was a progressive.  And that is what socialist, radical, pro-jihadist and anti-American activists call themselves today — progressives.

My parents were card-carrying members of the Communist Party and wanted the Soviet enemy to win the Cold War.  But they always referred to themselves as progressives.  When the Communist Party ran a candidate for President in 1948, the party they created for the job was called the Progressive Party.  Actually, Henry Wallace — I hadn’t thought of this before — was the Joe Biden of his day — the former Democrat Vice President.

This was a ruse to hide their real agendas.  Progressive was a good old American thing to be.  And 50 years later, conservatives were still buying it hook, line and sinker.  Until the arrival of Glenn Beck.

What distinguishes Glenn Beck, what makes him such a game-changing force in the struggle for America’s future, is that he has deconstructed the word “progressive,” put his finger on the enemy, named him, and won’t let him go.  That is why Glenn Beck is marked for slaughter by the Left.  It is also why conservative elitists in Washington are desperate to disown him.  Because his message is discomforting, and because the heart of his message is an unpleasant truth.

Until Glenn Beck came along, ex-radicals like myself were endlessly frustrated by conservatives’ refusal to look at history, refusal to connect the dots, refusal to understand that these are not idealists, but dedicated anti-capitalist, anti-liberty and anti-American crusaders who number in the millions; that they are financed by anti-American billionaires, like George Soros; and leftwing foundations, billionaire foundations, like the Tides Foundation and the Ford Foundation; and communist unions, like the SEIU; and criminal organizations, like ACORN; and that they are part of an international socialist Left which supports our Islamist enemies in the Middle East and Asia.

Former radicals like myself, who knew these people up close and personal, spent years in the conservative wilderness, beside ourselves with frustration as we watched conservatives call communists and socialists and anti-American radicals liberals, and misguided idealists.

And then, along came Glenn Beck.  Before an audience of millions, Glenn Beck began to connect the dots and restore the history, and describe the real agendas of the leftist movement and its cynical deceptions, and its monumental crimes.  Beck saw that the link between the anarchists and the radicals, the socialists and the liberals, lay in the very term “progressive.”

Progressivism is the religious idea that history is moving in a positive direction, that it is within the political power of human beings, within the power of political activists and governments, to remake the entire world and bring about a paradise of social justice.  They believe that the way to do this is by increasing the power of government until the state is able to compel every man, woman and child to be just, and good, and environmentally friendly, and healthy — in a word, progressive.  But you cannot compel human beings to be just and good without abolishing their individual freedom.  This is the essence of the totalitarian idea.  And it is the progressive idea.

This is the truth that Glenn Beck has brought to millions of Americans.  This is why leftists hate him and attack him, and why conservative elitists want to disown him.

In 2011, Glenn Beck spoke to the most important conservative gathering in Washington.  During his speech, he wrote the world “progressivism” on a blackboard and said — this is the disease.  Progressivism is the cancer in America, and it is eating our Constitution.  And conservatives attacked him.  Not the grassroots conservatives at the CPAC conference, but the elitist conservatives at The Weekly Standard.

The Weekly Standard said that what Beck had written on that blackboard was nonsense and conspiratorial, and tangential to the political realities of our day.  Those are quotes — “tangential to the political realities of our day.”  No.  The conservative elitists have it exactly wrong.  The threat from progressives is the political reality of our day.

Our nation and its institutions are under siege.  Obamaism is not a mistaken policy, or several mistaken policies, carried out by civil rights workers and peace activists.  It is the latest incarnation of a 200-year-old movement to destroy the American Constitution and the American economic system — what in the old days we used to proudly call — or others used to proudly call the American way of life.

Glenn Beck has been teaching this to millions and millions of Americans, to Tea Party activists and Joe Six-Packs.  He has been naming the enemy and revealing his agendas.  He has taken on the dragons of American socialism and international socialism which have penetrated the heart and brain of the Democratic Party.  And he has documented their unholy alliances with Islamic jihadists and America’s secular, totalitarian enemies.

Glenn Beck is the most prominent voice of freedom in the face of the tyranny at our door.  He is a champion of the Jews and their fragile democracy in the face of a second Nazi holocaust currently being organized by rabid Islamists and their progressive friends.  He is a man of formidable personal courage, under relentless personal attack; an indispensible leader to millions of conservatives who believe in America and who want its glories to continue.

I am not a man given to prayer.  But if I were, the person whose safety and whose health I would be praying for daily — for the sake of my children, and my friends, and my country — would be this man, this great American — Glenn Beck.

Glenn Beck: Thank you.

David, if you don’t mind, I have a box underneath my desk that I put some of my notes and put some of the stories and some of my thoughts in, and some things — I keep records for my children.  Because when I started this, I met with my older children, who are now in college.  And I said — this is going to change our family.  And the only thing that I care about is that you remember who I am.  And if you don’t mind, I’d like to take and put what you just said about me in that box, so they remember.  Thank you.

Meaningful, thank you.

So, the topic that I was given today was — how much trouble are we in?

I don’t think I really need to tell you, do I?

David Horowitz has been standing guard at this door, along with many of you, long before I got off my couch, put on a pair of pants, took off my sweatpants, and stopped eating Doritos and went to work.  And because of that, you’ve given us a chance to survive.

I think the question — how much trouble are we in — I’ll address.  But the bigger question that I would like to address today is — how much trouble is the Left in?  Because America is waking up.  And there’s only going to be one of us standing in the end.  And I have every intension of it being us.

The world is changing, and it doesn’t have to be a bad thing.  But the world is changing.  It’s changing for a myriad of reasons.  The systems don’t work.  If we took out all of the corruption, all of the greed; we took out all of the politics and everything else, still technology is changing.  And the systems that were built shortly after the Industrial Revolution, starting in the 1920s — they don’t work anymore.  The networks don’t work anymore.  Nothing works.  We now have the ability to go one-on-one.

And because of that, the world is changing.  And anyone with power is flailing in the water, trying to grab onto anything.  Anybody who knows anything about a drowning man — they’ll take you down, too.  You don’t jump in the water to save them.  They’ll take you down as well.  And that’s what’s happening on every front.  They’ll take us all down.

Now, that’s the happy news.

The happy news is those people are flailing because they don’t know what else to do.  They have built this world, they have been in those positions.  This is the way the system works.  It’s the record industry against Napster and then iTunes.  The record industry is still saying — I don’t know what to do.  They’ll do anything to claw their way back.

That’s why regulation is going out of control.  You know industries are dying when they go for regulation.  And everybody’s going for regulation.  Except for the small entrepreneur — get the hell out of my way.  Why?  Because we have faith in ourselves.  We have faith in the end user.  I know all I have to do is create a better product, and people will come.  That’s America.  But we’re turning into Europe at best, and the Soviet Union at worst.

In the end, the world will change.  The message that has to be gotten out to the rest of America is — are you going to sleep through it?  Because this is the time that historians will write about for decades, if not centuries to come.  The world is at a paradigm shift.  And if you don’t be a part of it, if you’re not part of it now, if you’re not out redesigning, it will be redesigned for you.  Welcome to slavery.

This is a journey unlike any journey that most people have ever traveled on.  There is no blueprint for this journey.  That’s why historians will look to us.  There has never been a group of people at this point that have reversed the tide.  But there have never been Americans at this point.  When the world is always down, the world always flails in the water, until Americans arrive.  Americans are already here.  We just have to look to ourselves.  We don’t have to take a boat or an airplane to go anyplace.  We’re already here!  All we have to do is stand up and take charge, and be the people that we have always been.  Wake up, America, and we solve our own problems.

In the end, we can either continue down this course as freedom-loving people, and worry about the damn Republicans, and lose; or as freedom-loving people we can stand together and worry about the republic, and win.

The first thing we have to do is stop listening to morons.

We have to stop listening to the people who have been wrong every step of the way.  These are the damn people that designed this system!  And we go to them and say — okay mister banker, okay mister politician who’s been there the whole time — how do we fix it?  How do you fix it?  They said it would be fine in the first place.  How do we fix it?  Many times, we fix it by putting those people in jail.

We have to look to the people who have seen it coming.  David Horowitz is one of them.

Because — if you will indulge me — because nobody else ever will, I want to give you a bit of my record, so you see the record, so what I say after this carries any kind of weight.  What’s coming?

In 1999, I was in the air on WABC in New York.  And I said — listen to the words of Osama bin Laden.  And conservatives attacked me and said I was only supporting Bill Clinton.  I said — are you out of your mind?  I hate the guy.

But if he’s bombing an aspirin factory, and it’s the right thing to do, I guess maybe we should say — okay, don’t like this.  But he’s going after Osama bin Laden.  And I read the words of Osama bin Laden.  And the conservatives attacked me.  And I said — mark my words — in this city, there will be blood, bodies and buildings in the streets.  And they will be done by Osama bin Laden.  Will you then stop playing politics?  That was 1999.

In 2004, I begged my audience — do not take out any of these loans.  They don’t make any sense.  Well, you don’t have an education.  I can do basic math.  They don’t make sense.  Stop.

Eighteen months prior, I was losing my audience.  Because conservatives said I was talking down the economy.  Eighteen months prior to TARP.  I lost about 30 percent of my audience.  My stations were canceling.  My network came to me and said — please, will you shut up about the economy?  Nobody cares.  You’re wrong.  It’s not going to happen.  Sorry.  Sorry.

Six months prior, I begged my audience — get out of the stock market.  I remember a guy said — he was on television, and the Dow was at 14,000.  And he said — we’re looking at 18,000.  I looked right in the camera, and I said — don’t listen to that moron.  Don’t listen to him.  Don’t listen — I’m sorry we even had him on.  Get your money out now.  I believe it was six days later that the crash came.

It doesn’t take a genius.  It takes someone who’s willing to look at common sense, and look at the facts.  Last year — hammered for telling people to have some food.  Because food prices are going to go up.  This administration — how dare them! — betrayed our public, betrayed the average person by saying — oh, there is no such thing as inflation.  When all I said was have food!  That’s too conspiratorial?  Prepare for hard times.

Thanksgiving dinner is now 13 percent higher than it was last year.  Thirteen percent higher.  It may not mean a lot to the people in this room, but it sure the hell means a lot to a lot of Americans who are struggling to get by.  Thirteen percent.

I want you to do this.  I want you to go to the Fed’s website.  They’ve got a little game for kids to play — what’s it like to be Ben Bernanke for the day?  Can you fix the economy?

Yes.  My six-year-old could be Ben Bernanke for a day and do a better job.  Go to the Fed’s website.  On the Fed’s website there’s a little game, made for kids — can you control inflation?  Do this test.  Go to the website, and put in 0 percent interest on money.  Put it in there.  Run that program for three years.  You could do it today.  Project it out three years.  Shows inflation at 17 percent.  If anybody looks at the non-game-playing adjusted inflation, the way we used to calculate during the Carter years, the way we used to calculate inflation, it is now — bottom 11, top 17 percent.  So the Fed’s own website shows — yeah, you do this for three years, yeah, Thanksgiving dinner will go up 13 percent.  Put it and run it for four years.  Inflation goes from 17 percent to 38 percent.  All you have to do is be like a kid, and look at the facts.

Everyone tries to dismiss what these — everybody’s got a backup plan.  Everybody’s got — well, I got a system.  Ah, you don’t have to worry about that, it’s going to be different this time.  No, it’s not.  It never is.  Two plus two equals four.  Not five, not seven, not 10; four.  Every time, four.  That’s the way it works.

Hammered in January.  I have been looking for the Archduke Ferdinand moment.  Tunisia, I said.  A man sets himself on fire.  That is the Archduke Ferdinand moment of this generation.  It will cascade across the land.  It will sweep the Middle East.  Radicals, communists, socialists, Islamists, revolutionaries will collude.  To collapse the Western way of life, they will destroy Israel and the United States of America.  And anti-Semitism not seen since the 1930s will return.

Of course, I was a crazy man.  Unless you read the papers today.  Israel is our only real friend.

And we have betrayed them.  We are doing more than that.  We are betraying ourselves, our God and our legacy by not standing up now.  I studied Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Gandhi, Martin Luther King.  The reason why Bonhoeffer lost in Germany is because there’s a short window.  You cannot play the games of marchers out in the streets like Martin Luther King to a society that has gone to hell already.

There’s this amazing speech given by Adolf Hitler, where they started to actually — the idea was to take the SS, and — you can rat on your neighbor.  If you see something, say something.  Rat on your neighbor.  Well, the people of Germany were so far off the scale that they were taking things from somebody who screwed them in middle school, like — oh, I’ve always wanted to get them back — and turn them in.  Hitler actually said — I’m paraphrasing — it’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever read.  This is Adolf Hitler.  He said — what the hell is wrong with you people?  Adolf Hitler!  Looking at the Germans, and saying — you disgust me.

That’s when he knew he had them.  Because they were so internally corrupt that he could do anything.  And he did.

There’s about an 18-month window.  And I contend we’re in it.  An 18-month window that if you don’t slip through that window, there’s no going back.  And in that 18-month window, that is the moment that a Martin Luther King, or a Gandhi, or an Abraham Lincoln need to appear, and need to lead the people to righteousness.  Or profound global darkness will come.

Occupy Wall Street is some of the most dark, evil stuff I’ve ever seen.  I am moving out of New York City.  I attended a movie in the park with my daughters and my wife this summer.  I’m used to getting the slings and arrows.  I get it.  But leave my children alone.  My children were a block away from me.  And people — women! — were standing up and pointing, and screaming at my children — get out of New York!  My children.  I wasn’t with them.

The country is splitting.  But Martin Luther King was right.  If you put goodness next to evil, if you compare them, and you let people see them — that’s what they’re trying to do at Occupy Wall Street.  They are trying to make the police officers look bad.  Those police officers — I got news for you.  I’m about ready to go club a few of those dopes in the head for them.  These police officers are amazing!  They’re standing there now for, how long, two months?  Standing there.  Being called every name.  Being pushed and poked and prodded.  And they do nothing.  Those are Americans.

We have people who glorify cop killers.  We have rapes going on.  How many people have died?  Seven?  And the media says nothing.

1968, as David knows — a banner year for the American Left.  But 1968 was also the year of the moon shot.  When you had pigs rolling around in the mud, you also had man walking up on the moon.  And America was split.  Am I Woodstock?  Or do we reach out and touch the stars?

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  • Bonnie Lee

    Wow! David Horowitz, my favorite news editor, and Glenn Beck, my favorite political prophet and patriot of our time, have hit the nail on the head; and if we aren't attached to the movement to change America at the grassroots, we are truly dead wood. Forget about complaining about the banks or the cost of living. You do not have the right to be heard. Speak now, or forever hold your peace. WAKE UP, AMERICA!

  • Asher

    At these times stay focused, calm, and connect with the right people who build a nation not destroy it. The truth will set us free, we are up against a maniacle Nazzi Movement that wants to destroy everything positive that God and Mankind have built. Thanks to David and Glenn and others who are showing courage.

  • Gylippus

    Thanks Glenn, for sounding the alarm at this late hour. You have made a difference.

  • Scotsirish

    Read "Bonhoeffer". It is prophetic to US at this point.
    I thought of little else at Thanksgiving dinner yesterday. Will this be the last Thanksgiving that we are not completely enveloped by the evil standing over US?

  • mrbean

    Glen Beck says, " But 1968 was also the year of the moon shot. When you had pigs rolling around in the mud, you also had man walking up on the moon. And America was split. Am I Woodstock? Or do we reach out and touch the stars?

    A concretization of this issue of reason vs. emotion is in Ayn Rand's " Apollo and Dyonisus" – an analysis of two contrasting events of 1969: the glorious achievement of the Apollo 11 moon flight and the mindless mud-wallowing of the mindless hippies an druggies at the Woodstock rock festival.

    Listen ro audio at:

    • Herman Caintonette

      Glenn Beck and Bill Oh'Really don't do history, although they claim to.

  • Gunner57

    We have to start a movement to stop funding ALL government and union pensions. I am so sick of hearing from people who never took ONE stinking risk in their life lecture me about fiscal astuteness when not only did their government steal MY money, now they are proposing to steal my 401K and IRA to shore up government and union pensions. They sit around dreaming about how THEY will spend the pension money that we gave them!!

    My wife's sister and her husband are shopping for a shore house to "retire" too while they are still in their 50's. "Oh, they worked so hard", BS!!!! They never lost a night's sleep worrying about a paycheck in their lives. GO BACK TO WORK!!

    I want their pension money!!!!!! I paid for it t!!!!

    • Amused

      Blow it out your arse jackass . If your 401 or IRA is at risk , just thank the oligarchs whose arses you been sucking….and continue to suck .

      • Blaze Pascal

        The Left is very articulate. I admire them.

        • Herman Caintonette

          Unfortunately, erudite expressions are wont to go over the heads of troglodytes like Gunner. You have to speak in language they can understand, and Amused did precisely that.

      • truebearing

        More vacuous drivel from the leftist claiming to be a centrist.

        BTW, please don'y sit when you speak, it really muffles your voice.

  • Zam

    We need more people like David Horowitz. As for Glenn Beck, he still needs a little work, but, I think he can do it. I think.

    This article reminded me of the fact that the only way I can handle the word "progressive" is if it applies to a slot machine or not. Yes, I like the progressive slot machines. And yes, the word progressive really fits in nice when it involves slot machines. These type slot machines have big jackpots. Oh yeah! Anyway, I hope this entry is not read by Al Gore (you never know) and he tries to put an end to my enjoyment of playing the progressive slot machines by claiming too much slot machine (especially the progressive ones) play contributes to "global warming" and makes everybody sweat.

  • Zam

    Of course, we all know Gore would claim the progressive slot machines are even worse–causing hot-sauna-like weather conditions all over the earth–even on the top of Mt. Everest. OK, it is true–I do sweat when I play the progressive slot machines–but that is due to the vibe I get (from the progressive slot machine in question) while I am putting my money in it. I guess this vibe is not all that much related to global warming but more so bankruptcy. Ahhh yes, the progressive slot machines. They are the best.

  • Amused

    Oh , I'm crying Glenn Beck crocodile tears ! Hows about Glenn move's out of his $ 22,000a month rental , ya know just to show us lowly fellow Amewricans that we live on the same planet .
    YUP , "it was way back there in ' 68 that we had glorious astronauts walking on the moon and hippies wallowing in the mud at Woodstock " …news flash -It was late July of 69 , and early August of '69 for the moonshot and Woodstock respectively ….and were was BecK ? Most likely in an alcoholic stupor , and David ? LOL…David was practicing Marxism , Hating Amereica with a fervor , encouraging literal thousands to do the same .
    Lets see -I was in Plieku , with Dragon Mountain as my backdrop …reading the Stars and Stripes about Woodstock , looking up at that moon as I wondered what those guys saw looking back at us ….and there was David …inspiring people like SDS ,and Weathermen with his radical B.S. , his printed words dripping with hate …….and Beck ? probably rolling in some back alley .

    • Blaze Pascal

      Speaking of money, did you get a peek at Michael Whore's summer cabin?

      • Amused

        dont know a thing about it Pascal , but it sounds more like your speed than mine chump .

    • Herman Caintonette

      Beck was a little too young for that. Most likely, airplane glue.

    • Jules

      To Amused,
      i'm "amused" as well. David Horowitz changed with an epiphany of truth about the failings of the Left ideology and Glenn Beck cleaned up his act too. Sounds like you are still wallowing in hippy "make love, not war"-ville. i bet you're still are wearing the same backpack at the OTW protest. Carry on, Garth and don't 'bogie' that joint.

    • truebearing

      Do you interpret the Christian teachings to include calling people "arses" or ranting angrily at everyone you see? it seems to me you may have missed the part about forgiveness too. Oh, and wishing your fellow man goodwill.

      • Amused

        I'm not the one claiming to be a paragon of christian teaching , I simply know the dogma far better than most of you "alleged christians " and rdub your noses in your own hypocrisy and hatred .

        HOW ???? LIKE ALL THE ARSEHOLES posting on these threads / Oh yea man , it's just overflowing with forgiveness & good will ….lol….I can feel it every time you lift your legs on the hippies , who BTW ,WERE actually for good will , they didn't need to forgive because they did not judge , unlike you areseholes .
        I simply have no patience with SANCTIMONIOUS-SELF RIGHTEOUS -HYPOCRITES .

        • Amused

          In addition , I need not forgive , for I do not judge , I merely describe what you are , if you feel you need forgiveness , then you should know , I am not the ONE to dispense it .Besides that , forgiveness come ONLY after REPENTANCE. And repentance does not mean you continue to do that which you desire to be forgiven of . David , an atheist, merely redirected his hatred of America towards those he brands as haters of America , while Beck , a Mornon , is not a christian in any sense of the word [that is if you even know what christianity is and it's core belief ] but simply a blithering reformed drunk , responsible for inciting to fear mongering and hatred , which seems to have worked very well .
          Do not pontificate to me , from your position of utter ignorance and hypocrisy .

          • truebearing

            You're really losing it, or should I use the past tense? One of these days you're going to have a stroke or a heart attack. Calm down and stop your insensate frothing.

  • Amused

    Well guess what Glen ,Dave and the rest of you underaged at the time, sycophant parrots – most GI's marvelled at Woodstock , no one knew who the hell Beck was , and very few read the anti American rag Ramparts . Yea there were a few that spat on us in Seattle [not literally ] but from a distance sop we could see , but they were most likely Daves people .In San Fran , DC , NYC we were welcomed , not in parades but personally hand to hand ……by those horrible hippies …didnt see or hear thing from David's ilk . When I hear you schmucks put down Woodstock and the hippies , all you are doing is showing what total asssssholes you are .The hippies NEVER set out to destroy the country , or burn anything down all though most of you are too stupid to know that . That'd be more like davids crew .

    • Blaze Pascal

      Now you're just blabbing.

      • Amused

        Oh really ? Then REFUTE what I've just said with facts .Did YOU serve in the 60's ? Were you old enough [or even born yet ] to witness Davids antics at Ramparts ? You and your cohorts are the ones engaging in babble with your fractured fairey-tales

        • Stephen_Brady

          As a matter of fact, I DID serve. Delta CO/2/501/101st, in the Ashau Valley, 1968-69. I was a sniper, with 47 confirmed kills, and 7 probables. I hunted the ba$tards likes deer, and don't regret one squeeze of the trigger on my Model 70.

          Then, I come home and to literally do battle with the "people of peace", on the streets of San Francisco. Hand-to-hand with seven of the most vile pieces of filth I've ever seen in my life. When three of them were down, the other four ran off screaming in fear.

          I had more respect for Victor Charlie and the NVA. At least, they put their a$$ in the grass. I respected the draftees for the same reason.

          However, any issues I've had with any ot them, including David, ended when any of them admitted that they were wrong, and apologized for their actions. You see, I believe in redemption, and people can change for the better.

          Sorry to see that you're still under the power of your hate. I strongly suspect that your handle … "Amused" … is the opposite of what you feel in your heart. I pity you …

          • Amused

            I doubt that Brady , so 47 confirmed kills eh , and then you came home to do WHAT ? Hate ? ….your own blinds you , I left Vietnam and it's politics behind on March 18 , 1970 . Perhaps your imaginary battle in San Fran came after someone sliipped you a tab of acid , or you simply go too drunk at the bar . I doubt you even knew who David was , nor did those" imaginary filthy hippies you so bravely fought off " .[ in your imagination] Your "story " wreaks of the anecdotal , and I'm not impressed . Funny , I sprent 6 months in San Fran before and after my discharge , in and out of uniform , and NEVER even saw confrontations as the ones you describe . Maybe you came home STILL looking for a fight .

          • Stephen_Brady

            And your unit was?

            I simply don't believe you. You are a liar, and a charlatan.

            You are a leftist troll, falsely claiming to have served your country, so that you can use that against younger people, on this website. Had you ever been in combat, you would have known that bravery has nothing to do with it. Like the cockroaches they were, the hippies came crawling out of allies and attacked a man in uniform. They picked the wrong guy …

            … which you would quickly find out that you have done, if you ever met me in person.

            By the way, you ARE aware that you misspelled Pleiku, right? What division were you with? What route did the camp sit on, and what was the camp's name?

          • Amused

            Camp Enari Dragon Mountain 4th Engr Bn/ 4th ID . Just outside of Pleiku ,Provincial capitol of Gia Lai Province Ql 14 & Ql 19 [in country 19Dec.1968]….that do it for ya tough guy ? Maybe you oughta get a hold of your model 70 and head back there huh ?
            " hippies crawling out of the allies and attacked a man in uniform " ???? Gimme a break moron , what kinda of f–king drugs were /are you on ? BTW I'm 63 arsehole and you're still wet behind the ears , not to mention full nof sheet .

          • Stephen_Brady

            You idiiot, I was born in 1948. Can you do the math, you moron? I'm 63, and if I ever met you, I'd rip you a new one so fast your balls … if you have any … would fall through.

            Oh, thank you kindly for your service to the greatest and most exceptional nation on earth …

          • Amused

            Gee !~born in '48 and still a fu–ing juvenile arsehole . I kinda doubt that too Brady . That is rippin' anyone a new one .
            BTW you're fuuking welcome , but don't thank me , rather, say a prayer for those who never came home .

          • Stephen_Brady

            I see that we are no longer "amused" …

            As for hose who never came home, I say a prayer for them, every day. I AM a Christian. This includes my best friend and spotter, PFC Donald "Smitty" Smith, who was blown in half by a 152mm howitzer shell, about ten feet away from us both (in the runup to "Hamburger Hill"). Why he died, and I only had minor injuries, I'll never know. But his death haunts me, to this day.

            When I read the vile insults and taunts you throw at people, it reminds of Smitty, was a better man than a million like you.

          • Amused

            Brady , let me just make this simple for ya , you can go F–k yourself . I knew a few arseholes like you , There were SC units where I was , never knew too many that would brag about their kills , but there were a few sick MF's like you , guys who wore strings of ears around their neck . As far as VILE remarks , you've spewed more in the few posts I've seen than any hundred I have posted .At my age , I have no patience for B.S. or some of the sanctimonious S.O.B.'s that crawl onto this blog , you no doubt are one of them .And if you're still wondering why someone else bought it and not you , then listen up jackass , here's a newsflash that anyone who ever went over there should know by now -it's because THAT"S THE WAY IT IS . Now go kick yourself to sleep tonight .

          • Stephen_Brady

            How can one argue with the level of hate and self-loathing you have? I will not, however, stoop to the levels you have, in the filth that spews out of your mouth with each word you speak.

            You DO know that when the enemy finally destroys this nation, you will be one of the first to be put in front of a firing sqaud, right?

            Why did Smitty die, and not me? Because a DEMOCRAT lied, and men died. Ever heard of the Gulf of Tonkin, braniac? I volunteered, and so it would have been on me, had I bought the farm. He was a draftee, and LBJ became personally responsible for what happened to him. Everyone who voted for LBJ carried that responsiblity.

            By the way, I think you've been watching Apocalypse Now too much, recently. It's addled what little mind you have left …

          • Amused

            Well tough guy , I knew about the phony Gulf ofTonkin , BEFORE I was drafted . I knew the War was a BUST , BEFORE I got drafted . It took McNamara 4 years to admit what we all knew from the start . And if you're DUMB enough to think it was JUST Democrats who got us into that war , then you really are dumber than you sound . Forget about Eisenhower? The first American advisors went over there under his watch .The first American advisors went in .Maybe you forgot "The Domino Therory " huh meatball ? And you're still stupid after 50 years !! Go see a shrink if you can't handle why you came back and your buddy didn't , but I can save you a pile of money ,it's because bullets and shrapnel are not particular about whose flesh they are tearing into. Trouble is , schmucks like you STILL haven't learned a bloody thing . You hate hippies , you hate liberals you hate democrats …you hate ….I hate NO ONE , but that doesn't mean I have to remain silent when the same ole' jerks of the world are spouting their phony patriot B.S. line .Horowitz , Beck , limbaugh …they're nothing new .

          • Amused

            chech that -it took McNamara 40 years, and into his 80's .

          • Amused

            And if you recall , WE COULDN'T VOTE , or did you forget that TOO . That came under Tricky DicK . Remeber him ? "Peace with honor " my asss , it was advance to the rear at a high rate of speed .McGovern was the only one with brains but the same sheetheads called him a commie , just like the jerks here on this blog , most of which are chicken-hawks to begin with ,Bet you haven't figured that out yet niether , eh dimbulb ?

    • truebearing

      Now I'm beginning to see where your brain damage comes from. Thanks for the history.

      Hippies did plenty of damage, inadvertently or not. They were an incredibly self-righteous bunch of spoiled, narcissistic moralists who wanted to create an Eden with a mish-mash of alternative religions and drugs. They were extraordinarily judgemental, and therefore hypocritical because that was one of their raps against their parents. Many were indolent, self-indulgent jerks, and many more were weak-minded followers who wanted acceptance and to be hip. They adopted beliefs without understanding the consequences of those beliefs, and they did drugs they didn't realize had some major consequences. It was ultimately a destructive social movement. I can see you didn't escape unscathed.

      • Amused

        I can see you werent there and are merey a repeat-parrot . What you've just done is described David's attitudes [ lol…maybe minus the drugs /he'll never tell ] BTW , were you in Vietnam ? Have you EVER served your country ? Or put in 40 years in the workforce … REAL work that is ? You're basically part of generation X =good at video games , unconcerned until life at home with the folks is threatened , and in school [high school ] most likely couldn't find China on a map Your weak and pathetic attempt at psycho-analysis is sophomoric and a joke . Run along little self-proclaimed "super-patriot " …you're still wet behind the ears .

        • truebearing

          Wrong again, bemused. I was born in 1955. I saw plenty, but was ever-so-slightly too young to go to Vietnam. I did have plenty of first-hand experience with Hippies though. I went to college at the UW-Madison. There were lots of Hippies and leftists of every stripe. There still are. They've never grown up.

          You know, alcohol can damage the liver and make a person chronically angry. Maybe you drink too much. Try life sober. Get some herbs for your liver. I would start with Milk Thistle. It can actually regrow some of your liver. Get help.

      • Jules

        Don't forget hippy Charles Manson and his "flower-child," family. Their 1969 heinous home-invasion massacres in L.A. allegedly ended the utopian, "make-love, not war" movement.

        • Amused

          Manson wasn't a hippy , do your homework , by the time the 60's came around , Manson was a full fledged jailbird , having spent the better part of his life in prison .
          and no , it wasn't ' make-love not war ' for Manson , never was . Coming out of prison Manson was an avowed racist . Jules you're ignorant of the FACTS . By killing Sharon Tate and her freinds ,and the LoBiancos , Manson hoped it would trigger a race war , which of course was part of his socio-pathic delusion . Maybe YOU forgot the Army Captain who slaughtered his wife and three kids , and claimed it was drug-crazed hippies ….he's still in Jail to this day .

          • Amused

            Manson , the Army Captain were just riuders with their own agendas …..just like David Hoirowitz who's communist /marxist /Anti-American rants no doubt inspired more idiots like vSDS and The Weatherman , none of which were for love nOR peace .
            That's the trouble with all you parrot-naysayers ,and critics of the hippies ….you're all talking out your arseholes ….in lazy purposed IGNORANCE.

    • truebearing

      The difference between you and Horowitz, besides the 75 IQ point advantage he enjoys, is that he had the self-honesty and desire for truth to change his ways. You're stuck in a bitter sinkhole of self-loathing that manifests in attacks on those you are envious of, or who you see as more successful. That's a lot of people to hate.

  • Amused

    The people David "inspired " in the 60's were JERKS , and now 40 or so years later , David's inspiring a new crop of JERKS . And mentally challenged like Mr.Bean are picked up long the way with other malcontents , racists and plain ole' arseholes .

    • truebearing

      Take the whole pill next time, Bemused. You could use some extra help.

      • Amused

        You need to take a smart pill ….in extra doses .

        • truebearing

          What rapier wit! That stung like a gentle massage.

  • truebearing

    I always cringe when I hear Beck's predictions because he is so often right. A prophet's job is fairly thankless because he doesn't want to be the bearer of bad news, but Beck does it, and does it well. God Bless the man.

    • Amused

      Bow down before your gods truebearing , you have all the earmarks of a bent over slave .Try doing a bit of earnest investigation regarding your bozo gods . Your ad hominems are juvenile and unimpressive … try refuting a single statement I've made , you weren't even there nimrod .

      • Amused

        Didn't think so truebearing , you dimbulb .

        • Amused

          ,,and what was that truebearing ? Glenn Beck a WHAT ? A prophet ?

          You bloody deluded fool .

          • truebearing

            You seem quite disturbed, Mr. Bemused. Did you take your medicine? Did you break the pill in half again?

            Try commenting on things you know something about. You'll have more success and get more respect. How about commenting on insensate rage? Or long term side effects of too much LSD?

        • truebearing

          You never do think, Bemused. Your intellectual process is more of a massive, repetitive dry heave.

      • Maxie

        "Your ad hominems are juvenile and unimpressive ….".

        So are yours "arsehole"

      • truebearing

        You're not well, are you. You really are confused, Bemused.

        It is incumbent upon you to prove me wrong, or more precisely, Glenn Beck wrong. Get to work, Einstein.

        • Amused

          As I said , anyone who affords the idiot Beck , prophet status , is nothing more than a bloody fool, . And if you fail to recognze his method , then that alone would put you [AND Maxie ] in the category of a 75 IQ . LOL….Becks couldn't be more than a 90 or so , which makes him smart enough to fool dupes like you two .And BTW nimrod , you called him prophet ….lol…it is not incumbent upon me to prove anything . lol….even ther thoroughly biased and brainwashed morons at Faux-News knew they had to give him the ax .

  • John_Kelly

    Six thousand years of recorded history has shown that men as well as nations invariably fall in to one of two categories; builders or destroyers.

    It takes hard work, patience and unwavering vision to build a nation but only a few years of "self-destructing" ideology to place a great empire in the dust bin of history.

    Tough times often produce champions who seem to appear out of obscurity and David Horowitz & Glenn Beck are two such champions.

    David & Glenn I salute you guys as two of the greatest PATRIOTS & BUILDERS in American history.

    Keep up the GREAT GREAT WORK.

  • Amused

    Six thousand years of recorded history , has failed to teach you that david has given up his marxist/ communist anti-American position , only to change his stripes to xenophobic ,facist nationalism . Mixed with a bit of twisted religionism [David's an atheist ironically ] , to bring in dullards who really know nothing of the religion [s] they claim to profess .

    • mrbean

      So who is your hero? Is it Noam Chompsky?

  • Amused

    Noam Chomsky's just another areshole …my HEROES ? Harry Truman , Winston Churchill , Unknown heroes in my Company who did not come home ,Ross Perot , Sen. McGovern ,Bibi[Netanyahu ] ,Golda Meir , VonBonhoeffer , Generals Patton ,and Eisenhower ….anythingh else you want to know ?
    Mr.Bean Brain ?

    • truebearing

      I'll bet they are proud to have you as follower. Would you like to take this opportunity to say something with the word "arse" in it?

  • Amused

    And forgive me mr.Beano , I left out MLK , …and the Bonhoffer I mentioned , for the benefit of the numerous CINO 's residing here [Christians In Name Only ] ,that is Dietrich von Bonhoeffer , the author of " The Cost of Discipleship " among other books , who was executed in a nazi concentration camp towards trhe end of the War.

    • truebearing

      Do you think Bonhoffer would approve of your constant raging? Maybe you should read him again, and again, until you understand him and how totally incongruous your behavior is with those you claim to admire.

      • Amused

        I'm not the one here hypocritically using bible quotes as a hammer , that;s all you conservative schmucks . As for von Bonheoffers standards , I doubt ANYONE on this blog could even come close , no , not even the "prophet " Beck , the preopagandist Limbaugh , or the demi-god Horowitz .Nor am I the one here claiming that everyone who opposes the skewed Repo/Con agenda is a drug crazed godless filthy hippie , leftist ,marxis , communist …..that's all YOU and your ilk ,True Ballbearing.
        I simply take exception to your politics of hatred, denigration, lies and half-truths , based in purposed misinformation, and incomplete knowledge of all related subjects and that goes for your equally deluded counterparts on the Left .

  • Amused

    BTW , TRUE-BALLBEARING , you need to dfo your homework on the prophet Beck , who mis-spoke on atleast 200 occaissions on , having to back-peddle on most all of them .Unfortunately for MOST of the drooling Fox audiences , little attentionb was paid to these NUMEROUS retractions , false aspersions , character assasinations , purposed misinformation , false claims , and outright lies that left his mouth , and did their damage .
    Smarten up ballbearing , Becks a modern day Goebbels inspiring fellow idiots like rocker Ted Nugent to make statements like supporters of Obama -Care should be shot . Reeeeeaaaaaal christian huh ?

    • truebearing

      You are a very ill man with delusions of granduer, just for starters. Your rage is at a pathological level and your writing at junior high level. You don't have the intellectual standing to criticize Beck or Horowitz. These are simple facts, not intended as insults.

      Maybe you had some serious mental damage from your days in Vietnam…I don't know, but rather than thrash you like a rented mule, I feel it is better to let you know that I recognize your illness and hate, and that given its severity, can see that you are wracked with psychological pain. I'm sorry you are in this seemingly perpetual state.

    • truebearing

      You are incoherent with rage. Calm down and stop foaming at the mouth. No one takes a person seriously that rants uncontrollably.

      • Amused

        truebearing , for all your banter , ad hominems and psuedo-psychology , you haven't refuted a single statement I have made . 1955 ? you weren't of age , for the wqar NOR the 60's . You been talking out your A-hole all along . JUST as I suspected all along . Run along little wind-up parrot , and dont you worry for me , I'm not the one who hasn't got his screwed on straight , that'd be you partner .

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