Tears For Kim Jong-Il — on The Jamie Glazov Show

Listen to the Jamie Glazov Show that aired on Tuesday, Dec. 20, 2011 at 8-9 pm Pacific (11-12 pm EST) on Blog Talk Radio. This week’s guest was:

Leon Weinstein, Soviet emigre, expert on totalitarianism and the author of the new book, Capitalism 101.

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  • DogWithoutSlippers

    Perhaps, secretly, tears of joy!

  • Amused

    tears are required by the state, the absolute dictator is both ruler and god . decades of fear , terror and brutal oppression , coupled with extreme deprivation , have melded faith and fear into an abberation . all will praise the dictator for their crumb of bread , all will mourn loudly when the dictator dies .

  • Asher

    Yes, tears of Joy, but will the next regime be worse for the people? So the dictators even control people's emotions too. How Horrible.

    • Amused

      It can't get any worse , if you don't believe that , try to catch National Geographics Documentary on Dr.Ruits , a Dr. who performed free surgery for blind N.Koreans . After the bandages were removed and the patients realized their vision had been restored , their reactions were both stunning and stupifying . Surreal ,bizzare , nightmarish ,are words that dont even approach , what you will see .

  • evy

    "Chicago public school officials banning students from bringing home-packed meals made by their own parents." (Michelle Malkin quoted in JWR). When the Obama 'der' leader is done, will Americans be weeping? "ask not for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee."
    As for Mr. IL, he knows better now, too late, too late, too late toolatetoolate. And no, it is no dream. You are awake. Forever.

    • Amused

      contain your anti-Obama foam , there is no corollary a sane person can make between the two . Besides that Malkin's a fruit-cake .

      • evy

        Both Obama (like Hitler 'der' leader) and Mr. IL dear leader were considered 'messiahs' and the delusion in our midst is so severe it is not short of terrifying. Will the USA allow Obama to remain in office when his 'reign' would take you straight into a one world dictatorsip?
        Time you stopped being AMUSED (translates to a=against, muse=think) and start thinking.

  • bearone7777

    It is plain, and simple either you gather for the TV screens and mourn by crying, or you will be shot to death when they find you.

  • crypticguise

    Crying without shedding tears is a sign of mental derangement or an intelligent expression of fear of NOT crying. Perhaps it is a bit of both.

  • meekee

    I once did all my crying for Argentina .. sorry none left for Kim

  • bruce

    now he is a good commie.