Join the Jamie Glazov Show, Tuesday, Nov. 8, 8-9pm Pacific

Join the Jamie Glazov Show on Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2011 at 8-9 pm Pacific (11-12 pm EST) on Blog Talk Radio. Jamie will be joined by Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer to discuss the jihadist bombing of a French magazine’s headquarters, the war against Israel and much much more.

Listen to the program by clicking here. Or go to:

The call in number is 347-857-1380.

See you on Tuesday night!

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  • C"H"Martel

    My book, "Satan's Trinity: Hitler, Stalin & Muhammad, is available at For the first time in history "HSM" appear together on a book cover. The idea behind the book is to make headway against the ludicrous idea that Muhammad should be conjoined with any religious leader/founder. This book uses the specific names of Hitler and Stalin to efficiently identify the nature of Muhammad and by extension Islam. It compares the personalities and approach of each man to such categories as; war, peace, sex, torture, slavery, women, their respective childhoods and deaths, the critical affects of geography and timing, each man’s anti-social and narcissistic personalities.

  • randy

    Wonder if they will talk about the abuse of native americans when thier land was stolen by the christians

    • aneo

      just because someone is of european descent does not make them christian …and if you want to play this type of silly game….homo sapiens did a really great job of wiping out the neanderthals, didn't they? Do you expect us to weep over that FACT?

  • Asher

    This show will definitely be informative. Atlas Shrugged, The Movie comes out on Blue Ray tomorrow….I hope everyone realizes that November 20 is the day for the FCC Net Neutrality act to take effect. Please call your senators and ask them to vote yes for S.J. 6 the vehicle for stopping this power grab. If the FCC pushes this through, it shuts down Freedom of Information!