Herman Cain Speaks at Restoration Weekend

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Editor’s note: Below is Herman Cain’s speech on November 18, 2011 at David Horowitz’s Restoration Weekend in West Palm Beach, Florida (Nov. 17-20, 2011). It is preceded by an introduction by David Horowitz. To watch the video of the speech, click here.

David Horowitz: Good morning.  Did you all get your bobble heads?  All right.

Welcome to the 16th Annual Restoration Weekend.  This is an event that began in 1994 as the Dark Ages Weekend, which is a fitting name to describe the years of Obama rule.  And we’re here to say no to these circumstances, and also to have fun over the next three days, and enjoy the blessings of living in this great country, and to think about how we can defend it.

It is my great privilege this morning to introduce an extraordinary individual who’s also the most unusual Presidential front-runner ever.


Herman Cain is what the mathematician Nassim Taleb would call a black swan, and not because of his color or floatability.


A black swan in Taleb’s famous theory is an event that nobody would’ve predicted, and yet one that has a system-wide impact, like 9/11 and Barack Obama.  A black swan is an outlier whom nobody thought was a possibility but whose influence, when it arrives, is momentous.  Herman Cain is a black swan.

Herman Cain was born to poor parents in the segregated Deep South.  When his father walked off the farm, all he owned was the shirt on his back.  He worked three jobs to support his family until he could support it with two, and two until he was able to support it with one.  And what he told his son was this — believe in God, believe in yourself, and believe in this great country.  Herman Cain did just that.

Good advice.  Herman Cain did just that.  He majored in mathematics in college and computer science in graduate school.  He went to work as a computer systems analyst at Coca-Cola, and director of business systems analysis at Pillsbury — his success there led to his appointment as president and CEO of Godfather’s Pizza Division.  Eventually, he and a group of investors bought Godfather’s Pizza.

He went on to other roles and achievements in the business world, including chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City and a five-year stint as a radio talk show host in Atlanta.  He was headed for retirement and what he calls cruise control, when the concerns he heard from his talk show callers suddenly turned into fears, as the Obama juggernaut got into high gear and began trampling over the American people and the values that Herman Cain held dear.

And so began his black swan adventure.  On may 12th this year, he announced he was running for President, even though he had never held a political office.  Because he was an unknown with no party organization behind him, no big donor class supporting him, the experts wrote him off.  The media and the Democrats ignored him.  He didn’t have a chance.  Everyone was sure of that.

But then, Herman Cain spoke.  And the people began to listen.

As they listened, he began to climb in the polls, and climb and climb, until he was at the top.  And then they no longer dismissed him.  They set out to destroy him.

Have you noticed how Democrats and the leftwing media attack conservatives with the intention not only of disputing their ideas but destroying them as human beings, and how they direct their most vicious and most personal attacks at conservative women and blacks?  Here is a man who is an amazing American success story, a man marked for the bottom rungs of the social ladder, who rose on his merits — his character, his brains and his determination — until he reached the top.  Progressives are supposed to want a better future, especially for black Americans.  But when it comes to a real flesh-and-blood person, they obviously don’t.

The attack they have launched is classic racism.  They have called this man a stupid, oversexed house negro and suggested in so many words that he is bought and paid for by his white masters.  I apologize for calling attention to this sordid behavior, but it is exactly what they have said of him.  As one leftwing anchor put it, Republicans love Herman Cain because he knows his place.

Herman Cain knows his place.  Oh no, he doesn’t.  If Herman Cain knew his place, he would still be poor.  He would never have become a computer scientist or risen to the top of a major company.  If Herman Cain knew his place, he would never have run for President.  He would not be up there with the front of the Republican pack.  In fact, he would still be a Democrat.

He would be part of the Democratic plantation that controls America’s inner cities, runs their failing schools, and keeps their inhabitants — who are mainly black and Hispanic — poor.  Every step of the way that Herman Cain has taken in life shows that Herman Cain doesn’t know his place.  Not one bit.

What he does know is his dream.  And it is the American dream, the dream that says regardless of race, religion or creed you have a place in the American sun.  But you’ve got to earn it.

That’s why conservatives have come to love Herman Cain.  Not because he knows his place, but because he knows his country, because he believes in his country, and because he is willing to fight for it.

Herman Cain: Thank you.  Good job, David.  Thank you.  Thank you very much.

I have often been cited as someone who tells it like it is.  I believe that description fits also to David.  He tells it like it is.  And I believe that we need more people to just tell it like it is, instead of trying to put it in political speak.

When I was a student at Morehouse College, Dr. Benjamin E. Mays, the president, used to challenge the young men of Morehouse, when he would say, “Life is just a minute — only sixty seconds in it.  Forced upon you — can’t refuse it.  Didn’t seek it — didn’t choose it.  But it’s up to you to use it.  You must suffer if you lose it.  Give an account if you abuse it.  Just a tiny, little minute, but eternity is in it!”

There is a war going on in America.  And we have but a minute to fix it.  This war is a fight for freedom itself.  It is a war that has essentially two sides.  One side wants to maintain the status quo, which is destroying this nation.  The other side is trying to change the status quo, so America can be the America that our Founding Fathers intended.

What is indicative of these two sides that’s dividing America, rather than bringing America together?  On the one side, you have something that I describe as the citizens’ movement.  Some people call it the Tea Party movement.  But it’s not just the Tea Party.  I’ve been a part of the Tea Party before it was cool.

Gave my first speech at a Tea Party event in Las Vegas, Nevada on April 15th, 2009.

And so the whole Tea Party movement has now, according to the media, been labeled as a racist organization, in order to try and stop this citizens’ movement.  Because the citizens, the people, the real folk are saying — we want our nation back.

And I pointed out at a national press club speech recently, when they asked me about what did I think about the racist label that the media was trying to put on the Tea Party event — I said — well, if you have noticed, I continue to win a lot of Tea Party straw polls.  And I’m moving up in the national polls.  If the Tea Party were racist, then how could so many white people pretend to like me?

I don’t think that much pretending is in the world.

So you have that element that’s saying enough is enough, let’s get this nation back on the right track.  Then you have that other element that’s trying to maintain the status quo, basically, as indicated with this Occupy Wall Street protest.  It’s not a movement.

The citizens’ movement, the Tea Party movement — they had, and have, three simple priorities.  Number one — they want to recognize candidates that represent fiscal responsibility, candidates that believe in the free market system, and candidates that promote enforcement of the Constitution, not rewriting it, and not ignoring it.  That’s what the citizens’ movement, the Tea Party movement, is all about.

Then, on the other hand, on the other side, no one knows what their priorities are.  No one knows what their objectives are.  When it first started, I was wondering — what was the end game?  What were they expecting, protesting on Wall Street, protesting bankers, protesting people who worked hard in America, that helped make America what it is; who worked in order to be able to do the same thing that I and many of you have done — to achieve your American dreams?  What did they want those bankers to do — come downstairs and write them a check?

Then what?  Write them another check.

So that wasn’t, and isn’t, a movement.  Because the citizens’ movement is trying to move America back to its roots.  This other side is attempting to keep America stuck on stalled.  The economy is stalled.  Our military is being weakened.  And our respect in the world is going down.

So we have a tug-of-war going on.  A tug-of-war.  And it is a fight for freedom.

You see, the Founding Fathers, they got it right.  They got it right.  We have to be the defending fathers.  We must be the ones to defend freedom.  To defend life.  To defend liberty, and to defend the pursuit of happiness.  And in the Declaration of Independence, it didn’t say anything about a guarantee.  It said the pursuit of happiness, like my parents did, like you did, like your parents did.  The pursuit of happiness.  Maybe the Occupy Wall Street people need to read that line.

So that’s what this battle is about.  How do we win?  The answer is quite simple; the process to achieve it is not so simple.  First, we must change Washington, DC.

It has become the political class versus the people.  And unfortunately, the political class view us as serfs.  When I talk about my energy-independence strategy — that we can become an energy-independent nation, because it’s been well-documented we’ve got the resources —

We’ve got lots of oil, coal, natural gas, shale oil.  We’ve got plenty of resources to become energy-independent.  And when I make that statement inside the beltway, and I say that we’re working on an energy-independence plan — in fact, it’s going to be rolling it out to the nation in a few weeks, because it is doable — I will often get the comment — well, that sounds good, but you can’t do that.  What do you mean, I can’t do that?  Well, you can’t do that.  I said — I’m going to be President.  What do you mean, I can’t do that?

Maybe I’m missing something.  Well, you see, the EPA won’t let you.  They won’t let me?  Therein lies the problem.

And so, we the people are going to have to bring about an attitude adjustment at the EPA.  They work for us!  We don’t work for them!

Attitude adjustment.  In fact, we’ve got to do some attitude adjustment in a lot of agencies in Washington, DC.  A lot of agencies we’ve got to do an attitude adjustment.

So that’s one of the biggest changes that we need to make.  Because energy is not only an economic imperative; it’s also a national security imperative.  The world is not safer.  We don’t know what 12 or 15 months is going to look like in terms of conflicts going on around the world.  And in a heartbeat, one of the nations that we are buying oil from could decide they don’t want to sell us any more oil.  And this nation would be crippled.

We spend over $600 billion a year buying oil from foreign countries.  Let’s keep that money here at home and become energy-independent.

So that’s one of the first things we need to do toward changing Washington, DC.  The second-biggest thing we need to do to change the political class is to change our tax code.  This economy’s on life support.

And one of the reasons that this economy is on life support is because the current tax code of 82,000 pages is strangling this economy, strangling businesses and strangling families.  The code is the enemy in terms of preventing economic growth.  The tax code.  It’s been around since 1913.  It started out as a few simple pages.  Now we’ve got 82,000 pages.  Fifty percent of all of the people that work inside of Washington, DC that do not hold elective office are lobbyists.  What are they lobbying for?  A favor in the tax code.

And so that’s why the black swan — proposes a bold solution.

I like that, David.  And that’s why the black swan has proposed a bold solution.  Because you see, the difference between a businessman and a politician — a politician will propose what they can get passed.  A businessman proposes something to fix the problem.  We got problems to fix.  Not keep tinkering around the edges.

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  • Beth

    It is such a pleasure to listen to Herman Cain (such a contrast to the sounds of obama)

  • John_Kelly

    It was only three and half years ago that Obama was being hailed as the new Messiah offering “Hope & Change” to his gullible disciples.

    Oprah Winfrey said of Obama “he has an ear for eloquence and a Tongue dipped in the Unvarnished Truth.”

    Amazing how a couple of years later, this fraudulent play actor has been revealed to the world as a Hollywood styled fake, complete with his script reading teleprompter and mirror-rehearsed smile.

    Obama’s true verbal skills could best be described:

    “He is a narcissistic boastful rhetorician inebriated with the sound of his own voice. His only real talent lies in his unending ability to malign opponents while attempting to glorify himself.”

  • StephenD

    I like Cain. "Cain IS Able." But…I don't see him taking the Republican candidate. If he were, I certainly would support him. Electability is the operative word now. That means Gingrich or Romney. I support Gingrich but whoever gets the nod I'll support. I would love to see Cain in a prominent position in the next Administration to be sure; perhaps Treasury Secretary?

    • Herman Caintonette

      You'd vote for a professional lobbyist who took $1.8 billion from Freddie Mac to keep Republicans on board? You really are dumber than a tree stump….

      • Herman Caintonette

        Not billion — million. Billions are for corrupt contractors like Halliburton.

      • StephenD

        I LOVE that no one is responding to Herman "killing Jewish kids is morally legitimate" Caintonette.
        Invalidation is what he deserves here on FPM.

    • ObamaYoMoma

      Well after watching last night's Republican Party debate, I can tell you that there is no way in hell that I will ever support Newt “Amnesty/Dream Act” Gingrich. Indeed, I won't support anyone, be they Republican or Dhimmicrat, that supports amnesty or any other backdoor pathways to citizenship. Thus, if Newt “Amnesty/Dream Act” Gingrich happens to win the Republican Party nomination, I will be staying home on super Tuesday, as I will not vote for and support anyone that supports amnesty for illegal immigrants because those loons are not really serious about ending illegal immigration once and for all, and also because I'm not interested in helping the Left to become more intrenched in the Republican Party than it already is. Furthermore, if it means that Barack Insane Obama gets reelected, then so be it.

  • Herman Caintonette

    DH: "A black swan in Taleb’s famous theory is an event that nobody would’ve predicted, and yet one that has a system-wide impact, like 9/11 and Barack Obama​."

    Pretty much everyone this side of Condo Rice with access to intel predicted 9./11. Shrub was asleep at the switch … either out of stupidity, or purposely. Cui bono?

    • Western Canadian

      Herman “killing Jewish kids is morally legitimate” Caintonette. Again, you lie through your crooked and rotting teeth. The intel prior to 9/11 that liars like you refer to, gave no indication in any way, shape or form, of 9/11. You are a lying, jew hating, child keeping slice of hot air and hatred.

      • Western Canadian

        Sorry for replying to the lout, and that should be ‘killing’, not keeping.

  • Herman Caintonette

    Cain: "It has become the political class versus the people. And unfortunately, the political class view us as serfs."

    That, in two sentences, is the thesis of OWS. Yet, you fawn over this rodeo clown, while despising the protestors?

    Cain isn't so much running for President as he is running for his own show on Faux. Apart from the fact that his "Nein-Nein-Nein" tax plan — the only one ever endorsed by Adolf Hitler — doesn't add up, it would represent a massive shift in tax burden. which is certain to obliterate the middle class.

    If you really want a businessman who is certifiable, why not The Donald? He at least knows where China is, and would know how to deal with Hu Jintao. By contrast, Cain didn't know a thing about Libya, and probably couldn't identify four 'Stans on a bet.

  • zsqpwxxeh

    Media Matters
    Troll Evaluation Report
    "Herman Caintonette"

    Herman has been assigned to the Islamophobe Horowitz blog. He has shown real improvement in his trolling and often annoys clueless reactionaries there. However, Herman needs to improve in the "subtlety" area. His posts are blatantly provocative but often do little more than stimulate amusement. Rehashes of Daily Show jibes and scattershot personal attacks quickly identify the commenter as MM and result in quick dismissal by most commenters. Herman needs to calm down, utilize real criticisms that give rise to serious doubt and confusion among readers, and show respect for his mother by cleaning his room as he has repeatedly promised.

    • mrbean

      Hemaphro Castrati was diapered and strapped in on the little yellow bus when he was a kid to travel to the special kids school.

    • Western Canadian

      Good one, dude!

  • mrbean

    I am afraid that Herman Cain has been marginalized by the Obama women who would just love Barack to throttle them with his chocolate love hammer.

    • Herman Caintonette

      Bialek is a Republican. But then again, you seem to specialize in throttling young boys….

      • mrbean

        That is your buddy from Pen State not me!

    • Dennis X

      black walnut is melting!!

  • NHHead

    Cain's 9-9-9 Plan works. I ran the analysis on my small restaurant company in Virginia and you can review the results at http://www.review999.com

    Now that the press has moved onto Newt and what are his real shortcomings as opposed to the made up ones on Cain, Herman is getting back to doing what propelled him to the upper tier in the first place – his 9-9-9 Plan, leadership, and clean up Washington.

    • Herman Caintonette

      Total federal tax revenues would be?

    • JoJoJams

      whatever "total federal tax revenues" would be, the next step is to get the feds to STOP OVERSPENDING! ~ as ALL the administrations have for the last 30+ years.

  • NHHead

    Tax revenues on a static basis remain the same. There is a link to the analysis on the website http://www.review999.com and also on Cain's website.

  • Rikki

    Herman Cain has my vote. His 9-9-9 Plan will get Americans back to work and it will fast track our economy into prosperity.

  • NeedChangeNotHope

    Herman Cain is the best hope for the country. Anyone else is more of the same with only a little variation. Herman will not only change things during his term(s) but he will change the paradigm of who should run for office. It's an honor, not a career path.

  • http://xeriscapist.blogspot.com/ Felsen Stark

    On a scale between clueless and Robert Spencer, where does he stand?

  • tanstaafl

    The dogs bark, but the caravan passes. Herman Caintonette has even stopped barking.


    Mr. Cain. In next debate, when you introduce yourself, Plez!! Say a prayer to "the God whom we trust: Lift up the Lord God, and He will lift you up! and all of us who pray to the Lord our God–rather than all that politico-speech–that lifts up self and self serving notions!
    When you & us get under attack, get into AMAZING GRACE,….hum a tune :-)

    God bless, and guide you. Thank you for staying the course!!!!!

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