Leftist Worship at the Altar of Islamic Jihad

[Editor’s note: Below is a video interview with Jamie Glazov about his new book, Showdown With Evil. The interview was conducted by Canada’s acclaimed talk show host, Christine Williams, at David Horowitz’s Restoration Weekend in Palm Beach, Florida on November 21, 2010.]

To order Showdown With Evil, Click Here.

See also Jamie Glazov on Fox & Friends discussing the New Ground Zero Imam’s Radical Ties:

  • http://www.mysapce.com/freddawes1776/ Fred Dawes

    Both Think that each other can use each other. The leftist need's the power of jihad guys to keep the population in line and the jihad guys hope to use the population against The leftists at some point to take down the leftists, but in the long end game it will just become mass murder.