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And this is a real case and the school district settled. He’s allowed to dress like a transvestite and they have to spend $75,000 a year on gender identity counseling. Okay? Look, this is just one case. I have example after example after example of this radicalism through the Justice Department as it stands right now. But the place where it’s really going to show up is in the election next year. You heard Catherin Engelbrecht last night. Obamism is converting the most powerful federal agency in the government, the DOJ, into a weapon to impose intellectual radicalism that 20 years ago was only on college campuses. And they’re doing it in election law also and that’s my particular interest and specialty.

But let me give you an example of this – Catherine at [True to Vote] last year, I worked with her on this project. We found in the Houston, Texas voter registration forms many people who said–when it said on the form, are you a U.S. citizen, they actually marked no and they were registered to vote. Okay, they were registered to vote after saying they’re not a United States citizen, which is illegal. So we put together a referral to my old colleagues, the voting section of Justice, and said, look, here’s the registration forms. We had duplicate registrations, we had people who didn’t live there, and so forth – all the good stuff. They did absolutely nothing about it, nothing. And so, this is replicating all across the country where you have voter roll problems and nothing is being done about it. Contrast that with this – Georgia passed a law in 2009 to require proof of citizenship for voting. The Justice Department objected to this. They blocked the law under the Voting Rights Act.

So in closing, my point is that they have brought the outside radicals into the bowels of the civil service. But the Freedom Center webpage, I go to it weekly when I do write–I always link to it– when I do George Soros-funded it always ends up to discover the networks. And it’s getting a lot easier to discover the networks because more and more they’re on the GS federal pay scale inside the federal government.

So thank you very much for your time.

Monica Crowley: Hi. Good morning. I’m so happy to be part of this weekend this year. It’s really a thrill–and to be on this panel with so many courageous voices who are willing to speak the truth about Barack Obama. It’s a very gutsy move in this new era in the United States. And I want to give my colleagues here kudos for doing it and for standing up for the truth.

I want to start with a quote from the writer Maya Angelou, who is a close friend of Oprah Winfrey’s. And when I give you this quote, you’ll understand why I’m starting with it. Maya Angelou once wrote, “When somebody tells you who they are, believe them the first time.” Barack Obama has been telling us who he is for years. The mainstream media in this country ideologically attuned to where he was coming from buried his past. [Sallie] has written about this, Ron, we’ve all talked about this endlessly over the last couple of years and certainly during 2008 those of us who were very worried about this man, what he represented, what his background was, we were raising the alarm bell over and over again. It wasn’t a mystery. Barack Obama never made a mystery of himself. Did he try to cover it up once and a while, did he try to pose as a moderate here and there, sure, but his background was out there, his policies as a state senator and as a U.S. senator were out there. Barack Obama was named the most left U.S. senator in 2007, 2008, more left than Bernie Sanders, the self-avowed Socialist – more left than Ted Kennedy. Not a big mystery here, guys. Not a big mystery. He has been telling us who he is for years.

And yet in 2008, whether it was a case of wishful thinking, whether it was a case of willful blindness in the phrase of the great Andy McCarthy, whether it was just full on denial, the majority of the American people decided to give the keys to the kingdom to a complete stranger. I came across a quote from Bill Ayers the other day and there’s been some talk this morning about Occupy Wall Street and its connection to Barack Obama and what he represents. This quote from Bill Ayers stunned me because here’s what he said in 1972. Bill Ayers, of course, blew up the Pentagon with the Weather Underground, blew up the New York City Police Department. When you look at Occupy Wall Street, it all fits together, right?

In 1972, Bill Ayers said, “Kill all the rich people. Break their cars, break their apartments, break their homes. Kill your parents. That’s where it’s at.” This is a man who was so close to Barack Obama, despite his denials, that he actually hosted Obama in 1995 in his living room and launched Obama’s political career. And I thought when I saw this quote from ’72 and now I’m looking at Occupy Wall Street, it dawned on me, this is the same revolution. Occupy Wall Street is not some spontaneous leftist movement that all the kids are in the streets with their sleeping bags and isn’t it quaint with their drugs and their free love and everything, and it will go away. No, this is the same revolution. And we’ve seen it since the turn of the 20th century where a group in the early 1920s tried to blow up Wall Street – anti-capitalists, anarchists – carried forward by Bill Ayers in the ’60s and early ’70s and now carried forward by Barack Obama and his soldiers of fortune.

Barack Obama five days before the election, and we’ve heard it here already this morning, “We’re just days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” He also used terminology like, “We are going to remake this nation.” He used the word remake over and over again. I’m working on a book. It will come out next year. I expect each one of you to buy about 10 copies. It’s stunning how many times, how often he used the word remake, fundamentally transform, and again, willful blindness, wishful thinking, the Obama hypnosis, everybody sort of getting sucked into the Bermuda Triangle of hope and change. Nobody paid attention to what he really meant when he said that.

So now we’ve got these leftist radicals in the White House in this administration whose sole purpose is to destroy the existing order. This is Saul Alinsky. This is Barack Obama’s mentor–philosophical mentor. Destroy the existing order. And this is what the leftists are brilliant at. This is basically the only thing they know how to do is destroy. Occupy Wall Street – destroy the existing order. But let’s not stop there when we think of the leftist radicals. It’s not just about destroying the existing order. Once they destroy it, which is what they’re really good at, then what do they seek to replace it with? What they seek to replace it with is a more socialist ideal. That’s what you’ve seen from this president and this administration. In a couple of short years we have had socialized medicine that is remaking the healthcare sector, we have had an attempt at cap and trade and then when that failed, massive regulations done through the EPA, through the White House to remake the energy sector. We have had a partial nationalization of the banks and then with Dodd Frank a remaking of the financial sector. And then, of course, the auto takeover.

So the entire or at least a big chunk of the industrial base taken over by the government. Wealth free distribution class warfare – it’s all part of a piece. Because remember, what the leftists need, what Barack Obama needs, okay, and this is–people don’t want to say this, the American mind doesn’t want to process this. He needs the chaos. He needs the chaos. He needs an enemy. That’s what Occupy Wall Street is all about. That’s what the evil millionaires and billionaires are all about. That’s what evil corporate (inaudible) are all about. The left operates at its maximum speed with an enemy. He needs the chaos. He needs the upheaval. He loves Occupy Wall Street. For goodness sakes, he is Occupy Wall Street.

Rahm Emanuel, never let a crisis go to waste. And I would add to that a little addendum–even if you have to manufacture one. And that’s Saul Alinsky as well.

Briefly, foreign policy, just a quick note. We’re so focused on domestic issues here, but Barack Obama and the rest of the left loathes the United States, loathes this country, loathes everything we stand for in the world – our freedoms, our power, our economic prowess. So his whole mission has been to take the United States down a notch or two or ten. You know, just another nation on the U.N. roster, nothing special, and he has largely accomplished that.

Just finally here, the economic situation in this country is abysmal, we all know that, a direct result of his policies, direct result of his policies. And people will say, again in the wishful thinking or the willful blindness or the denial they’ll say, well, he’s incompetent. I’m sure you hear this a lot now. Oh, Barack Obama, he’s incompetent, or he’s naïve, or he’s in over his head, he didn’t have any executive experience so he just doesn’t know what he’s doing. All wrong. Barack Obama is a brilliant man and he knows exactly what he is doing.

Our political survival here hangs in the balance, our survival as a nation hangs in the balance. This man is not Bill Clinton, as we talked about before. Bill Clinton was a pragmatist. Bill Clinton wanted to survive as president, and so he did what he needed to do in order to moderate his policies to win reelection. This guy is willing to sacrifice his own political survival for the leftist agenda, for the agenda of fundamentally remaking America to the point where it’s irreversible. That’s why he was willing to lose the Democrat majority in the House. That’s why he was willing to lose so many seats in the Senate. And frankly, that’s probably why he’s going to risk losing the Presidency of the United States because for him it’s not really about him, it’s about fundamentally transforming this country.

One quick example before I go. Blanche Lincoln represents–represented Blue Dog Democrats in the Senate, a moderate Democrat from Arkansas. When the Obamacare debate came up, she went to the White House and begged Obama, begged him, to back off from the radicalism of socialized medicine. Let’s do this piecemeal. Let’s try to get some Republicans onboard. This is a major social issue in this country that we need bipartisan support for, we need public support for. We don’t have that. He turned to her ice cold and basically said, stick it, Blanche, stick it. She lost her seat for reelection. This man is willing to sacrifice his party and even himself for this mission. You are dealing not with a pragmatist, but with a pure ideologue.

Last night, Dick Morris was talking about 2012, and I hope he’s right. I hope he’s right. I will say that based on what we’ve heard today that Barack Obama has a formidable machine behind him. He’s got the unions. We’ve seen what they can do in Ohio and elsewhere. We have seen the corruption in this administration that Christian Adams pointed out. We have seen him mobilizing the kids. If you watch carefully now, I would say maybe every other campaign speech Obama gives will be on a college campus for a reason–and of course, minorities. So when you put those groups together and then you put together the formidable lying machine of David Axelrod, Valerie Jarred, David Plouffe, and of course, Obama at the top, we’re dealing with a very formidable challenge ahead of us. And that’s why we need to do our own community organizing. We need to community organize ourselves, people who love this country. It started with the Tea Party. We need to continue that momentum, okay? We need to work the ground forces from the bottom up because they’re doing it, they’re three steps ahead of us. And you know what? They’re playing chess, we’re playing checkers, and it’s about time we ramped up our game.

Thank you.

Karen Lugo: Our time is going to be cut a little short because of the security and process required for getting into lunch with Glenn Beck. I had offered the panelists time to do a responsive remark at close. So we’re not going to do that. I’ll ask them to include their final thoughts into answers to your questions.

I would like to very briefly, just because this is so topical, share a little bit with you from the Federalist Society Convention I attended just days ago where I was struck with so much conversation about how much of this is happening, as Christian mentioned, extra-Constitutionally or outside of the accountable political process. School districts are receiving dear colleague letters. Catholic charities are receiving letters saying, if you want USA I.D., we advise you to behave and instruct this way according to gay and lesbian policy. The dear colleague letters were encouraging administrators to look at [voting] policies in a more liberal way than the law requires.

We know–we heard about the Hajj situation this morning and we now have a DOJ that has openly declared that a case like the Hajj teacher who wanted to go on–that they will partner–they are now partnering in an unprecedented way with the EEOC. So, yes, you say, all these memoranda and letters are aspirational, these are guidance. Now with a DOJ like this, they become a matter of you should conform to this or else you have the team of these two organizations, which when they went after that school district, it for three years these combined agencies battled a school district in a town of several thousand people. Finally, the district settled.

And the one thing we did not hear this morning that is very significant about that settlement was that not only did the teacher get back pay reinstated and all of this, there’s a new policy now in that district which requires that instead of the contract governing her request for 21 days off, when the most that the courts had ever allowed–and this was a Supreme Court decision–was 10 days for a religious accommodation. So now we have 21 days off in the first year of teaching. I could go into a lot of the legal aspects of this kind of a decision. But now there’s a new policy where these cases are to be negotiated on a one-on-one basis. So all school districts in the country now know that if they don’t operate this way that they will be facing the combined force of DOJ, EEOC.

Just got an email yesterday from CARE announcing that the DOJ is going to intervene in a California land use case where a mosque was denied the ability to expand its facility. And so, again, the DOJ–I do land use law on behalf of Christian churches and religious organizations under RLUIPA–the DOJ–we don’t say, okay, we’re going to go to the DOJ with our case if we lose or if we have an issue with the city. It is something that goes through the court processes.

So for the DOJ to intervene again on the behalf of a minority group is a very disturbing thing when we live under a rule of law that is equal for all. So, with that, questions? Manny?

Unidentified Audience Member: (Inaudible) from Los Angeles. This is an extraordinary panel, very focused, a lot of really good information. I thought there was a slight tension between two of the comments–two of the speakers. One is between Monica and the other is Ron Radosh. And that is, is Obama a pure ideologue who is willing to sacrifice himself, or is he a shrewd ideologue, and a Leninist who figures he’s going to pull it out, and be there again, and they’re pulling out all the stops to do that? He’s not quickly willing to sacrifice himself. The economy didn’t turn around fast enough for the fundamentals to work out for him. But he wants this second term. And he’s not sacrificing self, it seems to me, on any altar. He is totally an ideologue, but he’s a Leninist who wants to be there (inaudible) and achieve all of his goals.

Monica Crowley: Yes. No, I don’t disagree that he wants the second term. I think he’s desperate for a second term for the sake of what more damage he can inflict on this country. What I’m saying is, he realized he had a short window of opportunity when he had these huge majorities in the Democrat Congress to push through Obamacare and all of the big social welfare programs, new entitlements, all of the massive spending that he did. When he lost the House in 2010, the window started to shut real quick. And I think in his mind, yes, of course he would love a second term, because without the worry of having to run for re-election, he could go to town and do it mostly through fiat and executive order. He would absolutely love that. But in the bigger picture, if he’s prioritizing, the main mission of remaking the country–or getting as many of the tentacles of these leftist socialist policies wrapped around the country as possible, even if he only has one term to do it before the American people got onto him, and now we’re onto him. To get those tentacles wrapped so tightly that even if he loses, it will be nearly impossible, or at least very difficult to remove those tentacles.

Karen Lugo: If Ron wants to respond real quickly–.

Ron Radosh: –Yes, I agree, the only other thing I left out today, to add to–to get that second term, he depends on one institution–that is, the AFL-CIO. And this is not your father’s union from the 1940s and even the 1950s, when the Communists were expelled from the CIO in the (inaudible) years of Harry Truman. The AFL-CIO is now largely a union of public sector employees. And the reason Christ Christie is so successful in New Jersey, he worked with the private unions and conservatives in the Democratic party to succeed in getting a conservative agenda for his state. But the AFL-CIO is an organized left-wing institution at present. And that’s where they’re going to pull out all the stops to get him elected. That’s his base. And that’s why they’re marching for Occupy Wall Street. They’re the shock troops of this socialist movement. We have to remember that too. And there’s some serious opposition we have to do.

Karen Lugo: It’s so difficult to have to move on, but we’re trying to squeeze in two more questions right here.

Unidentified Audience Member: we need to get the word out, and this is very obvious. And then you tell us that nobody knows Mr. Kurtz wrote this book because the mainstream media would not review it. How can you get the word out when the mainstream media will not tell the people who need to hear it what the word is? Thank you.
Monica Crowley: –I am the media, I guess, right? I’m doing my part on Fox and on radio and my blog and wherever else I can do it. It is a real challenge, because the media in this country now, for the most part, doesn’t do their job. They’re not an independent function. They are an arm of the Democrat Party, and they’re certainly an arm of this administration. So it is a challenge. And that’s what I meant by community organizing, because we’re going to have to around the media. And look, most of the American people are with us. This is a center-right country. Most of the American people are horrified by what this administration has done. So it’s just a question of mobilizing on the ground the way they do, in order to try to get this administration dislodged.

Karen Lugo: Yes. Final question.

Unidentified Audience Member: The Obama administration keeps talking about wanting jobs. But about everything they do destroys jobs, and he keeps coming up with one excuse after another, like the EPA won’t let me do it. There is an organization–many organizations that are run by the Koch brothers, and they supply over 70,000 jobs in the United States. They have had a series of meetings over the last several years, inviting other capitalists to figure out how to create more jobs for the country, yet they are completely victimized by the Obama administration, including ex-government officials. How can the Republicans go on the offensive to say hey, we businesses create jobs. We want to have the professions–.
Stanley Kurtz: Well, in my talk I was saying we go on the offensive by attacking Occupy Wall Street. But I do think we have to say–and I think we have been saying–that regulation is stifling jobs and businessmen large and small create jobs in this country. I think people actually buy that. I think that’s what’s hurting Obama right now. We have to drive that home. If Mitt Romney is the nominee, it really is going to be interesting. In the last panel, they said, is he going to be seen as a rich guy, or as a guy who will get you a job because he knows what’s going on. If Romney is the nominee, then this whole class warfare thing is going to go to another level, because that’s going to be their attack on Romney. So you’re going to see Occupy Wall Street simultaneously with an attack on Romney. And capitalism itself, really, is going to be–it’s being debated in this campaign. And we’re going to have to defend it.

Karen Lugo: Ed–I said Ed could ask a question. We may need to ponder it as we walk out, quickly.

Unidentified Audience Member: There’s a personal (inaudible) that I have never seen mentioned or in a book. Barack Obama and Bill Ayres went to college for an overlapping year, a half block apart from each other. Obama went to Columbia. Bill Ayers was at Bank Street Teachers College. Those of you who knew–know New York, Bank Street’s a very short street five miles away from Columbia. But I served on the Columbia faculty, and I live a half mile from it. And years before Ayers attended Bank Street Teacher College, it relocated to West 114th, give or take a north-south block. But less–a half block from Columbia University. That was after Ayers and his wife were off the legal hook and were–came out in public. Ayers was perhaps the most glamorous young radical in the world, and Obama has said–.


Stanley Kurtz: I like to–I think it’s dangerous for us to go with speculation, even plausible speculation. I rely on what’s documented because the press can’t destroy it. But I’ll tell you how I think Bill Ayers is relevant. I actually–even though I talked a lot about Bill Ayers. I helped bring up the issue during the campaign. But I always felt yes, his history of terrorism is a completely legitimate issue, absolutely. But I kept saying, but you know what’s really more important is what he and Obama were actually doing when they were together. That was my line and I believed it. But I have to say that Occupy Wall Street has really just hit me with a plank upside the head, and made me realize that the conservative base was even more right than I thought, because what are the people doing at Occupy Wall Street?

The anarchists who break all the windows and everything, they wear the mask of Guy Fawkes. You see this bizarre mask. Who was Guy Fawkes? Guy Fawkes was a fellow who tried to blow up the British Parliament. They might as well be wearing Bill Ayers masks. And what this raises is when Democrats overlook and tolerate and don’t take seriously this part of the movement–and the movement itself, even the nonviolent ones don’t want to actually say we leave you out of the movement. Then the same thing that happened in Chicago with Bill Ayers, where some of the liberals just didn’t want to seem intolerant and they put up with the guy, and others absolutely idolized Bill Ayers. And Obama worked close–very closely with him. It went way beyond one party in his home. They had a long-term political partnership. So it surprised me to see the entire Democratic Party except one little editorial in The New Republic tolerating violence of people who wear the masks of the Bill Ayers of England in the 16th or 17th Century, whatever it was.

Karen Lugo: With that incredibly thought-provoking metaphor for Occupy Wall Street, we will thank our brilliant panelists and go to lunch.

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  • Steve

    Perhaps it would be effective to now take the MSM on directly, sort of like Trump began to do…..e.g. at every opportunity ask the MSM why they are hiding O''s radical past and his radical policies (and the impact they will have, such as what the environmental protection agencies policies).

  • Steve Chavez

    And in conclusion, OBAMISM IS A CULT! The way this man brainwashes is by laughter. Notice that he makes jokes and has written one-liners. His speeches are written by comedy writers from Letterman, Leno, and Stewart!

    The audience laughs and then thinks "he's really cool" but then he goes into his policy speech that is CLASS WARFARE like he said yesterday about INDIVIDUALISM WHICH MEANT HE WANTS COLLECTIVISM THE COMMUNIST WAY but the audience is too mesmerized and in a trance to realize what he is saying when 99% of them are FOR INDIVIDUALISM!

  • StephenD

    “what the leftists need, what Barack Obama needs, okay, and this is–people don’t want to say this, the American mind doesn’t want to process this. He needs the chaos. He needs the chaos. He needs an enemy.”

    I’d love to see him in a debate and this premise put to him. Picture Gingrich asking after this. Suppose we sacrifice the Millionaires and Billionaires to you as you call for, what then? Will you then look to cut back on spending? Will you now scale back the strangulation of regulations? Will you reduce the size of Government? What is your excuse now for “Class Warfare?”
    At this point they can show his radical past in big bold print including pictures with him and Ayers or Shaba extolling the virtues of Alinsky.
    It can be fun this bringing of light to this dark soul.
    I liken it to throwing water on the Wicked Witch and watching him melt…with all of his “beautiful wickedness.”

  • WildJew

    Monica Crowley made one of the most important points in this video session. It cannot be emphasized enough. Conservatives (many) think Obama "is incompetent." We think he is naive or "he is in over his head." Obama is stumbling along domestically and in his foreign policy, particularly in the Middle East. Israelis believe this. I read a piece just this week from a prominent Israeli about the Obama administration's (his Secretary of Defense) "misreading of the Middle East."

    "All wrong," according to Crowley. "Obama is a brilliant man and he knows exactly what he is doing…"

    She's right.

  • Spider

    In the last election is all McCain had to do to win was hang ACORN around Obamas' neck, but he refused stating "He didn't want to run a negative campaign" If the Repulicans fail to hang ACORN – Occupy Wall Street – Os' Radical Agenda and the division of America by class then they will lose once again..

    • mrbean

      "Seen too many Winters" McCain is no hero so why would you expect anything brave and bold out of him? Army Colonel Ear Hopper a POW for 7 years said about McCain: "They took him to the hospital, questioned him, and he gave highly classified information. The most important of which was he gave the "package route", which was the route to bomb North Vietnam. He told in detail the altitude they were flying, the direction, if they made a turn, and how to get (into N. Vietnam ?) He also gave them where the targets were; of their primary entry. Whether it was a railroad; whether is was a bridge; whether it was an ammunition or fuel dump; or whatever it was, he gave them the primary targets the United States was interested in.McCain was a traitor from the get-go."

      • Spider

        A good point about McCain – but I am just hoping for a better outcome this time around rather than having Housein Stalinize our country for 4 more years. If this happens it will be much worse this time around since he won't have re-election hanging over his head.

  • hadi

    during his presidency period American's suffered from jobless and the world experience very bad time ,we are waiting to leave very soon ,i feel bad when i look to his face !!

  • voted against carter

    If you are Jewish,… Obama and the DemocRATS want you DEAD.

    Just like his ARAB buddies do.

    They want you DEAD. The SOONER the BETTER.

    Barry just said so.

    What part of that do you NOT understand.

    Oh, and FYI,, to all you LEFTY NON RELIGIOUS JEWS,.. the KEY part of your name is JEWS.

    Barry and his ARAB buddies WANT YOU DEAD TOO.

    You are a USEFUL IDIOTS to them,…

    WAKE UP. Before it IS to LATE. again.

    fyi I stand with Israel

    • Martel64

      And if you're White and non-Leftist, and Middle Class

      and Black and non-Left,

      You're in danger as well….

  • mrbean

    Obama as President, is like a fence post turtle. If you're driving down a country road and you come across a fence post with a turtle balanced on top, that's a fence post turtle. You know he didn't get up there by himself, he sure as hell doesn't belong up there, he doesn't know what to do while he is up there, and you just wonder what kind of a dumb ass would put him up there in the first place. He is the Prince of Fools. " The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama. The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. … It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president."

  • Seamystic

    Only one sane course of action with Obama, needs BACKBONE. IMPEACH, IMPEACH, IMPEACH!
    All the rest are only ineffective words.

  • Ben

    I see the key thought of S.Kurtz about the Dem`s infiltration by former Democratic Socialists. This show the main enemy not just Obama.
    It seams strange to me – the foreigner that you endlessly repeat to your like-minded the things you have to explain to masses, and the Dems` conspiracy must be unmasked in permanent public debates.

  • mrbean

    Sen. Susan Collins on Wednesday blasted the Defense Department for classifying the Fort Hood massacre as workplace violence and suggested political correctness is being placed above the security of the nation's Armed Forces at home. During a joint session of the Senate and House Homeland Security Committee on Wednesday, the Maine Republican referenced a letter from the Defense Department depicting the Fort Hood shootings as workplace violence. She criticized the Obama administration for failing to identify the threat as radical Islam.

  • KKKK

    acutally, osama-obama is right: he HAS done more TO HARM our relations with our ally Israel than any president before. our current stooge-in-chief has even been rude to the face of the Israeli Prime Minster (for whom i have much more respect than osama-obama). he has also done more to harm AMERICA than any other president. expect him out in 2012.

  • President Downgrade

    If or I pray when Newt wins the primary, he will latch on to Barry Hussein's throat and not let up until the body is cold and a wonderful shade of monkey sheit and gray.

  • mrbean

    Krauthammer said on Fox tonight : "Obama has a knack for going against pur friends and embracing our enemies more than any President in history." I don't think Vito Carleonne meant quite that when he said to keep you friends close but your eneies closer.