Islamic Scholar: ‘Saying Merry Christmas Is Worse Than Fornication or Killing Someone’

Islamic holiday cheer:

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    And Merry Christmas to you, dickwad.

  • Amused

    LOL ….and what would one expect from a cult that magnanimously offers two choices to women who are raped – 100 lashes …OR ….you can marry your rapist .

  • Loupdegarre

    Forgive me Lord but I'd really like to set this jerks beard on fire.

    • night

      Burn urself

  • anonymous

    So, where do I send my Christmas card? List of Addresses anyone?

  • Ken

    May the light of Bethlehem shine on this idiot Merry Christmas.

  • Asher

    Merry Christ…Mas to all who have happy hearts. All things on this earth were created by the Glory and wonder of God…including the One true Messiah and his Birth….The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us.

  • Bashy Quraishy

    After reading all the comments on Abu Mussab’s horrible and anti-Christian rhetoric, I listened to his totally nonsensical claims of Shirk about saying Merry Christmas.

    It is this kind of village idiots, who give Islam and Muslims a bad name. Some one should tell this ignorant Youngman that Christianity and Judaism are divine religions and according to Quran, Jews and Christians are "Ahl-e-Kitab, People of the book.
    Please do not call him an Islamic scholar. We have a saying in the East; “A donkey does not become a scholar if you load lots of books on it”.

    Here are my suggestions.
    All of us – Muslim, Jewish and Christian commentators- send a Merry Christmas greeting to him by e-mail on his TV program.
    Secondly, we do the same to all our friends and dear and near ones the message of peace on this auspicious day of Christmas.
    Thirdly, let us discuss the practical ways to advance the cause of peace in this world, irrespective of religion, culture or creed.
    Merry Christmas and a very successful 2012 to all of you.

    Bashy Quraishy
    Secretary General – EMISCO -European Muslim Initiative for Social Cohesion – Strasbourg/Copenhagen
    Chair-Advisory Council-ENAR – Brussels
    Chair-Jewish Muslim Co-operation Platform – Brussels
    Mobile; 0045 40 15 47 71
    Phone; 0045 38 88 19 77

    • crypticguise

      Lovely sentiments, Mr. Quariashy. In order to follow through on your suggestions wouldn't it be necessary for Muslims to disavow much of what Islam teaches regarding how to treat "kafirs" and the implementation of Sharia Law in every part of the world?

    • meekee

      We all love you too … but you will have to shred the Quran before we kiss and make friends. Sorry!

    • winoceros

      Sorry, how is a Muslim wishing Merry Christmas to anyone not shirk? The Muslim is acknowledging the innate holiness of the celebrated day of the Christ's birth. Muslims do not believe in Christ, so why, specifically (feel free to show where offering People of the Book religious greetings or the like would be allowed by the Qur'an or sunnah) is he incorrect?

    • winoceros

      Since his name is not listed here, I'm assuming you either knew who he was or clicked through to the YouTube posting. Further, I'm guessing you didn't really send him a greeting since he doesn't have a TV program, rather, internet lectures.

      Did you?

    • night

      What did u get for suppsorting the Christian. U are AN. Idiot. Shame on you. Call itself a.Muslim and yet u support the kafirs.

  • DogWithoutSlippers

    This muslim "scholar" is an example of mutant
    humanity – he should be put out of his misery!

    • johnnywoods

      Hey Dog, "musim scholar"? isn`t that like saying "intelligent idiot"?

      • DogWithoutSlippers

        Actually, mental midget! Meaning bean brains.

        • johnnywoods

          I like that. Thanks

  • LindaRivera

    Once again, an Islamic scholar is revealing his utter contempt and hate for God and God's Holy, eternal, unchanging Law:


  • LindaRivera

    Merry Christmas to everyone!

  • crypticguise

    <Snicker> These 7th Century barbarians are truly living in another century. Of course that is redundant. Merry Christmas, schmuck. May your camel enjoy your loving greetings of your holiday.

  • BS77

    One longs for the day when this hideous ideology is completely forgotten.

  • Bashy Quraishy

    Dear crypticguise
    Thanks for your compliment. What I said about this so-called scholar comes from heart and all my Muslim brothers and sisters, who saw this stupid statement, condemn him.
    Coming to your suggestion that Muslims must disown much of what Islam teaches, is neither rational, practical nor based on research.
    Islam like Judaism and Christianity come from Middle East and have common roots. I am not a religious person but have done a lot of research on inter-faith relations. What you are complaining about Islam can be completely and without any deduction can be said about all religions.
    Have you ever read the Old Testament or what Luther said about Jews and Islam. Your stomach will churn just reading, what they teach. But it does not mean that part of religions should be discarded.
    All we need is the correct interpretations and openness towards each other. There is lots of violence coming from some individuals or groups belonging to Islam but it is not the fault of Islam but of these brain dead people who commit it. Having said that we must condemn it, look at the root causes and try to remove injustices done to Muslim communities by USA and NATO. In Iraq alone, USA have killed over 150,000 innocent people. In my own homeland, USA has killed over 1000 women and children by drones. How can one peace loving person justify this?
    So let us stop the blame game and work for peace.
    Kind regards

    • mrbean

      Islam tracing itself to Abraham is the stolen history of the Jews. Islam, like all religions, rejects reason as a means of gaining knowledge and guiding action; it holds that all important truths are grasped by faith in supernatural beings and sacred texts. The Koran explicitly states that knowledge comes from revelation, not thinking. (Christianity in pure form entails a similar rejection of reason, but it has been heavily diluted and secularized since the Renaissance.) Islam advocates the subordination of every sphere of life to religious dogma, including the legal system, politics, economics, and family life; the word "Islam" means literally: submission. The individual is not supposed to think independently but to selflessly subordinate himself to the dictates of his religion and its theocratic representatives. We have seen this before in the West–it was called the Dark Ages.

    • alan g

      Up to the last 5 sentences, you were doing great. I almost believed what you said. Unfortunately, unless you are living under a rock, you would know why the US and nato are doing what they are doing. It is sad that many innocents have died. That is because the terrorists hide within the innocents. They are cowards.
      Having read some of the old testament, I hope that you know that it is a narrative for living full of stories of the human condition. It also shows how you live life with Gods blessing.

      • Bashy Quraishy

        Dear Alan
        While, I know that in some cases terrorists do live in villages, it is an old argument that terrorists always hide behind innocent people. In Pakistan, where USA has killed hundreds of innocent children and women, there was no terrorist in the area. Just take the latest incident, where USA and NATO killed 24 Pakistani soldiers in side Pakistan and claimed that terrorists were in the close proximity.
        It turns out that the attack was deliberate and callous. If USA can attack a well defined check post of an ally , what do you expect will happen, when bombing a village from 50000 feet height.
        Alan, you should not use the official version of the stories. American public is very ill informed and needs to update its information. It is not only the Muslim world, which dislike USA policies, America is hated all over the world. Just ask; WHY and you will get an answer

        • winoceros

          You do realize, don't you, that the Pakistani soldiers admit firing first?

        • winoceros

          And calling something "an old argument" doesn't make it untrue. The jihadists nearly always camp with women and children, and purposefully store weapons in civilian locations prone to be filled with women and children.

          I'm using "civilian" in the Western sense, of course, in case there is confusion.

    • winoceros

      Being "not a religious person" hardly qualifies you as a taxpayer-paid professional meant to find "social cohesion" between Europe and "Muslims" and Jews and "Muslims." One would think having an understanding of the faith might be useful when challenged on the several points you are glossing over so prettily here.

      I don't believe we're discussing violence here. I believe we're talking about whether it is unIslamic to wish a non-Muslim or Muslim "Merry Christmas." Not all your Muslims brothers and sisters condemn this statement, I assure you.

      And crypticguise was not complimenting you, he was addressing the imam in the video.

      And you seem to have disowned much of what Islam teaches, since you suggest the need for "correct interpretations." Do you mean that after 1400 years of commentary the Muslims still haven't seem to come to an agreement about what the books mean? I like your idea of correct interpretations. Who gets to decide?

      Have you also noticed that it is only Muslim-majority countries who are incurring the weight of military might from NATO, et al? Why do you think that is? Certainly, of course, you have proof and sources for the claims about the numbers you make, because in their absence, they are hardly believable.

      And I am so very sorry, but I thought Bashy Quraishy was a hysterical pseudonym, but I see that it's truly your name. Forgive any English guffaws from those of us who know what happened to the Quraish at the hands of Mohammad and his companions.

  • Bashy Quraishy

    Dear mrbean
    I think that discussing dogmas and scriptures of any religion should be done, not by prejudicial verdicts but by reason, knowledge and respect.
    My job is not to defend any religion or what was said thousands of years back but to explain that most common information, relating to my ancestral faith, Islam. Since I work with Islamophobia and anti-Semitism, I know that both Jews and Muslims are being targeted in the Anglo-Saxon Christian areas, not by common man but by vested interests – political, religious and economic. Such misinformation are based on selective use of verses in the media, refurnishing myths from crusades and presenting Islam and Muslims as violent and non-conformists.
    Mr. Bean, if you ever have been to Muslim countries, you will notice that most Muslims live their lives as Christians do in the West, namely taking care of their families, have friends, getting children to schools and going to work.
    They do not live their lives as Arabs did in 7th century, or Christians in 3rd century or Jews in 1000 years BC.
    So please get rid of your discriminatory rhetoric and use some hours a month talking to your Muslim neighbours. It would do you a lot of good and you will see that all human beings are Children of nature.
    Kind regards

    • DogWithoutSlippers

      BASHY, YOU ARE DELUSIONAL. There are more and more informed Infidels and independent thinkers who know what the evil plan of islam is – to subjugate all non-believers. It won't work this time around and your primitive way of slavery to mohammed and allah will crumble!

    • meekee

      Honor killings are a great way to take care of families! Yeh? Getting girls to schools and then blowing them up? Yeh? Why would our Muslim neighbors be any different to those adherents to the Quran which urges Kill the Jews and Kuffars? Yeh, astute and open, are you? Yeh!

    • winoceros

      Ah, triangulation. That should help deflect scrutiny.

      Certainly no one would claim Islam produces non-conformists.

      Your rebuttal is a straw man and does not respond on point. Certainly most Muslims go about their lives. That has nothing to do with what mrbean stated. What does that have to do with those who instruct on Islam, further Islam in the world educationally and politically, and those who still do not understand what is actually being taught?

      You do not (nor cannot) rebut mrbean's individual claims. They are all true.

  • 080

    Well, the guy is being logical. If he propounds the idea that all true believers will get 72 virgins when united with Allah then of course Christmas is worse than fornication.

  • Ghostwriter

    Gee,and people like Bashy wonder why so many Americans have such a negative view of his religion? Of course,it's stuff like this,9/11,and other things like that have given us this negative view. Your people never once condemned any Muslim who committed a terrorist attack on Americans either before or since 9/11. Is it any wonder that we have such a low opinion of your religion? No screaming of "Islamophobia" is going to change that. What will change it is that Muslims condemn terrorist attacks against Americans and MEAN it.
    Also,they must stop trying to silence those with negative opinions of your religion. You must debate in the marketplace of ideas,not try to shut them down because your feelings have been hurt. I await your response,Mr. Quraishy. But I doubt it will be a satisfactory one.

  • DogWithoutSlippers

    Everyone…….subscribe to BILL WARNER, RAYMOND ABRAHIM (sic)…you'll get the correct picture!

  • Robert Laity


  • Bashy Quraishy

    Dear Ghostwriter
    First of all, if you wish to discuss with me, issues which are being discussed worldwide, then at least, you should be knowledgeable and informed.
    But before, I answer you, let me ask; why are you not honest enough to come clean and like me write your name. I have been threatened by New Nazis, Islamophoes and extreme violent racists but I stand firm with my opinions and everyone knows, who I am.
    Secondly, if you already have made up your mind that my answers will not be satisfactory to you, then, what are we discussing? To debate, one should have patience, openness and integrity.
    In spite of your pre-conceived ideas, let me start by quoting an American friend of mine, who narrated; we are American. We declare victory, even if we loose”.
    Anyhow, I shall try to respond the few points (which you apparently have picked from Fox TV) you have made.
    Before 9/11, no one with Muslim background has ever committed violent and extremist crimes against USA or any other Western country. We should condemn all such crimes, but we should also condemn State violence of USA, the only country in the world, which has used atom weapons, attacked other countries and have bases in 149 countries.
    If you have not read or have information about Muslims condemning violence against USA, then you should get more knowledge. Just go on Google and write; Have Muslims ever condemned violence against USA? And you will get 20,300,000 results in 0.10 seconds.
    Here is one example: Muslim Americans Condemn Attack 
9/11/2001 – Political Social Religious – Article Ref: am 0109-335
Number of comments: 27 
By: American Muslim Leaders 
American Muslim Leaders.
    You connect the violence by some Muslims with Islam. If we use this logic, then all violence committed by USA, Europe and NATO must be Christian violence or Israeli violence should be called Jewish or Indian violence should be termed ad Hindu violence. Does it make sense to you or any intelligent person? Please get real, Mr. Ghostwriter!
    Who are They, who are trying to silence those with a negative opinion of Islam.? Can you name 5 people, you know who do that. I do not and people, I know do not. To criticize Islam is anyone’s right. Islam has 1.7 billion followers. If a couple of thousand even a million criticize Islam, it does not matter. By the way, there is a huge difference between criticizing a religion and insulting or demonize it, but then you would not understand this fine balance. Arrogance of a nation and ignorance of its citizens is the worst enemy of humanity.
    I believe in debate and discussing. This letter is the proof of it. I sincerely believe that you should read Noam Chomsky or Karen Armstrong, if you wish to discuss Islam or USA policies.
    Kind regards

    • winoceros

      Oh my. A difference between criticizing and insulting or demonizing? Where does one begin? Other than semantics, my friend, there is no difference. One might make people angrier or aghast, but what of it? Are you saying there should be some different legal response depending on whether one feels the words are "criticism" versus "insult"? Will you be the judge of that? Sorry, no American would buy your "hate speech" argument for one second. We care nothing legally for your level of offense. We care about individuals and groups as human beings, and most wouldn't go out of their way to insult, but many do. We just deal with it individually and condemn freely where necessary. The law has no power here over our innate freedom to speak as we wish.

      I am sorry that someone as challenged by history, and recent history at that, is working in a position such as yours, with such authority as yours, but I am not surprised. It is just this type of person who must be such a liaison, since if the facts were known, no one would nor could take the job. Ignorance is indeed bliss.

      "Before 9/11, no one with Muslim background has ever committed violent and extremist crimes against USA or any other Western country."

      I'd like to just let that hang out there a while.

      I don't think we have the time to respond completely to that eye-roller, but most interesting than that is that someone of his obvious social status has this particular view, with no sense of irony nor intent to mislead. He simply believes it to be true.

      How amazing.

    • winoceros

      Oh…Noam Chomsky? Karen Armstrong? It just doesn't get any less relevant than that. Seriously…you would do better than to read the Qur'an and Bukhari than those two a**-clowns.

    • Jack_Fate

      You're a liar. This is what you said…."Before 9/11, no one with Muslim background has ever committed violent and extremist crimes against USA or any other Western country."

      Islam is a lie and you just confirmed it.

  • Ghostwriter

    Amazing,Mr. Quraishy. Has the Bali Bombing after 9/11,Ft. Hood,the hijacking of the "Achille Lauro,and a myriad of other attacks slipped your mind? Of course. Also,did you forget Salman Rushdie,Theo Van Gogh,Molly Norris,and others like them who had their lives threatened or were killed because they offended Muslim sensibilities? I can spend almost the entire day reciting violent acts,threats,terrorist attacks and you would sit there,blithely dismissing them,like they meant nothing to you.
    Sorry,Mr. Quraishy. None of your soothing words can erase the fact that Muslims have attacked Americans and Westerners in the past and have continued to do so to the present day. Never once did ANY Muslim demonstrate against 9/11 or any other terrorist attack before or since then. They were too busy celebrating the deaths of three thousand Americans. Maybe you should put yourself in the shoes of Americans and consider how we feel before you spout your inane comments on this site.

    You also mentioned Noam Chomsky. Here is a man who has spent his life attacking his own country. He's a representative of the "Blame America First" paradigm which animates people like you. In one notorious incident,he tried to silence Cambodian refugees from telling their stories of what happened to them under Pol Pot. When the truth overwhelmed him,he retreated to his tired refrain of blame America first.
    Mr. Quaishy,you still don't get it. These things happened. You can't wish Islamic terror away just because you don't want to hear it. You have zero understanding of how Americans feel and you and those like you continue to treat us like idiots. Here's my request to you. Consider what I've said and respond in an adult way. Not in your condescending manner that you've responded to me and others on this site.
    Thank you and I hope you grow a heart and consider Americans to be human beings,not as the insects as far too many of your people seem to seem to see us.

  • Ghostwriter

    Amazing,Mr. Quraishy. Has the Bali Bombing after 9/11,Ft. Hood,the hijacking of the "Achille Lauro,and a myriad of other attacks slipped your mind? Of course. Also,did you forget Salman Rushdie,Theo Van Gogh,Molly Norris,and others like them who had their lives threatened or were killed because they offended Muslim sensibilities? I can spend almost the entire day reciting violent acts,threats,terrorist attacks and you would sit there,blithely dismissing them,like they meant nothing to you.

  • Ghostwriter

    Mr. Quraishy,you still spout your meaningless drivel and you still don't get it. Like Noam Chomsky,you blame America for all the world's problems. You don't question any of it. You just recite it like a trained parrot. You and those like you don't care about this country or it's people. You see us as insects,ready to be stomped out whenever you feel like it. We are not insects. We're human beings,just like you. Not that you would care.
    Your people celebrated 9/11 and the deaths of three thousand Americans! Your people never once condemned ANY terrorist attack on Americans or other Westerners! Not a single one! Is it any wonder about the comments you read on this site? You never attempt to answer them or the points they raise. You just dismiss them as "Islamophobia." Why don't you try to understand how Americans feel? Or is that too much beyond your understanding? I hope one day you do understand us.

    • winoceros

      The claims of condemnation Mr. Quraishy claims to have found very carefully condemn the attacks against "innocents." Since jihadists, realizing that the non-Muslims of America, et al, have heard and rejected the message of Mohammad, believe their American targets to not be innocent, we can easily see what those condemnations are worthy.

      Read some. You'll see.

  • Bashy Quraishy

    Dear Mr. Ghostwriter( I wonder, who is behind this Ghost) and all other commentators on this blog
    Normally, I do not spend so much time in responding every person who uses accusing language or shoots from the hip like an original John Wayne. If I did that then I shall have nothing else to do but indulge in fruitless Ping-Pong, with people who are hell bent on maligning and demonizing 1.7 billion people and their religion.
    Instead, I am copying in this comment, one of my TV interviews from 2009. I think, that those who want to look for sincere exchange of views will find answers to many questions, being asked in the western world, including FrontPage readers.
    As far as Ghostwriter’s following statement; “You never attempt to answer them or the points they raise. You just dismiss them as "Islamophobia." Why don't you try to understand how Americans feel? Or is that too much beyond your understanding? I hope one day you do understand us”, I can only say; If Lord Jesus came down to convince such views, he will have no success.
    Here is the interview. Please enjoy it.
    Terrorism, violence and Islam

    Question 1; Mr. Bashy Quraishy, what is the topic of your March 2009 commentary?
    Answer; We have chosen the topic almost everyone in the western world is talking about, namely; Terrorism, violence and Islam

    Since it is a very emotional, yet important issue, we must deal with it fairly and honestly. Here we must add that this video is not to defend extremism, terrorism or violent actions but only to analyse and explain from a non-religious perspective.

    Question 2; Why this topic?
    First, there are too many misinformation, rumours, and degrading views being circulated about Islam and Muslims in the western world. This creates conflicts, disharmony and prejudices among peace loving citizens of the planet.

    Second, it is irritating to notice that most politicians, media and the intellectuals in the West are demonising Islam.
    Terminologies such as Islamic terrorism, Islamic militant, Islam o-fascism, Islamic Jihad and Islamic suiside bombings are being used on daily basis. Let me give you few numbers to illustrate the situation.
    Just google “anti-Islam” and you will get;
    600000 anti-Islam web sites
    7,530,000 anti-Islam books
    15,800,000 anti-Islam articles
    635,000 anti-Islam You Tube video hits
    258,000 anti-Islam Holly wood films hits

    (The second part is in the following comment)

  • Bashy Quraishy

    Question 3;Why Islamophobia and hatred of Muslims is so wide spread?
    Answer;There are many reasons.
    •Historically, Europe always felt threatened by Islam’s military power, first by the Arab invasion of Southern Europe and later Ottoman empire’s occupation of half of Europe, until Vienna.
    •Ideologically, many intellectuals and academics in the west -both left and right wing – feel that Islam poses a challenge to western cultural domination, democratic systems and way of life. They believe that Islamic traditions are inferior,primitive and unworthy to discuss
    •Then there is economic consideration. Muslim countries control 60% oil and gas reserves. Western living standrad can not survive without this oil. To keep oil supplies open,the West needs to control it and to justify its presence, it creates conflicts and wars in the Middle East.
    •Politically Muslims can not be subjugated. There are 1.5 billion of them. They have 60 countries and in time would demand influence and power in the world affairs. This situation poses a threat to the western domination of 200 years.
    •And finally, there is a question of religious competition. Islam is now the second largest religion in the world. Christianity is loosing followers while Islam is growing faster. It means less money and power for the church.

    If we put all these factors together, a clear pattern emerges. Power élites in the west can only win if they present a horrible picture of Islam and Muslims to their populations. Islam as an enemy is a tool to suppress the rights of ordinary people.

    Question 4; But what about all the killings, the violence and terrorism committed by the Muslims. Is not Islam inherently violent and against modernity?
    Answer; Let us take one thing at a time. No one in his/her right mind can deny that at the present time, some Muslims are doing exactly what you just said. It is a shame and we denounce it as strongly as possible. But it has nothing to do with Islam.
    According to Islamic teaching, taking one innocent life is like killing the whole humanity. If Islam teaches violence as it is claimed, how would we explain that of all 20th century's greatest dictators, killers and fascists were non-Muslims. Hitler, Mussolini, Franco, Pinochet, Pol Pot, Milasovich, and South Africa’s apartheid regime are few examples. Many of these leaders were devout Christian.
    Even Bush and Blair who illegally invaded Iraq and killed thousands of innocent people are very religious.Does it mean that Christian teaching is the reason for all that bloodshed? Of course not. In the same way, violence committed by few individuals and some Muslim countries can not be labeled as Islamic or Islamist.
    Another important point to remember is that if Islam teaches terrorism, suicide bombings and violence, then why it only started happening in the last 25 years. Why not before? The simple answer is that political developments and foreign interference in Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan have created situations which resulted in horrible acts of violence.
    Did you know that Interpole report from 2006 says;There were 486 acts of terrorism in Europe in 2006. Out of that only 2 were committed by people with Muslim background.

    Question 5; What about Al-Qaeeda, Taleban and other terrorist organisation who started terrorism and suiside bombing in the name of Islam?
    Answer: What they are doing is un-Islamic. Just because they misuse Islam’s name does not mean, religion is to blame.
    People do not know that in modern times, suicide bombing was first introduced by Japanese pilots against USA navy. Tamil Tigers use it extensively. They are not Muslims.
    According to a new book by Michael Burleigh; the history of terrorism goes way back to Irish struggle against the British, Russian resistance against the Boljeviks, the Italian Red Brigade, the German Red Army, Jewish attacks on British in the holy land, ETA in Spain, IRA in Northern Ireland, FARC in Columbia and Shinning path in Peru are few examples. The list goes on and none of them are Muslim.

    Question 6; So who should people in the west believe?
    Answer;One thing is certain. People should not trust politicians and the media.They should investigate themselves. Read about other cultures and civilisations, travel to Muslim countries, talk to Muslim neighbours and watch Al-Jazeera English channel.You would get a different reality check.
    This way, people would realise that Muslims are as ordinary as Europeans. They love their children, go to work, enjoy sports,have fun with friends and most important of all, are peace loving human beings.Terrorism is a crime.So please do not call it Islamic, Christian, Hindu or Jewish.All religions preach love and compassion and we should remember it.

    Kind regards

  • Ghostwriter

    Once again Bashy,you missed my point. Your people celebrated the deaths of three thousand Americans on 9/11 just as they celebrated the hideous murder of a settler family in Israel. What are we supposed to THINK?!? Before that,your people were silent as Americans were being murdered by people of your faith. What are Americans supposed to think of the OIC's attempt to subvert free speech? You never even touched my point about those like Salman Rushide,Molly Norris,Theo Van Gogh and those like them who have had their lives threatened or have been killed for saying things that people of your faith didn't like. What do you have to say about that?
    You don't get it! Most Americans don't want to live in an Islamic state. We've seen places like Iran and Saudi Arabia. They remind us of the places our ancestors left behind to start new lives in this one. Also,Christians and Jews are being persecuted in the Islamic world. What do you say about that or are you still going to continue with your meaningless blather?

    It's you that needs a reality check,Bashy. Not me. Your people want to transform this country into a religious police state. A place were women are treated as property,not people. A place were music is banned and people can be killed for blaspheming Islam. That's not why people have risked their lives to come to America. They did so that they can enjoy freedom of speech,religion,and assembly. They came here so that they wouldn't be persecuted for their religious and social views. The very things people like you want to destroy.
    Once again,Bashy,you still don't understand Americans and I don't think that you or your fellow Muslims ever well. We're proud of our freedoms and we're going to fight for them. We Americans are proud to be who we are and we're not going to let people like you push us around and bully us into silence. We call them as we see them. It's people like you who are the suicide bombers,the jihadists. They're the real villains. You want us to sympathize with people who strap bombs to themselves and go into pizza parlors,movie theaters,and other places like that and blow themselves up and kill innocent people.
    (To be continued.)

  • Ghostwriter

    Maybe you should try reading up a little on American history,Bashy. There were people who came to my country from places like England,France,Belgium,China,Japan,Poland,etc. They came seeking new lives and freedom from persecution. They also came from Syria and Lebanon. They were also leaving behind people like you,who would dictate to them how they should live,what religion they should practice,etc. And they still come here. From places like Africa,the Middle East,Asia,etc.
    Most immigrants who come to America would probably hate you. Because you're the very thing they left behind in their country. The freedom hating,mullah-loving monster that made their lives so miserable in the first place. You're not fooling them,just like you're not fooling most Americans,and you're not fooling me. You are the voice of religious intolerance,of religious censorship,of tyranny and oppression. The very things most Americans have always opposed. If Muslims want to be a part of the American family,that's fine with me. But they should respect other religions right to practice openly and freely. They're not going to gain any respect by forcing themselves upon Americans and trying to dominate everyone else.

    One day,I hope,you'll understand Americans. Right now,I don't think you do. Nor do I think you and your kind really want to.

  • Al Dente

    Can it be any clearer?
    Any doubts now?

  • Fearless

    This guy is worried about Shirk. But he completely pus faith in a man (Muhammad) and a book (Koran). If there is an omnipotent creator then why not talk directly? Why believe what an bedouin says? To think that the only source of truth is the Koran is the ultimate in Shirk. It is to become a slave of Muhammad.

  • Fearless

    This guy is worried about Shirk. But he completely puts faith in a man (Muhammad) and a book (Koran). If there is an omnipotent creator then why not talk directly? Why believe what a bedouin says? To think that the only source of truth is the Koran is the ultimate in Shirk. It is to become a slave of Muhammad.

  • James Goldburg

    we JEWS have exaclty the same feelings about saying and wishing christians, the only difference is that we do not say it. We just simply by using our media have started saying HAPPY HOLIDAYS instead of "you know what" HAHA

  • Serafino

    Fornication, drinking alcohol… I see "religious" Muslims in Brooklyn engaging in this on a daily basis. I bet you that this nut is no stranger to all of this either.

  • jmz

    i wish we could put that muslim loosers name and address up…im not saying anything should happen, but if he was to 'accidently' get ripped apart and die slowly screaming curses upon his filthy pig poop eating prophet mohammed. i wouldnt be too not unhappy… oh and to him MERRY CHRISTMAS!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!! lol

  • curmudgeon

    i have a suggestion for mr. shirk. since there are 57 nations with overwhelming majorities of muslims, due the fact that the not-muslims that lived there were murdered by islam, where noone would ever dare utter the insulting words you so piously deplore, due to a very realistic fear of being murdered. in the interests of your own peace of mind, and so you never hear the horrible offending words again, how bout you take your pious coreligionists, your family, your goats, camels, holy qur'ans, and your superior attitude, and move to one of those countries where muslims have already murdered all the not-muslims, and then you wont have to murder all those evil shirkers in the non-muslim majority countries that you hate. how many innocent people must islam murder to prove that they are good followers of allah, the merciful, and his holy prophet (peace be upon him)? does not the blood of hundreds of millions murdered for the glory of allah make you wonder, if allah is so wonderful, why doesnt allah murder all those infidels himself, instead of insisting on good muslims doing allah's murdering for him?

  • dannykid

    the intolerance is intolerable.
    the western elites and media and leadership need to understand that this is not a clash of civilizations or religions or cultures. it is a clash of two very different species. they need to decide who will survive.

  • OneWayToParadise

    Muslim cleric: Saying “Merry Christmas” worse than alcohol, fornication, and murder