Jamie Glazov on the Michael Coren Show: We Are Under Attack

Frontpage’s editor discusses the bombing of a French magazine’s headquarters on Toronto’s Sun TV:

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    The spirit of Charles Martel is alive and well and living in Paris defending Western Civilization from the Moslem hordes. Charb (Charlie Hedbo's editor-in-chief) is a profile of courage, a hero for our times deserving the Counter-Jihad Medal of Honor.

    • Gylippus

      Well said Apollo.

      Kudos to Mr. Glazov for always telling it like it is. And thanks to you too for your insightful comments. Your own blog is one of my regular stopping points.

  • kafirman

    Bravo Mr. Glazov for the courageous remark showing that the hypocrisy of the left exposes the left's desire for the destruction of the West.

  • randy

    Coren wrote a book trying to defend the pathetic catholic church and the pediphile priests.

  • Ronald W. Carnine

    Wow, what a powerful commentary! The only way to defend the freedom of speech is to exercise it and to be careful to speak the truth. The west is indeed under attack, by American Muslims and the left. So much so that we can't even get the news agencies to report what is happening around the world. I keep hearing how most American Muslims are against violence in the name of Islam, but where are they? They should be at the forefront fighting what is happening around the world, but they are strangely silent. (with maybe a handful of exceptions) Jamie is such a powerful spokesman and he will become a target like other powerful spokespersons. (like Robert Spencer) It takes great courage to tell the truth when you know you may lose your life, or more frightening, the lives of your family members. I can only say, there are many who support you and pray for you on a regular basis. Keep up the good work.

  • Dispozadaburka

    Well said, Mr. Glazov!!!!!

    Wish you could speak on mainstream media outlets.

  • Dispozadaburka

    Just read on Huffington Post that Peter Fuller head of our military was asked to step down because he critisized Karzai's remark about siding with Pakistan. November 5, 2011. How is that for freedom of speech?

  • Beth

    Thank You Jamie Glazov!!!! You speak for the many. Well put! all of it

  • crypticguise

    You're not going to do anything in France. France is already LOST and refuses to fight back against these IslamoFascists.