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HOROWITZ: It’s been a lot easier for me since Obama was elected. With Obama, the left has come out into the open for everyone to see and conservatives are finally waking up to the threat they present. I’ve been sustained by conservative support but before these last few years conservatives never really understood what I was saying, what I was warning them about. I have to say you have been the biggest factor in releasing me from the frustrations of being a Cassandra, a voice crying in the wilderness. I feel very much at peace now. I feel if I had to leave this earth now, there are torchbearers behind me.

When I would watch your show, especially when you were first discovering what was out there, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Someone had finally understood what these battles were about and was telling it to millions of Americans. I was just so happy. You know there’s a certain sadness I have because I feel our country hangs in the balance. America is completely unique. There’s no other country in the world like it. Democracy is an experiment that others have tried to follow. But if we’re gone it’s gone.

BECK: I can’t recommend all of David Horowitz’s books highly enough. This guy knows it firsthand. He says it, and he sees the way out. This is just a remarkable book: A Point In Time, The Search For Redemption In This Life And The Next. David is one of the bravest men I know. When he returns home it will be to his Father in heaven not his dad, who was a Communist. His Father in heaven will say a job well done. Good and faithful servant. He has stood against all odds. I tell you David, having spent just four years of my life in this battle I look so eagerly to see if there is anyone who gets it. Is there anyone who will pick up the torch? Is there anyone that can do it? When some of you have felt this about me, I take it as a profound compliment. I keep thinking: is there anybody else who sees it?

HOROWITZ: I think there are a lot of people who do. It’s the first time since I became a conservative 25 years ago I have the confidence that there is finally a conservative movement that understands this.

BECK: It needs to be global. What’s happening in Israel…

HOROWITZ: Israel is the canary in the mine. We are the great Satan, and Israel is the little Satan. If America cannot defend Israel it cannot defend itself. What we are confronting is a global Nazi movement. It’s Islamic Nazism. Hitler hid the final solution from the German people. Ahmadinejad and his comrades shout it from the rooftops. The left sees in Israel a little America. A little imperialist country propped up by the big imperialist country. The left has joined the struggle to destroy Israel and America. It’s mind boggling to see institutions like the Center for American Progress which is the brains trust of the Democratic party carrying water for the Muslim Brotherhood in its attempt to shut down its critics. I’m appalled at what’s happened to “liberalism” in our country. I can’t imagine that when I was a leftist I would have supported a Nazi organization like Hamas. Yet the Nation, the Huffington Post and a vast spectrum of progressive websites have become apologists for these Nazi movements like Hamas.

BECK: We’ve been talking to somebody America should pay attention to. David you know it’s just like Ronald Reagan said: “Time just caught up with me. I didn’t change.” All of it caught up to him. All of your work is being seen for the important work it is. America is no longer dismissing it. We were talking about Israel a second ago. The global change that is coming, and the quote conspiracy theory to end all conspiracy theories unquote — that there are forces around the world who want to change everything, and they are playing with a fire called Islamic extremism, and want a Caliphate to rule an Islamicized world. Crazy, conspiracy theory.

HOROWITZ: Totally right. The Pew Trusts which is a liberal foundation just did a poll among American Muslims, and found that 60% of American Muslims are concerned or very concerned about growing extremism in the Muslim community in this country. If you say this or I do, we’re “Islamophobes.” There’s a lot of this attitude unfortunately in the Republican Party as well.

BECK: The people that were testifying before Congressman Peter King — the Muslims — were begging America, please help us. Help us. There’s growing extremism in our community; help us.

HOROWITZ: Because America is still a free country it’s basically a happy country. So people have a strong incentive not to want to face dark realities, particularly overseas. In April 1941 Gallup conducted a poll. At that time Hitler had overrun all of western Europe, and the Japanese had overrun southeast Asia. Gallup asked people whether America should get into the war. 80% said no. What changed that, and changed it overnight was Pearl Harbor. We saw one wakeup call over 9/11. But the country went B back to its happy ways. There’s a day of reckoning coming which will cost American lives. And at that point people are going to wake up and understand.

BECK: I’m very concerned that the progressive left, the radical left the revolutionaries that are in office now and have control of the Democratic Party have already done so much…

HOROWITZ: Most Americans actually understand somewhat what’s going on. 70% of New Yorkers were against the mosque near Ground Zero despite all that the Democrats and the cultural elites and a lot of Republicans did in the way of an appeasement dance. So I have great confidence in the American people. They may be slow to wake up, but when they do look out. That’s kind of what kept me going when I was a relatively isolated voice. I’ve lived to see a great wake up call. Starting with your show, and then the Tea Party, which is an amazing development in American politics.

BECK: David Horowitz is the man you’ve been listening to, and the author of a great book, A Point in Time: The Search for Redemption in this Life and the Next. David, I hope we spend some more time together in the future.

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  • Jim

    Ant good Communist knows for Communist to rise the Capitalist s must create a contradiction.. The free traders who believe in no regulations on business could have implemented that idea long ago. Recently the Supreme court allowed in effect, if not in law, unrestricted campaign financing. This led to business being able finance candidates who gave business every thing they wanted. With such power business wrote ,using their paid for congressmen, not just laws fair to business, but laws that amounted to tools to transfer wealth from the great population below to business. Eventually business reduced the population from below into poverty. This meant that business had actually destroyed the ability of the public to buy the out put of business.
    Now business, especially the banks, either goes under or exists as Welfare Queens kept alive but on the dole by the fed and such. The separation, between the rich and the rest of the population, now being shoved into poverty, has never been greater. The contradiction is here and the Communists walked right through the gap and installed Obama in power. Worse still the conservative propagandists walked right into the dialectical trap. The Communist thesis being redistribution of income. The anti thesis being those who earn it have the right to keep it. Indeed the earners have the right to the fruits of their labor. But the stacking of laws to enable business to take but not to give value is not earned wealth ; it is legalized theft. Business has destroyed an important part of the business cycle, the consumer. Now the socialist racists have taken over.. Luck for us they are incompetent ; unlucky for us the reaction will not be free enterprise. Rather it will be the anti free enterprise business by legalized theft we just had.

  • RBlan

    The Citizens United case was handed down on January 21, 2010 and could not have affected elections until November 2010 when the big story was not big-business influence, but the Tea Party revolution, which was a grass-roots reaction against both Obama's big government policies and also against the bank and business bailouts launched by Bush's big-government Republicans like Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson.

    Those being forced into (relative) poverty today are the victims of the political distortions of the economy, created by both parties and the Fed, that has led to malinvestment in unproductive enterprises (like Fannie Mae, the Chevy Volt, Solandra, etc., etc.) and the consequent unemployment and impoverishment of many Americans. In other words, your campaign financing thesis is contradicted by reality and has nothing to recommend it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ BertieorBirdie

    So that’s the case? Quite a relvateion that is.

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