Islamic “Family Honor” – Selling Daughters into Sex-Slavery for Sheep

If this savagery is “un-Islamic,” where are the worldwide condemnations from Muslim muftis, clerics and imams?

  • Martin Tsiolkovsky

    Even though I am generally familiar with the various abuses and perversions perpetrated against woman and children by the holy men of Islam, this video is so very heartbreaking. What I find to be even more sickening, in a particular way, is the ongoing wilful blindness and even complicity of the Leftists, including the so-called Centrists in their daily effort to neutralize the Muslim threat in the mass media. There is no doubt whatsoever that the real Feminist agenda is the annihilation of Judeo-Christian society. Their collective silence upon the matter of these Islamic HORRORS is, to use the cliche, deafening, proving that their goal is "revolution" rather than the betterment of the lives of women and children. We in the West had better be certain that no aspect of Sharia law ever becomes acceptable in our realms. I think that deporting or exiling all promoters, practitioners and sympathisers of radical Islam en masse would be a good start on the road to protecting our progeny. Of course this will not happen… yet.

    • Jeter

      Look up "bacha bazi" to see what these subhuman barbarians do to young boys as well in Afghanistan:

    • Michael

      I remember the case from the Bible when Lavan had sold his daughter Rahel to Izhak
      for 7 years of keeping his sheep.

  • waterwillows

    One can not consider Afghanistan and the plight of the women and children, without taking into account the ongoing homosexuality of the nation.
    This is a nation that has taught their young boys that Thursday nights man/boy love is a normal thing to do. We need not wonder too much that the young grow up to be inclined towards viewing females as 'fit only for producing babies' but not much else.
    Given the natural predatory nature of the males, it is only a matter of time before females are reduced to the blighted status of the Afghan women.
    I do not agree with the agenda being promoted of teaching the young about the joys or naturalness of homosexuality. And certainly not when we have clear evidence of how a nation could end up.

    • Jeter

      Interestingly, they don't view engaging homosexual sex with a child as a making one a homosexual, which is proscribed by the Quran. How convenient.

  • kafir4life

    ALLAHU SNACKBAR!!!!!! Don't you feel the love and peace of islam, the gutter cult invented by a rapist named mohamat. muslim men want to be be like mohamat. It's all in the islam.

  • Dispozovdaburka

    Women are worth less than animals(in Islam)
    because animals at least have souls.
    Women don't.

  • davarino


    Backwoods retards

    What else can you say?

  • davarino


    Backwoods trash

  • gommygoomy

    Yes, yes. This is very disturbing. It's OUTRAGEOUS, and I am appalled by the whole idea of these Muslims selling their young daughters, for some sheep. That being said……Does anyone know if SHEEP, are the only animal they'll take for this deal? I don't have any sheep. I could probably get a couple, if I had to. But, I DO have a Dog. It's not a big dog. It's a small dog. Friendly. Good around the Kids, But that doesn't mean that he couldn't be trained to attack one of your other Daughters, or even your Wife, if they didn't OBEY, and you just didn't feel like getting up, to beat the Hell out of them. Ya know what I mean? So, what do ya say? Is a Dog acceptable? Do I NEED to find a Sheep? Or can I get bye with a Goat. I know how you guys love those Goats. I have seen the Most Beautiful Goat Contests, and I gotta tell ya….Not bad.

    • tanstaafl

      Mohammed did not like dogs. As a result, muslims can own "work" dogs, that is, dogs that help them herd goats, sheep, etc. but cannot own a dog just as a pet. Can your dog work?

      • gommygoomy

        That depends. Can your DAUGHTER do Doogie stuff? (Giggitty)

    • Lou

      Dogs are unclean animals in islam. Your SOL.

  • gommygoomy

    Oh. Before I forget. Is there a CATOLOGUE,anywhere on line. You know. Maybe get a peek at one of these hot babes? I know you make them wear the Bed Blanket and the Living Room Drapes, over their entire bodies, but, would it be doable, to maybe…..I don't know….How can I put this…..Cinch a BELT or something, around her waist? Kinda get a look see of what kinda SHAPE we're talking about.How about it?
    We got a DEAL?
    Hot Damn!

  • Matthew Quigley

    Afghanistan should have been nuked on 9/12…along with the rest of the mohammedan world.

  • American Citizen

    Muslims are the sin of the world. From their belief in self termination to provide their god a sacrifice of blood for sexual advancement in heaven, to their homosexuality with young boys for pleasure. They commit crime against man and the planet. May a modern day Hitler extinguish the worthless breed from the planet and history books. I could care less how they treat their daughters and wifes. My only concern is for the saftey and quality of life for American citizens! These people and the belief is the hand of Satan.. They should be sent out of the country to their homelands for the sake of national security. It is our right to live in a pieceful homeland without these fear mongers with threats of a jihad. Concentration camps should be setup for thoes that intend on staying. Perhaps other's will see my point of view after they have committed more bloodshed on US soil. Stop being politically correct and demand safety for your country and it's people!!!

    • U.S.Chic

      Your error is finding someone worse than Hitler to deal with them.Mein Kampf and Protocols are popular books in the middle east.The MB had former Nazi and concetration camp employees immigrate to Egypt and join the brotherhood 1945-49.The mufti of Turkey was semi-allied with Hitler 1929-1945.Muslims learned hate from the master long ago.
      Do you really believe 6m legal and 2m illegal muslims decided 1 day moving to the U.S, and becoming model citizens was their ideal paradise? We are everything they hate.So why are they here and why do more arrive daily?

    • godiva

      As with the European countries,the U.S. government does not agree with you.They have decided white ppl are too white,rich and content and we need to be forced into multiculturism. So not only do we have our 3rd generation of welfare leaches,we have 24 million new Mexican drugheads clamoring for freebies,toss in our latest group 8m muslims who love welfare and your kids.Did i mention all are so ignorant they don't understand birth control?
      And lucky you,you get to work to pay for them,get robbed,raped and verbally attacked by them.Your children will be molested,dogs killed and you will live in a ghetto,
      U.S.A. the genetic trash can of hell.

    • glenn

      I am not sure by what means they should be rendered extinct but with every passing day I am feeling the same way. Build the largest structure known to man over Israel and take the rest of that geography down to bedrock. After that is done the rest will cowar in fear or be hunted down

    • C.A.


  • moshe

    I don't know why I was surprised by the article "Islamic “Family Honor” – Selling Daughters into Sex-Slavery for Sheep". They can use their daughters for the same purpose as they use sheep.

  • Stuart Parsons

    Islam ( The Religion of Peace) is a far greater threat to the well-being of mankind than Fascism, Communism and the Hordes of Genghis Khan ever were.

    • Col. Bunny

      I agree the Islam is a huge threat to decency, rationality, justice, and peace but by itself it is no threat at all. It is only a threat because of the subornation of Western elites that its followers can finance with oil revenue and because of the machinations of Western communists masquerading as "progressives" that subvert the normal response of sane people to rabid dogs in their midst.

  • Vince

    Sick men, but we are also sick if we continue to allow them to be in the USA and promote those sick beliefs.

  • guest

    Send this to Hillary. She supports Islam in America. She should enjoy watching this.
    May be the ACLU will help ISLAM even more after seeing this…

  • Amboyduke

    It was funny though…!!! LOL

  • glenn

    With every passing day I have growing disdain almost bordering on hatred for these sub human savages. How can anyone no matter what their political leanings not fear what these scum represent and what they consider normal?
    I am almost at the point where I am wondering if there are any worth saving? I truly fear that they will in fact usher in the destruction of man.

  • DockScience

    Pity the sheep.

    They are going to have some rough nights with their new masters.

  • Amboyduke

    Gettin' more funny all the time…!!! LOL